Saturday April 27th, 2019.

My friend Terry Trussell has passed away in the Florida prison. His wife called me this morning to tell me. Terry had a heart attack last night (Friday) at around 7:30 pm.

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Terry's wife Marie called me this morning to tell me that Terry had a heart attack last night and passed away.
She said she and their daughter spoke with him at around 4:00pm, Terry said they were calling them all to chow so he had to go- "I'll call you later", But he never did. Instead she received a phone call around 8:45pm from the prison chaplain who told her Terry had a heart attack and died.
I am honored that Marie thought enough to call me first to tell me the bad news. This is only because she knows I have this PFA web site and will use it to spread the news of Terry's passing to all his friends.
Terry George Trussell was a good strong Christian, and I know that if there really is a GOD in heaven Terry is with him now. There is no more that the crooked politicians in Florida can do to harm him.
May GOD Bless Terry George Trussell, and may GOD Bless his wife Marie Trussell as well.

My sincere condolences to the Trussell family.
Terry was a true patriot who served honorably defending his nation. He was also a patriot of the first order who tried to expose corruption in his home state of Florida. Terry and I communicated while he was incarcerated. He was a True believer in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am proud to have know him if Only through correspondence. To my Friend, fellow Christian and Patriot I salute you Sir and await that time when we will all be gathered together in that final day..
until then... the struggle goes on....

AMEN Michael, AMEN.

The struggle goes on. Marie will continue her battle with the Florida Supreme Court in an effort to clear Terry's name. We will do what ever we can to help her in that battle.

For those who don't know Terry Trussell he is the man on your right. The taller man.
The other I believe is Jason Hoyte.
The picture may have been taken in 2014. Before Terry was incarcerated in the Florida prison system.


Terry Trussell is free!

He is pardoned by our Heavenly Judge

No more to be shackled by an unjust government

Our Holy Arbitrator unlocked his prison door for all eternity

May he leave us a warrior's measure of his courage

May we be cloaked with but a scrap of his patriotic mantle

May a glimmer of his passion for freedom give hint in our eyes

May God bless Terry Trussell, his wife Marie, their family and this nation

My heart goes out to Marie and the rest of the family, it is indeed a very sad ending for that family. God speed to Terry's soul to meet God and his son, Jesus Christ..... Very Sad for all.

The memorial service for Terry Trussell will be Friday, May 3rd at 2:00pm at:
Wind of the Spirit Ministries
25973 SE Highway 19
Old Town, FL 32680

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Terry and Marie's church in Terry's memory. The mailing address is:
Wind of the Spirit Ministries
PO Box 1779
Old Town, FL 32680

Upon receiving the notice of Terry Trussell's passing from a friend, Florida Congressman Ted Yoho replied with the following message;

John and other Terry Trussell friends,


     I was disheartened when I heard the news of Terry passing in prison.  I agree with you John that this should never have happened let alone while being incarcerated.  I look back when I first met Terry and Marie at the Dixie County Tea Party meetings.  I knew then and through his fight he was a Patriot that served and loved America.

     I think back on what Terry did that lead to his ridiculous sentence and then look at the level of corruption in the upper echelons of city, county, state and federal government where often only a few are held accountable.  It’s an injustice to the rule of law and Lady Justice is not weighed equally to the common man.

     It is a tragedy that Terry, a Vietnam Veteran, Husband, Grandfather and Patriot had to pass away alone in prison while doing what he thought best for his country.  As you know we attempted to get both Gov. Scott and DeSantis to pardon Terry behind the scene so as not to bring media attention to his case.  They both could have intervened but did not and that is something that they’ll have to carry.  

    Thank you for your efforts,




Ted S. Yoho




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