OBAMA OR WHO EVERY HE IS HAS TO GO !His Social Security number has his name as a deceased man in New England Dead for many years. His Birth certificate shows him born in Kenya, Africa. His application for Government Student Aid shows his name as Barry Soretoro from Indonesia. He is not an American Citizen, he is an Illegal alien ! He is a devout Muslim Terrorist who hates White People and America and has been illegally placed in Our White House by The New World Order for one Purpose only and that is to Destroy You and I and Our America. Barack Hussein Obama is Guilty of High Crimes and Treason against America and We The People ! His Crimes call for Punishment by Death, Where are the Patriots Now to deliver the Punishment Required by Our Laws ? America IS Calling out for Justice, will you stand up and Do Your Duty for Your Country America, or are you one of those Cowards Hiding in the Shadows waiting for a Real True Patriot to Once again save your Sorry Ass ?>> http://washingtontimes.com/news/2010/mar/19/impeach-the-president/>All of them could and should be impeached! The problem with Zero is,he is not a US citizen and would need to be removed by either the military command, or other branches of government and then tried for treason and fraud! Almost all in DC know he is not a legal citizen, along with the media being complacent on this issue as well... and there are NO records anyplace on him changing his name legally from Barry to his current name, it is like he is a ghost of sorts... The UK had an article today I think on this very subject of his being illegal.... This is a real mess we find ourselves in today... It is going to be interesting very soon. HC will pass one way or the other, so get ready!

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  • Do you think Obama is the anti christ? It has been the prophecy of more than one prophet that a wolf in sheeps clothing may be umong us. Obama or who ever he is, along with his cheif minions(PELOSI and REID) are making their push for the destruction of AMERICA and freedom as we know it. They are giving away our resources and brain washing AMERICAS youth and steeling their chance at the American dream.
  • Obama is probably a double agent for the KGB and the fanatically Moslem Pakistani ISI, and, furthermore, is heavily financed by international financial-criminal mastermind, George Soros (possibly the richest man on earth..."unofficially").

    You are one hundred percent right. Obama is an aspiring Adolph Hitler and this is now totally obvious to even the most casual observer. We could list Obama's crimes from now to Doomsday--in fact I pujt together a crimesheet on Obama and have a minimum of at least sixty felonies and/or capital crimes committed by Obama. (for all the good it will do). Obama should NOT even be in America--much less the POTUS! (Shocking when you think about it, isn't it?).

    I personally now suspect OBAMA was involved in the 9-11 attacks on the USA! Seriously. Obama even publicly justified these attacks on our country. (I do NOT forgive anyone who commits such blood libel against America--it makes them sound like terrorists, maybe pecause they ARE in fact).

    Yes it is high time to begin prosecution and impeachment of Obama and this MUST begin now. But in otder to successfully remove Obama we will probably need to get Holder out of office FIRST. Why?

    BECAUSE as the head of the National Dep't. of Justice, Eric Holder can and will throw up every possible legal roadblock to stop Obama from successfully being prosecuted and impeached. When Obama asks Holder to jump Holder's typical response would be something like "How high?" Holder will act to keep Obama as the illegal president of the United States and he could succeed--unless we impeach HIM first or at least simultaneously. At the very least Holder's departure would make Obama's removal from office far less complicated than it needs to be.

    ps: let us know what YOU are doing to force Obama out of office. (I sent the Grand Jury prosecuting Obama in my state a cash donation).
  • There is no doubt he is destroying the country, bit by bit, piece by piece, and he doesn't care what happens as he has no allegiance to anyone other than his narcissistic, psychologically impaired self and possibly Muslim religious tenets. This is becoming more than a national nightmare. It is a national criminal act happening before our eyes with no one in true authority (particularly the military) willing to challenge any of the dastardly deeds.

    With the true Constitutional legality, that he is technically not president, the impeachment issue would probably have issues of its own, but many feel that impeachment proceedings should be initiated regardless. It seems our only hope, but the waiting period (with a Congress of new representatives/senators willing to "possibly" challenge) puts one beyond patience for waiting it out while he and the Congress do more and more damage with each passing minute. A full scale national protest needs to be mounted to impeach him, and it must be fervent and endless---until he is GONE!
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Jason Paul Speer replied to Oldrooster's discussion What happened to our America?
Jason Paul Speer replied to Oldrooster's discussion What happened to our America?
"Let it be known know the holy spirit is poured out in abundance and this is our greatest weapon against the enemy. They don't understand why they're Coronavirus hasn't diminished all of us old dinosaurs in a way that they quite expected. They did use the mainstream fake news 2 counterman the elections and steal it. I don't know what's going to happen but I hope Trump doesn't give up the White House and if it does break out I'll be here holding the Ozark plateau"
Jason Paul Speer replied to Oldrooster's discussion What happened to our America?
"I dont have m much time to talk. I've been behind the scenes on the front lines fighting against a criminal Army that the Democrats and the shadow government are using to leverage persons criminals cartels I see them setting up in preparation for a power vacuum"
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This was copied from the Modern Militia Movement Web site.I was having a brief conversation with a retired Air Force Officer who had helped coordinate the airlift for Katrina. To say he’s well-versed in disaster management is an understatement, along with quite a few other topics. One of the things we talked about was the logistics needed in the event of a larger-scale disaster. Best case scenario, the whole thing dies down and the virus mutates on into something harmless. But we neither plan…
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Trump Explodes On Reporter:  "Don't Ever Talk To The President That Way." President Trump also stated: "What they did is they used COVID in order to defraud the people of this country." {Hear/see at approximately the time stamp 7:40 - use closed caption feature - of the following video} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U28NNnto_MEVideo posted by Dinesh D'Souza
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"The KRAKEN. Many people are wondering what that word means.Here are two explanations of what KRAKEN is.It is in fact a Department of Defense hacking and surveillance program. https://gellerreport.com/2020/11/kraken-is-a-cia-hacking-program.html/
Sidney Powell's exposure of this KRAKEN program.https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2020/11/22/sidney-powells-k...
Once you read these two items , Consider this:1) We now know why they did not want General Michael Flynn to run the Intelligence…"
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Oldrooster posted a discussion
The NEW America:
What has America become? Now after the 2020 Election where the news media is being allowed to decide who won the election, the Electoral College has not met at this point, and most of the States have still not announced their final vote certifications. But the whole world appears to have accepted that President Donald J. Trump has lost and that Joe Biden has won. Forget about the massive amounts of voter fraud, the main-stream media claims it never happened.
We are expected to…
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These are the Rally points and logistic locations in and around D.C. metro area.
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"Description:This is the NOAA RSS feed for National Weather alerts across the entire US. You may click on any posted alerts to see what the national weather stations are posting."
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Description: This is the NOAA RSS feed for National Weather alerts across the entire US. You may click on any posted alerts to see what the national weather stations are posting.
Nov 24
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I am still in the process of working on the web site upgrade.Our hosting system has upgraded their web site hosting systems to their newer version of this NING software application. Upgrading from version 2.0 to vs 3.0.The whole web site is being transferred to a new platform.And that means I have to rebuild the entire site.Well most of it anyway.The new design studio software they are using is a nightmare to figure out. But I'm learning.I would really like to get the new home page to look as…
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I went to the Rally for Trump in Dallas Texas Saturday Nov. 14th, 2020.Crowd size turned out to be around 1,000 - 1,100 people and did increase a little after things got started at 2:00 pm.
Group was mixed, Whites, Blacks, and everything in between.Age groups also covered the full spectrum from kids to old people, (like me).Some Bikers showed up, about 12-15, several showing Military veteran status.Col. Allen West was present and gave some good interviews, some with news media people, and…
Nov 14
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Important timing.
Something that is of critical importance is the timing of everything that is happening right now. The “Fake News Media” is and has been declaring Vice-president Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 elections. But NOT one single vote from any State has been certified by any States Attorney Generals as of this date. This main-stream news media is trying to convince the American people that Joe Biden won the election without having all the LEGAL votes counted yet. Timing and current…
Nov 11
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