Constitutional Emergency

Newt and Hannity finally figure it out. Ryan makes a bad mistake.

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The "Elites" in the Republican part are not happy about Trump, and they are NOT ready to back him - even if that means electing Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Newt and Hannity finally figured it out,,,,,,,, these "Elites " of the Republican Party ARE what WE-The-People have rejected. Time for Paul Ryan to get out. And maybe Mitch McConnell too.

Get the message guys - - -WE are Sick and tired of the back-stabbing, good-ole-Boy BS politics in Washington.

Couldn't have said it any better than that, Old Rooster. The elite Good Ol Poops just don't want to get it. They are not willing to accept the truth that we ain't gonna take it no more. If they continue to reject the peoples choice they stand to lose their seats which will be replaced with more of the peoples choices when their terms are up for reelection. Then they will learn the ways of their errors and that shall serve them right.

Thanks Patriot Vet, Appreciated.

My assessment of the situation,( and what may transpire) from here until next January 2017 I'm afraid is not good.
A quick observation of the possibilities of where this is going from here, with Donald Trump, the Republican Party, those who refuse to back him, and with the Obama administration and the Communists party,,,,,, The Communists/Marxists and the Islamists all believe they have this thing won. America as a free sovereign Constitutional Republic is finished, it's dead and gone. Only a little more than a foot-note in some obscure history archive someplace. Time to move on to the New World Order and a New One World Governance. Republicans like former Presidents George W. Bush and HW Bush (Both) have said they will NOT back Donald Trump. Paul Ryan said he is not ready to back Trump. The Republican party continues spending millions on anti-Trump advertising, as are the Democrats and George Soros. Too many of these 'elites' in power feel threatened by Trump and this 'We-The-People' movement "Garbage" thing that is happening.
And they are NOT about to back off and let it all go to hell for them now.
They have the November elections all settled, it's a done deal, Hillary Clinton will be the next president,,,,,,,, it's already been settled.
The only problem is they know that WE know about their games. And there is a very real potential that WE can still disrupt and destroy their plans. They are aware that the people have awakened, and they fear us, at least for now.
If Donald Trump is denied that Republican party nomination in July there will be hell to pay in Cleveland Ohio and around the country. But if he is given that nomination then there is the potential that We-The-People could actually elect him President. THAT would be a total disaster for them. As I said above - they are NOT simply going to pack up, back off, and go away. Obama and the people pushing this "Transformation of America" are not going to just sit back and watch 50-75 years of corruption, collusion, coordinating, scheming, killing, murder, and building their "New-World-Order" system to be destroyed by this Trump clown. No matter how many people may be following him.

My conclusion?: I look for all hell to break loose between now and January 2017. Right now they own the food supply, (EPA & BLM, plus the unions and the Rail Roads.) They own the DHS and the FBI, justice department and the courts. (Ask Lavoy Finicum and the Bundy's.) And they own the news media........ They've already branded us as potential domestic terrorists, they have the NDAA act that grants them power to arrest any one, any time, for any reason. That NDAA also gives the president full power and authority to confiscate virtually EVERYTHING in America any time they want too.
Control the food supply, Health Care, the media,,,,,, Kill Trump, blame ME for it (or you),,,,,, and the whole problem goes away. America IS done and finished. End of story, end of the Republic.The New World Governance will start in February 2017.

And then again - I could be wrong,,,,,,,, PRAY THAT I AM WRONG. Just another crazy old kook veteran. Keep moving folks - nothing to see here.


Trump posted on his Twitter page 11 hours ago thanking the Teamsters for starting a national movement "Teamsters for Trump"" when's the last time the Teamsters backed a Republican.. This election is defying all logic!!!!



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