Constitutional Emergency

OAS Submission To Congress (Demands/Grievances, Articles of Impeachment)

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More people should click on the "Liked It" button than have.  I clicked it.  Will you?

I did.

Great going!!!Let's get these tyrant's out of there and in a cell or on the end of a rope.:-)

Guess I am old fashioned I think treason should be punished with death....;-)

To a large degree, I agree with you, but I do have some desire that there be a look at motivation, type of treason, perpetrator's frame of mind and their method/motive for treason for mitigationg circumstances. If we don't do that, we become no better than them. 

We also become unconstitutionalists as the Constitution itself says that Congress is to set the penalty for treason (Art III, sec 3, para. 2) and there are some limits placed thereon.

Well personally, we just hang his ass at Leavenworth, Kansas will be fine for me or we can just set up a  6 man military firing squad and let him have it without a head covering, I want him to see the bullet coming. Forget giving him a pass out of the country or in prison....

I really do appreciate your position and in some respects even agree with them, given the intentionally inflicted damage done by the Kenyan President.

However, I will continue to maintain that it is critical for us as a movement to stand on principles. If we portray ourselves pro-Constitution, then we must abide by its dicta. To do otherwise merely reinforces the position of our opponents that we are "fringe group radicals" and cuts us off from the ill/uninformed whom we need for support.

God be with everyone going to DC for this cause. Wish I had the time off. I'll be there in spirit & our prayers will be with you!

GREAT give em hell 

Dan, I agree with the quality (and am saddened by the quantity) of the above work by the Colonel and his staff.

Reads about like the Declarationof Independence doesn't it?

Thank you for the hard work on the document. As time goes by, we certainly need to add things to it!

I love these letters / documents so much.  My only sad sad sad comment is that I cannot print them for my file on OAS.  PLEASE, when things like this are added, make it so we can print them.  Thanks.  I am so excited to see this happenng...I've been waiting for 40 years for something to be done about the Indoctrination Centers aka Public School System....and the US Dept. of Education.  As Hitler said:  Own the classroom/students and you own the nation.....and this is exactly how Communism/Socialism/Progressivism has gotten control of the USA. 



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