I have come to the conclusion that Muslims are cowards after a discussion between my son who is home from college on the refugee crisis. My son said he considers Muslims cowards and here's why:
When they are confronted by those who which to take over an change their homeland instead of standing their ground they flee to another country with differant cultures and lifestyles. Statistics show that 40% of the refugees are military age males. With that many able bodied men why arnt they staying to defend their homeland. We could not think of any other country when facing the same situation would turn and run. It's not in Americans DNA to abandon our country and turn tail and flee and ask others to take care of us. For the life of me I can't figure out this lack of courage, national pride and honor. It is true that because most don't have weapons but if they would stand and fight other nations would see their commitment and help arm them. Try taking land and freedom from America, France, England ,Japan, Korea, Russia, you name it none would turn and run. My conclusion: their all cowards.

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I am not so sure every Muslim is a coward but the ones who act out as terrorists and cover their faces ARE cowards.

I think they are all brainwashed to believe in a so called religion that actually honors GOD's fallen angel SATAN. There is one one true GOD and HIS son and HIS Holy Spirit. All others are false idols and anyone who kills for that idol is serving Satan.

John I agree with you. Maybe I over spoke when I said ALL were cowards. The point I was trying to make is my son and I couldn't think of any other country where most of their able bodied men would up and flee their country and not stay to defend it. I know one thing for sure Ameticans are not built that way. When the time comes that those who wish us harm try to harm us their will be blood in the streets. No one will be fleeing America Even the most evil amoung us the Bloods and the Crips said if terrorists come here they will unite together and kick their assess! There are over 1 million gang members in America, good luck ISIS trying to move into Compton, or Oakland! Oh and good luck Obama trying to take away their guns!!

I am more concerned about our current mis-government. It would appear to me that Obummer is try to install terrorists in America with importing immigrants into the USA. Shurely some would be ISIL or some other terrorist group.

John I think everyone here would agree with you. His treats to bypass congress and the will of the American people prove that he is on a course contray to the will of the people. All I'm saying is when and if they come dont look for Americans to run. If Muslims, ISIS or Obama think that the Majority of the American people are just going to lay down they have another think coming!! Think about it: when the worst of us are willing to put aside their differences and band together think what the best of us can do. And I'm not counting on the Libs, or the politically correct or the sympathizes, there are millions of us who will stand and fight. Once they start attacking us its GAME OVER.

According to another post on the web site - we have a law that tells us to ignore immigrants that come from elsewhere that will not embrace American values, languages, the Constitution and make a pledge to embrace themselves as true Americans.

We need to DEMAND that laws (on the books) are followed and those who refuse are treasonist.

America has been placed in a crisis by lawlessness on both sides of the political fence and we are suffering with the radical transformation that Obama has intended for America.

What the hell are those people in Congress doing about this? Nothing! They are lawless also.

What can We The People do except refuse to vote for the clowns in DC?



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