Non-starter doesn't start: David French's 15-minutes of fame

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD June 6, 2016




This article is not meant to, or intended to be interpreted as a political endorsement, or lack thereof, of any political candidate. Family Security Matters takes no political point of view whatsoever.

Writing in the National Review, David French, Bill Kristol's most recent nominee, withdrew as a potential independent candidate for the office of the President of the United States.

The article is unintentionally illustrative, largely explaining why rounding up the usual Republican establishment suspects for President didn't work.

Let me begin by noting the snippets within his article that French got right:

"...a pretty darn obscure lawyer...both parties failed so spectacularly..."

French goes on to say:

"Hillary Clinton lies habitually and changes position on virtually every public issue except for her pro-abortion extremism, and she has a suspicious record of making public decisions that favor donors to the Clinton Foundation. Her signal foreign-policy "achievement" was helping launch a war in Libya that not only cost American lives in Benghazi but also helped transform the nation into ISIS's latest playpen."

Well, "duh."

Yes, but French doesn't mention or perhaps doesn't understand the origins of Hillary Clinton's disastrous Libyan foreign policy and how the Republican establishment, whose views he seems to endorse, facilitated it.

It was actually the George W. Bush administration and the neo-conservatives, in their delusional quest for "moderate" Islam, who set the stage for the Libyan fiasco.

In the wake of 9/11, the Bush Administration, sought a long-term political solution to international terrorism, which they believed emanated from the lack of democratic participation, where resentful individuals, having been excluded from the political process in their own countries, directed their hatred and violence against the West. Bush chose the invasion Iraq as a starting point for the democratization of the Middle East, from where he had expected democracy to spread and, consequently, would both assimilate and contain potential terrorists.

When democracy failed to take hold in Iraq or anywhere else for that matter, Bush initiated an alternative approach, the idea to integrate unspecified "moderate" Islamists into their own countries' governments. The concept quickly gained popularity, particularly in Qatar, a long-time supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, who sponsored seminars, conferences and meetings, all promoted by the Al-Jazeera Channel to speed up a process that they hoped would reshape the entire region to reflect Muslim Brotherhood beliefs and practices.

If the Bush method had been mostly passive and reactive, the Obama Administration, sympathetic to Islam and arguably infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, formulated a preemptive policy, all of which would lead to catastrophe in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and the rise of ISIS.

In August 2010, Obama, ordered his advisors to produce a secret report, which subsequently determined that, without sweeping political changes, countries across the Arab world were ripe for popular revolt.

The still classified document, Presidential Study Directive-11 (PSD-11), concluded that the United States should shift from its longstanding policy of supporting stable but authoritarian regimes in the Middle East and North Africa to one backing, what Obama Administration officials considered as, "moderate" Islamist political groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish AK Party, now led by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

None of the Libyan or related pro-Islamist foreign policy initiatives pursued by the Obama Administration were seriously opposed, and all were fully funded, by the Republican Congress, the same people French is recommending for re-election.

It is just one of hundreds of examples, when the Republican establishment ignored its constituency and fueled a political insurgency.

Sadly, at one point in his article, like many in the Republican establishment and representative of the problem, French seamlessly transforms himself into a Democrat Party shill, denigrates millions of patriotic Americans and parrots the chants of the violent Bernie Sanders street thugs:

"His (Trump) supporters believe it demonstrates "strength" when he mocks the disabled and bullies women. He has attracted an online racist following that viciously attacks his opponents and their families."

French claims that he gave the idea of running for President "serious thought," but concluded that he is "not the right person to challenge Trump and Hillary."

I don't know David French. He could very well be an excellent candidate for President, but he should have thought of that a year ago and not played the role of a last-minute spoiler to resuscitate the prospect of maintaining the corrupt status quo.

What French and his promoters still don't seem to understand is that the success of Donald Trump is directly proportional to the failures of the Republican establishment and its unprincipled collaboration with the massively destructive policies of the Obama Administration.

French is correct when he states:

"I believe with all my heart that there is an American movement ready to both resist the corruption, decadence, and dishonesty of the American elite and restore the promise of the American Dream;"

but, like all in the Republican establishment, he appears clueless when he says: "that movement may not emerge for some time."

Sorry, but that train has already left the station.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of "Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution ". He receives email at .

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Bush and company were in position and willing to follow orders of the Elites to create global havoc beginning with 9-11

and the failed invasions into the middle east...Now , George and company enjoy cozy lives as the planet faces

an impending economic crash. 

following the murder of JFK , the elites assumed full command of the u.s. government and look at us now...

Gary, did you want to just ignore 9-11?  Are you willing to get pushed around in the world by dictators who only get bolder and more dangerous by getting away with it?  Saddam Hussein signed a TREATY after the first Gulf War which REQUIRED him to destroy "weapons of mass destruction" within 14 DAYS of treaty signing. After TEN years of getting away without proving the destruction of 'WMD's" and EIGHT years of attacking (Nearly 1000 TIMES)  U.S./British fighter planes flying a "no-fly zone" to protect minority sections of Iraq, Bush chose to do what Bill Clinton refused to: BOMB Iraq and remove Hussein from power. Most of Hussein's "WMD's" were shipped to Bashar Al-Assad's Syria during the nine months Congress debated action against Iraq. Don't forget that Italian troops FOUND warheads WITH SARIN GAS during George W. Bush's action in Iraq but the media would only recognize them as "leftovers" from the first Gulf War--yeah--those LEFTOVERS were some of those the treaty Hussein signed that were REQUIRED to be destroyed.  The WAR DEBT from Iraq and Afghanistan is ESTIMATED to be $2 Trillion dollars from 2000 to 2016---Barack Hussein Osama Obama has RUN UP NATIONAL DEBT by $10 TRILLION in just SEVEN YEARS.  America could afford to retaliate against Taliban in Afghanistan and remove a notorious terror supporter in Hussein who thumbed his nose in disrespecting a treaty with U.S. for ten years more than we can Obama.  NO action at all was NOT an option. Obama had no intention of making Bush's actions a success--he's RETREATED from actions against muslim countries and has surrendered America to the muslims and ILLEGALS.

Shavager, some people will never accept any facts that expose their bias. While I disagree with many of GW's decisions, including signing the NDAA, at least he loved and honored our Veterans even though I admit he was controlled by the gop elites.

As for Ovomit, well he is a traitor, a fraud, and a murderer to name just a few of his crimes. Those same elites who control the gop have done nothing to stop his crime spree which by law makes them accomplices at the very least, and willing partners at the worst which is which I personally believe based on their actions and inactions.

French knows that the Train has already left the Station, but by hiding behind his elite BS he thinks he can fool "We the People"...Well now that the Dam is bursting he can't..!!!  He is just another Elitist supporting the continues destruction of everything our Nation was built upon...God, Country and most of all HONOR!  I know who some of these Elitist are and they are freaking out because they know their days are numbered!  Why do you think they are building all these underground bunkers?  They know when "We the People" finally get the complete picture they know that this will be the day of their reckoning and will be hanging from the end of a rope and no amount of Money will save them..!!!  Remember these Elitist are pure Evil (Communist/Satanist) and care nothing for "We the People" the U.S. Constitution or the World for that fact!  They look at us like we are nothing more than sheep to be lead to the slaughter!  They truly HATE US and everything "We the People" and our U.S. Constitution stands for!  These Elitist are TRUE Monsters!  God Bless America, AGAIN!

Dr. Williams, it is refreshing to read someone else who calls the self-proclaimed elites what they are, cowards and traitors who hate American and We the People. The problem I see is far too few Americans, even among those who claim to be Patriots, are willing to do ANYTHING other than gripe. Until we force the elected serpents to strictly follow the Constitution or arrest them for refusing to do so, things will only get worse.

Americans have a responsibility to defend our Constitution just as our Military does, but if we don't, we will lose it and history proves that conclusion to be accurate.  We cannot defend the Constitution just be writing letters, emails, and voting.  There comes a time when we MUST act to physically defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, including DOMESTIC enemies which are far more dangerous than foreign ones. If we don't act soon, the ability to do so will be stolen from us for we all know the traitors in government are intent on stealing our weapons as they KNOW that is the last resort available to us to defend ourselves against the tyranny of our own government.

As for God Blessing America, I know He will do so but only if WE honor HIM first!

Excellent article. The train has left the station...and many were aboard...

Thanks. Kristol is just jealous of Trump.


Impossibility to conquer USA by invasion and war conflict was clear to USSR more than 50 years ago. The only way  to conquer USA was within, with the help not only communist party, peaceful protests, black an union movements, but to use Arabs as well. USSR spent billions of dollars supporting and feeding this cancer which spread through USA today. Communist countries were training Arab terrorist, including Khadafy, Yasser Arafat, Ramirez I believe "Jackal" and many more. They supplied the weapons and explosives, they trained military. Of course nothing is for free. They indoctrinated Arabs and fuel the thousand years old hatred to the time, when USA had enough paying Muslim ships for protection, created own Navy and decimated Muslims piracy.

Jerry, I love your avatar.  No one in government, especially not the traitor in thief, will admit the mu-slimes have been at war with all non-muslimes since islime was created by the devil's servant Mooham. To think we created that hatred is proof of the arrogance of the elites as they actually believe they are so powerful that they can create a level of hatred so intense that mu-slimes will actually encourage their own children to commit suicide for the sake of their false, satanic cult. Untilwe accept the fact that muslime hatred is entirely driven by the filthy koran (may pig feces be upon it), the problem will only increase until either they conquer us or we exterminate them. I for one adhere to the Patton doctrine of war, that being it is our job to make the enemy die for their belief, not for us to die for ours, though many have shown they are willing to die for America which is a source of both pride and sadness when I think of the traitors we have allowed to govern our nation.

Nailed IT..!!!  Good post  :-)

Just look at what they are teaching our Children in the Commie/Public Schools...they want to feel the BURN!  The courses are clearly Communist leaning and the DNC and the GOP both have supported this information being pushed down the throats of our Children!  There is NO differences between the two parties, just media clips to keep the American People in the Dark to their true agenda which is the U.N. Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 as it is being called now..!!!  We have been invaded from the inside and the final destruction of our Nation is at hand!  You have to be brain dead not to see it...and these Satan Driven Commie/Monsters don't even hide it any longer and NO election is going to fix 80 years of invasion from within!  Also, these Commies will never allow Trump to win the WH, the Voting Booth is been reprogrammed to elect Hitlary for Prison and there is NO WAY around this!  BO won two elections from these Electronic voting booths being reprogrammed!  It was discovered in Ohio that the booths had been so corrupted in favor of BO it was unbelievable!  And NO ONE went to Jail and the AG in Ohio is a Republican...this just shows there is NO difference between the two parties and those behind the curtain support each other to enforce this Communist U.N. Agenda..!!!  God help us, PLEASE!

Amen, well stated and so very true.  A second Revolution is the only alternative, if we have enough true young patriots to carry it out and from what I have seen the last few years that ain't gonna happen.



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