Constitutional Emergency


Fox News' Bret Baier


Brett lists several examples of who would be considered a natural born American.  In short, people like Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal can breathe a sigh of relief.  They are good to go.


All the law requires is that the mother be an American citizen who has lived in the U.S. for five years or more, at least two of those years after the age of 14. If the mother fits those criteria, the child is a U.S. citizen at birth, regardless of the father's nationality.

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Please do yourself a favor....  review the links on this topic and the enormous amount of information found in this thread alone.


You will find there is only ONE SCOTUS definition of Natural Born Citizen;  that being a US Citizen born of Citizen Parent(s) at time of Birth.


There exists at least three (3) classes of Citizens

1.  NATURAL BORN  (Constitutional Requirement for POTUS and VPOTUS)




The current occupant in his own words definitely does NOT QUALIFY for number 1 and there exists a huge and growing amount of evidence he DOES NOT meet the qualifications of any of the three.





JM Johnson,




NO NEED for Thanks and Definitely do NOT want to appear that we are ganging up on Sammy or anyone else.  FACTS ARE FACTS and the current administration has been playing TOO FAST AND TOO LOOSE with the facts while employing Every distraction in sight.

As a Former Member of the Armed Forces I was FBI background checked including interviews with my former classmates and professors to insure I was  "qualified"  and cleared to hold a Top Secret Military Clearance.  The Current Occupant of OUR WHITE HOUSE has not only NEVER HAD THAT LEVEL OF INVESTIGATION PERFORMED or we would all know that he cannot qualify to hold the KEYS TO OUR NUCLEAR ARSENAL!!

The time to correct the problem is  (NOW) when we we can reasonably win on the political front with little or no loss of life and the freedoms my family fought and died for....... as opposed to waiting.... doing nothing now and forced to fight a real war to regain them when those chances of success are reduced to ......... slim to none!!


"When the People Fear the Government, there is Tyranny...  but when the Government Fears the People there is Liberty"....  Thomas Jefferson

I Want The Government to Fear We Are Coming To..... Have that Conversation......









I guess that it should not surprise me at this point, but I am still amazed that there are so many that either can not or will not see the truth of what has happened and is still going on.

It sickens me to see BO at a rally and see all the grinning followers who do not have a clue.

I hope and pray that there are enough Oath Keepers who are awake and willing to refuse illegal orders from anyone to turn on Citizens.


Every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural-born citizen.

Emerich de Vattel's 1758 treatise The Law of Nations (original French title: Le Droit du gens), stating that "The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country of parents who are citizens,"

If it was intended that anybody who was a citizen by birth should be eligible, it would only have been necessary to say, “no person, except a native-born citizen”; but the framers thought it wise, in view of the probable influx of European immigration, to provide that the president should at least be the child of citizens owing allegiance to the United States at the time of his birth.


New York Tribune 1896: Those born of non-citizen parents may not be eligible for POTUS. The Boston Globe: Native born does not equal Natural born for Presi... The House of Representatives Definition of Natural Born Citizen = Born of citizen Parents in the US.
The House of Representatives Definition of “Natural Born Citizen” = Born of citizen “parents” in the US.


I do not believe everything I see in Wikipedia - --- "most cogent" is not necessarily in line with what The Founders intended ! I look to what was understood at that time and why this was included as an eligibility requirement.

I think that Wikipedia can be changed by anyone. Just give me a few minutes and it will say 'natural born Citizen is anyone who owns a purebred dog'.

I don't look to Wikipedia, Snopes, or Factcheck for anything factual. Check into who owns them and how they are run. 


All of these so called 'anchor babies' that have been born here, but their parents are most deffinately illegal aliens, they have been running around protesting not getting everything they want, putting the mexican flag ABOVE the American flag at schools. They have made it VERY clear that they LOVE their country....mexico. The problem is that they can't get what they NEED in mexico. Their parents have absolutely NO loyalty to America, therefore, THEY have absolutely NO loyalty to America. By your understanding, one of them could come in here one day and decide to become president. At the rate things are going, they won't get the chance, but if it ever got to that point, with the amount of mexicans, they could very well get them in and take over, just as obama has done. Children are taught by their parents, so they generally have the same beliefs. THAT is why ya need to have someone who is American w/TWO American or naturalized at the time of birth parents.

Exactly !

The "anchor baby" law was not intended to allow illegal border crossings and birth to give the child US citizenship - the intent was to make the children of slaves citizens so they could not be deported.

It has NOW become a way for anyone to enter the country illegally (breaking the law) and have a child who becomes a US citizen, but their loyalty is OFTEN to the country of the parent's birth and NOT to the US.

Thanks Michelle !

Michelle you hit on something very important, NO LOYALTY TO THE UNITED STATES.  We are merely the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Twana, Thanks again for your hard work. As to Rubio running for VP; I've already given discourse in a reply to the GOP in their request for more $$ for campaign purposes, & that is; they'll get no more $$ from me, until they , or their funds person who sent the msg, publicly announce they will not run Rubio on a VP ticket. My reasons were, as stated in Article 2, & that it was deplorable that the GOP would do this just because a ' precedent ' had been established by oblabber's fiasco. I compared it to a juvenile's excuse ; " Well, all the other kids are doing it ! ". There has been no precedent established except for breaking the Law of The Land. It is inexcusable. It IS a crime. It is punishable. Thanks again, Twana.  

They are all complicit because of the vote about Obama and McCain being allowed to run in 08. Therefore they have to continue to undermine the constitution to cover their own.



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