Constitutional Emergency

My Fellow Patriots,

I found this made for YT video on my face book wall.  I think it is very pertinent to today's discussions on gun control.

The Executive: Obama's Real Reason He Wants Your Guns (Full Documentary)

In HIS Name,

Jim S.

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Hey people, it ws said at the start of that incident, that Lanza was so withdrawn that he would get up against the wall ,of the hallways of the school to get away from people pasing him.  Where the Senator got shot, the Judge

that was taken out had previously batted down an administrations attempt to circumvent the Constitution.

This individual that is presently holding the position of POTUS is in my mind and opinion a danger to all that we

hold dear.  Remember, he is a product of Chicago.



And even more importantly, insure our history isn't changed........


A+. Especially questions and conclusions. A real eyeopener shining the spot light on the pharmaceutical industry; chemicals prescribed for persons who are already mentally ill and guardians personal responsibility for mentally unstable youths (medications, violent videos, etc.). And the hypocrite government reporting the correct mental state of the soldier, yet hyping guns as the problem for the others. Sheer propaganda.

Oh, ya, so this documentary makes me wonder about Gen. McKierran, Gen. McChrystal, Gen. Petraeus, Gen. Mattis, and Gen. Allan. They could announce themselves at PFA or NALC. This would be a big help. Where else could they choose to be? Or what else might they be doing? Given the intentions of O, one wonders.

Play the YT Video again and listen to the actual 9-11 call, He said "TWO SHOOTERS WALKING PASS THE WINDOW NOW".... (TWO SHOOTERS). Listen again if you missed it. That is what I heard the very first time I heard it,,, right after it happened. Also, right after it happened the police detective in charge said shooter (Lanza) may have had two guns, and they "ALSO FOUND A RIFLE IN THE TRUNK OR HIS CAR".
Lanza DID NOT carry an AR-15 into that school.

Many times those first reports are the most accurate even if they don't have all the full story details at the time.
Everything else that we've heard about the guns since then is made up propaganda and BS.



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