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Is this NOW titled under what it really was/is? A terrorist attack? Will there be justice for our Wounded Warriors?



Washington Post

Nidal Malik Hasan was sentenced to death Wednesday for killing 13 people and wounding 32 others in a 2009 shooting spree at Fort Hood, Tex., the worst mass murder at a military installation in U.S. history.

Dressed in Army fatigues, Hasan, who turns 43 next month, listened impassively as the death penalty was handed down by a panel of 13 senior military officers in a unanimous decision. If even a single panel member had objected, Hasan would instead have been sentenced to life in prison.

The jury deliberated for a little more than two hours.

Hasan was dismissed from the Army and stripped of his pay and other benefits, which he had continued to receive while awaiting trial. He will be transferred to a military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., on the first available military flight, officials said.

Hasan was previously found guilty on all 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 of attempted premeditated murder after opening fire Nov. 5, 2009, at Fort Hood’s Soldier Readiness Processing Center, where troops were getting medical checkups before deployments to Afghanistan.

The Army psychiatrist, who also was due to deploy to Afghanistan a few weeks later, shouted “Allahu akbar!” meaning “God is great,” before targeting soldiers with a high-powered, high-capacity handgun he had fitted with laser sights. He was apprehended by military police officers after firing more than 200 shots.

Prosecutors aggressively pursued the death sentence during the 22-day court-martial this month, calling more than 100 witnesses, including 20 surviving victims and relatives of the deceased to testify in a courtroom just a few miles from the site of the shooting.

During two days of sentencing evidence, they described, in often emotional testimony, how the incident had changed their lives.

Staff Sgt. Patrick Zeigler, who was shot four times, told the court, “I was expected to either die or remain in a vegetative state.”

Zeigler’s left side remains partially paralyzed, and he said that his personality has changed and that he is “a lot angrier, a lot darker than I used to be.”

The father of a pregnant 21-year-old private from Chicago, Francheska Velez, who was fatally shot as she pleaded for the life of her baby, testified in Spanish that Hasan had also “killed me slowly.”

Velez was one of three women killed in the attack. The 13 dead ranged in age from 19 to 62.

The court heard that Hasan had carefully planned his attack, training at a local firing range and researching jihad on his computer. The FBI and Department of Defense have drawn criticism for failing to prevent the attack after missing a number of warning signs.

Hasan, an American-born Muslim, had exchanged e-mails with a leading al-Qaeda figure in which he asked whether those attacking fellow soldiers were martyrs. The e-mails were seen by the FBI. Hasan also once gave a presentation to Army doctors discussing Islam and suicide bombers and said Muslims should be allowed to leave the armed forces as conscientious objectors to avoid “adverse events.”

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This is what he wants.

How much cost was there to reach THIS forgone conclusion in front of hundreds of witnesses for the Terrorist act it was and NOT the workplace violence it was tried as? How much in terms of human suffering and shoddy treatment given to the families of those lost in this debacle and why was this scum treated like a human being when there was NOTHING human in the treatment he gave his victims? No Muslim should be allowed to serve in the US military in my opinion, nor should Sharia law be allowed to be practiced in this country. Look at what has happened to Europe and it is happening here as I write. By nature and belief, Islam is deadly inimical to EVERY precept on which THIS country was founded and those here should be deported if they did not originate here and be observed closely or interned like the Nisei in WWII. There is far MORE reason to intern Islamics than ever there was the Japanese born second generation Nisei. These people are a definite domestic threat to us and as long as we allow them into this country, that threat will only increase exponentially with their growing population. It is the pattern they have established for world domination and we  MUST prevent that from happening here. It is likely already too late for Europe. In Britain, English citizens are being forced to avoid certain Muslim neighborhoods; FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY!, and that of their CHILDREN, ;all in their OWN COUNTRY! If this execution is not swiftly carried out and the underlying issues not addressed, we WILL have the same result here and there will be MORE attacks on military bases.  Bet on it! If we would "avoid adverse events," Islam and its practice as inimical to this country and its constitution should not be allowed entry or practice here. If you think differently: LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON IN DEARBORN, MICHIGAN, OR THROUGHOUT THE STATE OF TENNESSEE,' not to mention Minnesota!

Your right they should all be rounded up and deported even if they were born here we need to rid our country of all of them you can't trust any of them

Brian, a few weeks ago the tab was $908,000...what will the end be, who knows

Whatever it eventually proves to be once this cretin is disposed of, it NEVER should have been a significant amount in the face of OVERWHELMING evidence of guilt and many multiples of witnesses. The amenities extended to this murdering Muslim monster who even ignored a pregnant mothers plea for her life and that of her child were BOTH inappropriate and ludicrous, given the tragic circumstances. The philosophy of Taqiyya as practiced by Sharia Muslims makes them all martyrs who lie, cheat, steal, rape, kill, and suborn as long as it advances the cause of World wide Islamic domination. They are NOT to be trusted and we should NOT do so. If we had not, Fort Hood would NEVER have happened! If we were not ruled by idiots, it would NEVER have happened. The best constitutional remedy for all of this is to convince the American Electorate to vote EVERY INCUMBENT UP FOR RE-ELECTION , REGARDLESS OF PARTY, OUT OF OFFICE in the 2014 mid-terms. That would immediately accomplish two things: 1) the core of the problem would no longer be in a position to permit the President a free hand to avoid Congressional ire or authority to act as a check and balance on the Power of the Executive Branch, and, 2) it WILL send a message to those remaining that if they wish to remain in their effete elitist positions, it is time to smarten up and fly right and address the nation's, meaning THEIR AMERICAN CITIZEN CONSTITUENTCIES WANTS AND NEEDS, OR SUFFER THE SAME FATE IN 2016! IN VIEW OF OBAMA'S PENCHANT FOR DOING WHATEVER HE WANTS, ONE WOULD THINK THIS WAS A RELATIVELY SIMPLE TASK BUT, MOST AMERICANS ARE LIKE OSTRITCHES, THEY HIDE THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND AND IGNORE PROBLEMS HOPING THEY WILL GO AWAY. ALL THAT DOES IS INSURE THAT THEY WILL BE BITTEN IN THEIR BACKSIDES!

I will start to believe in justice after he is hanged. There still could be Obama's pardon.

Jerry, can the president really pardon someone who's court martialed and found guilty the way he can pardon someone found guilty in a civilian court of law? I'm asking this question because I honestly don't know the answer. If he can then it surprises me, but then I guess there are a lot of things I don't know about the military.


I'm not at all surprised by the verdict and I can absolutely understand it. But I was kind of hoping that he would get life in prison because it was NOT what he wanted and I believe that he deserved to not get what is the ultimate goal of all radical muslims, which is to die for their cause. On the other hand, I am not at all sad that this worthless piece of human slime is going to stop being allowed  to share the air that I breathe.

Vali, I am not Jerry.  However, you asked a question about the military, and I am military.  Yes, a convict in a military prison can get a presidential pardon, even the fake illegal in the White House will be able to until we stop him anyway we can!  Here is a link if you like to read: 

As I have written previously, I agree with you about not getting his wish, even though we know the muslims do not go to any heaven.  Semper Fi! Gunny Lakin, USMC Retired

Thank you, Gunny Sergeant. This link is a little confusing because it talks about pardons that have been requested by people, but I suspect that you know what you're talking about and that the muslim in the White House can really do this. Of course, that would not make Hasan happy because he wouldn't be a martyr anymore, and it wouldn't make anyone else happy because he would be out on the streets again with the ability to kill more of us infidels. How in the world did we allow ourselves to get into this state of affairs? I'm not quite 50 but this is NOT the country I grew up in, which makes me very, very sad.

Vali, keep your weapons close by, construct a network of like-minded people around you, never tell a liberal retard what you have or what you are doing, and, if necessary, strike fast, strike hard, and remember:  "The only "fair" fight is the won you lost!" ~  Semper Fi!  Gunny Lakin

Not counting his salary...

I volunteer to give him the lethal injection that ends his life.

However, it would be nice if he had a few 'accidents' while awaiting his execution. He deserves all the pain he get's, and then some!



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