Constitutional Emergency

New Black Panthers to RNC: Our 'Feet Will Be On Your Motherf***ing Necks'

Hey, this wasn't my quote, but the Black Panther quote!  Good thing FL is a cc state.  Sniff... sniff, sniff ... sniffffff ... I smell "martial law" blowin' in the wind!

Hello, big sis ... does this constitute a threat?  Mr. sloth ... does this "offend your sensibilities?"  Or bozo, does this wreak of racism?  Where are they on this?  Nary a peep and I am outraged!

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You bring up a very important point.  Have you ever given any thought as to why the FBI records on MLK are sealed?  If Obozo and his cohorts wanted to start a racial war, all they would have to do is unseal those records and make them public.  Their hero was not the man he presented himself to be.  If he was not a Communist many of his closest advisers were.  I remember many years ago working with a fellow who's wife fled Cuba after Castro took power.  One morning over coffee he stated that his wife was confused because the things MLK was saying sounded just like Castro.  Among other things he was a womanizer and philanderer of the worst kind.  The night before he was killed he along with several other "civil rights leaders" were partying with a bevy of white prostitutes.  We will never know, at least not in our life time, who really assassinated him.  James Earl Ray was just another patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald.   These are just two items that have been conveniently left out of MLK's public biography.

Imagine if a group of whites had said something like this about the DNC.  Our criminal Attorney General Holder would be all over this as hate speech and looking to drag them into court.  As it is, not a peep out of DC and nothing on the lame stream media.

I wish they would come up here to Alaska and see what happens when they try to intimidate someone. When they get 2 44s in the belly and one in the forehead there feet will no longer be on my neck!!!!!!!!

I've heard of "double tapping" but I never heard of "triple tapping".  I think I like it.

I'm with you Terminator Girl.  My state Oklahoma begins "open carry" for all cc permits Nov. 1.  YEA!

I'm a typo freak, anal I know, but it is martial law not mar-i-tal law.  Sorry, but correct that typo! <grin>

ps Only your friends will tell you the truth. HA!

Thank you.



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