This information found on the front page of this site, about your site was hacked. It is impossible for this Ning Created site to be hacked. Hackers must go for the core of a system to be-able to rome freely within.

 Now back in April 20th 2012, reports came out about the system being hacked...

Ning, a DIY social networking platform with 90000 networks and more than 100 million registered users, has been hacked. Reports are flowing ...!t4tue

 November 23, 2013...Aaron shared the long explanation of why this happens over on another thread, but the short story is that all Ning networks share the same ...

 Aug. 28, 2013...

a concern has been raised by one of our bloggers about the security of the Ning system. The blogger specifically referred to ...

 You see, I have two ning networks, and the system from my Creators forum can not be hacked. Now hackers can use the same formatted system a the NSA, and follow your staff into the site, but you should have a internet security, built by yahoo, google aol, and so on. in other words these systems allow you to know if you are being spied, by a hacker. Now the NSA cloak and dagger system is very hard to spot.

 I have a independent system I use for scanning, its older Windows XP Pro System, using Netgear N150, Wire Less  USB Adapter.....I can scan my area up to 3 to 5 miles, to see if some one is connecting to my Network System....then I bring Adam on line to connect to them.....they do not like Adam's Security advancements ....whats the old saying, do unto others before they do unto you...

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Henry, Can you tell me more about setting up and using more security on a Ning web site?

How can Yahoo provide any security to a site like this one?

We have a large mission to accomplish through these two web sites, and we've already seen several people getting in to our systems, either as general users or through hacking in and taking stuff and then re-editing it to use somewhere else. We've got several issues that I'd like to deal with but I need to do it in such a way that I can still leave the Ning site open to as many people as possible. If we're going to try to gather 10-20 million people, I can't close the site to public view.

What can you tell me about security?

I am no expert, but I do know that HTTPS is used with many websites that require users to log in with their passwords. HTTPS is like the usual HTTP except that data going between the user and the website is encrypted, so that eavesdroppers such as ISP's or the NSA are unable to see your passwords in transit. I don't know if HTTPS is hard or easy to implement though. Just a thought.

Thanks Henry. It was just a thought, glad to know you've got things under control.

The term hacking has become a loose definition of someone gaining access to an account. As RP states, it could have been someone on the inside that already had access. Nothing fancy involved in screwing with a site once you are in it.

And the true definition of hacking, gaining access through technological means, uninvited, for the purpose of spying or disruption.

Do not think for one second the NSA doesn't have resources to hack any site. A few thousand dollars is chump change to them when they spend billions on spying. It's already been reported they are working on decoding encrypted messages so they can see your bank transactions and what not at supposedly secure sites.

My computer has been hacked as has my Yahoo mail account. Given my activities, I come to expect it and make sure everything I do online or on my computer is above board. My yahoo account is used for forums simply because they are so public and I've come to expect spam and such from those sites. 

Like Henry, I too scan my network to see who is nearby. I also use code to see who is on the sites when I am. There is a way to see what IP addresses are on the same page as you. The gov't has a series of addresses that have prefixes different than others.

Simply be aware. If a post or something looks off, if it sounds contrary to our purpose, it may well be some imposter using sly means to disrupt the movement. If you question something, leave a message for an admin to answer.


Thanks guys, I have no doubt NSA is in here watching everything. I don't care about them. It's the trolls and obots from Cass Sunstein department of mis-information, disrupt and destroy so they can protect their Commie transformation that I want to block.

We're not trying to take over or destroy the Government, we're only trying to restore it to it's Constitutional origins, and keep these bastards from destroying this country. Let them go and Fundamentally transform Cuba or China if they want.

Regardless of what the ning system creators claim, ning CAN be hacked. There is absolutely NO public website that is impervious from government and top-class-hacker infiltration. Key loggers on compromised admin machines would be the first suspect, allowing an unauthorized used access to login information as well as user IP addresses (which could then be emulated by the infiltrators machine). Remember this, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. I would be VERY surprized if every single admin for PFA is an IT specialist. Thus said, the issues with the PFA ning website probably sourced from a breach in this manner. None the less, keep in mind that CNN, Target, and Yahoo have all been compromised in recent weeks. Do you think that ning is that much more superior than these multi-million dollar corporate websites? To compound the issue, a large portion of members here at PFA has made very derogatory comments towards anonymous, generalizing the whole community into one stereotype. Truth be told, anons come from ALL walks of life, good AND bad, however they are a rather tight-knit community when it comes to loyalty to their community. I would not be the least bit surprised if some of the issues this site has seen are the result of retaliation due to this. LulzSec and AnonSec my not be currently active in the public's eye, do not take this as a sign that they no longer operate. I personally feel that what issues have occurred hereare only a precursor as to what will be seen in the upcoming months.

So if people on this site say bad things about them they resort to disruption of the site and attempt to sabotage the OAS movement? Wow, I would hate to piss those folks off if I were involved in an important movement to free our republic from tyranny or something.

well gang. in the words of glenn beck. look it up yourself. I did this 5 yrs ago. ning is owned a left wing couple who are very strong supporters of barak Obama. they promised in 2011 to do what ever needed to be done to get him reelected. maybe ning wasn't hacked but rather sabatoged by ning. look it up



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