Constitutional Emergency

No Single Action
February 1, 2009 · 20 Comments

Late yesterday ”Commandant Change” said that his administration is going to outline a “new strategy” for “spending billions of federal dollars to pull the nation out of an economic crisis.” So far, the Obama “strategy”, perfectly in tune with his liberal lineage, has been tailored towards pulling the nation down, not “pulling the nation out”. Additionally, the “unifier” described the crisis as “devastating”. I am describing his supposed “solutions” as the most “devastating” part of this crisis.

We know that every practitioner of liberalism has no choice but to do a little “chumming” for him or her self, prior to the inevitable failure that the practical application of liberalism invariably produces. Obama said, “No one bill, no matter how comprehensive, can cure what ails our economy”.. The iron clad proof of that last statement is the bill that has been enthusiastically endorsed by Barack O’Carter which includes nothing of substance (the congenital liberal lack of substance was properly foreshadowed by his campaign of childish cacophony..) that can decidedly effect the economy. That is, if the salve of Socialism that is being liberally applied is supposed to improve the economy, not impair it further.

In the near future, if whatever “Magic Eight Ball”/Ouija board/Tarot card strategy these quacks trot out mysteriously fails, prepare for the endless salvos of “We inherited this economy”. Yes you did. You inherited this economy from a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate whom, along with Bill Clinton and Barney Frank, brought the liberal ideal of a decimated American economy to fruition. The liberals always seem to forget that George Bush couldn’t be responsible for this economic mess, he was too busy planning the attacks on the World Trade Center and then covering everything up.

“So just as we jump start job creation, we must also ensure that markets are stable, credit is flowing and families can stay in their homes”.. Certainly the surest way to do all of that is to promise millions for contraception, STD prevention, and smoking cessation programs.. Thus the need to develop a “new strategy” because the previous redistributionist irrationality was brought to light by every Republican member of the House along with eleven daring Democrats who refused to get the vapors over the Dork Knight..

While getting caught stuffing several hundred million into an “economic stimulus bill” for abortion, or what the liberals laughingly call “family planning” across the Atlantic Ocean, they simultaneously tried to slip in millions more for “refurbishing the National Mall”. (Soon to be renamed “Barack Abraham Hussein Kennedy Carter Obama Red Square” where readings from the “Little Blue State (Red) Book” and morning calisthenics will be mandatory..) Not content with that rebuffing, these same liberals went “all in” with four hundred million more going to The Centers For Disease Control who as we all know, are deeply involved with stimulating the nation’s economy.

“Obama did not commit to any decision Saturday, but broadly described his ideal final package”. “Broadly described” is all one could reasonably expect from an inexperienced community activist who for the first time in his adult life has to produce something of substance. The guinea pig in all of this is the nation’s economy, the imbecile in the lab coat with the scalpel in his hand is the guy who is actually barely qualified enough to scrub the beakers and the Bunsen burners..
The Republicans, the ones the liberal leader wanted to include in the spirit of “bipartisanship”, have been shown the back of the administration’s hand. They had the mettle to not fall into lock step with the “Shamalot” imagery created by the “impartial” media and carefully cultivated by the Obama cultists of Oceania’s INGSOC. (Nineteen Eighty-Four) Therefore, their input has been classified as “acrimonious”.

For example, Mitch McConnell tabled a mortgage program for “creditworthy” borrowers. This will never make the grade with the Obama “oligarchical collectivists”, (Nineteen Eighty-Four) because the liberal loafer sub species, the “uncreditworthy”, are the only ones whom the leftists have any concern for because they are the only ones in all of this that NEED the liberals. The paralytic minds of the liberal left cannot fathom the supposition that the “uncreditworthy” and their leftist enablers facilitated this meltdown.

Obama said that “no single action” would bring about the end of this economic crisis. It is true that no single action would do it but a few actions similar to this one might help to make a dent..
What if we rounded up all of the liberal political hacks and goons and forced them to pay the taxes that they have “naively” forgotten or absentmindedly overlooked? The taxes that they have burdened the middle class with for generations. The taxes that the rest of us are jailed for not paying regardless of the excuse. If this step towards “accountability” were actually implemented, countless additional millions could be lovingly and liberally redistributed to society’s siphons.
Another “single step” and as a good faith measure in this liberal era of transparency and accountability, would be to have every liberal political poltroon submit to a full IRS audit. I think that those “rightfully recovered revenues” might help in the interim. What they would rightfully recover from the Clintons alone could keep the state of Arkansas afloat for the better part of fifty years.

Maybe the IRS could help Charlie Rangel remember that he has beachfront property in the Dominican Republic. Possibly if Timothy Geithner, a man who is the Secretary of the Treasury no less, managed to pay the thirty four thousand dollars in taxes that he has intentionally dodged. Maybe if the next (allegedly) Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Daschle, paid his $101,943.00 in taxes on time without the help of a vetting process, the Obama administration might not have to decimate the middle class in order to fund the liberal mendicant and moocher programs that Obama claims will “stimulate the economy”..

Here we have people who in public say things like “it never occurred to him” and “probably naively considered its use a generous offer” in charge of powerful arms of the government and all of its loot. Oh well, if the Secretary of State didn’t know about Monica Lewinsky or any of the other willing and unwilling rendezvous of the former President, it would appear that dangerous inattentiveness was considered a palatable personality trait at the Obama administration job interviews..

These are the types of dangerously inattentive Socialist sociopaths who will be in charge of things like “unprecedented transparency, rigorous oversight and clear accountability”.. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Unfortunately, we are about to find out..

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