02 October 2015

Obama Admin. & UN Announce Global Police Force To Fight "Extremism" In U.S. Cities: 

"So, what is this for?  It's an attempt to enforce the sharia-compliant UN's rules on America.  It's unauthorized by Congress and it's unconstitutional. ... 

When, and if, cities in the west are unable to deal with the muslims who are invading, you can bet that this will be taken up a notch to impose just what I was mentioning upon the American people.  However, we still have time to stop it and do our due diligence to prevent it from getting that far.  Call or write your representative today and mention this article to them and have them put a stop to this right now." 


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  • [Got Freedom?]

    13 October 2015

    The UN Takeover Is Already Here And It Will Anger You To The Core (Video):

    "Those who have lived in a communist controlled country know the evils that surround it.  They know that nothing belongs to them and that the government not only owns all property and business but also the people themselves.  They were told where they could or could not live, how much food they could eat, and how to run their business.  The government oversaw and controlled every aspect of their lives.  Those in power controlled everyone below them and sadly this is exactly what will happen when the New World Order is implemented. ..."


    "Silence equals consent".   Contact your government leaders and start discussing the UN Agenda 21 issues.  Or you may spend the rest of your life with that "Hope and changing thingy". 

  • [I've seen several 'takes' on this Matt Drudge interview this week ... I really hope that America takes more action against this socialists' coup soon - and not just wait around for the 'ballot box' to change things for the better.]

    07 October 2015 

    Matt Drudge: "It's Gonna Get Really Ugly - Really Fast - This Is It, It's Happening Now, And The Future Of The World Is Being Decided": 

    "... look into America's fall from grace and what we can do, each and every one of us as individuals, to help ensure the overthrow of the 'new world order'.  If we choose not to get involved in the battle to ensure our free speech, our liberty and the Rights guaranteed to us in the U.S. Constitution, we're going to lose everything. This is it, it's happening now, and the future of the world is being decided." ...


  • 03 October 2015

    U.S. Mayors Sign On To United Nations Global Police Force ... To Fight ISIS: 


    02 October 2015

    Homeland Security Detains Stockton Mayor, Forces Him To Hand Over His Passwords:


    03 October 2015

    Why They Grab Your Guns:



  • Call or write your representative today - !!! YA Right  !!!!!.

    Like that's really going to help. Sorry to be so negative, but I've lost all faith and trust in Washington.
    As far as I'm concerned now there's only one force on Earth strong enough to stop this mess, (Two if you count Christ himself).

    So who is that other force that might be capable of stopping this crap? Remember Yamamoto's comment about a "Rifle behind every blade of grass",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, That is the US Militia movement and the American Veterans.
    Obama finally got something right when he said WE were the biggest threat to his administration and their agenda.

    Am I getting cynical? perhaps, but mainly just older, wiser, and tired.

    • Old Rooster,

      I understand exactly where you are coming from.  I don't see you as being 'negative' or 'cynical', I see you as being honest. You are one of the few Patriots that I know of who can call it like it is.  Frankly, calling or writing our representatives will probably just make us targets for further unconstitutional attacks. 

      Like you, I'm older, wiser, and tired.   Just about running on empty these days - but not completely without hope. 

      I have a feeling that things are going to get ugly real soon and real fast.  "The balloon is going up!"  There are many rallies and protest events happening soon here in America ... may God have mercy on us all.

      02 October 2015

      "Nationwide Anti-islam Protests On October 9th and 10th:

      'Planned in front of mosques in 20 cities all over America.'


      Anti-muslim Protests - 'Global Rally For Humanity':


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Jason Paul Speer replied to Oldrooster's discussion What happened to our America?
Jason Paul Speer replied to Oldrooster's discussion What happened to our America?
"Let it be known know the holy spirit is poured out in abundance and this is our greatest weapon against the enemy. They don't understand why they're Coronavirus hasn't diminished all of us old dinosaurs in a way that they quite expected. They did use the mainstream fake news 2 counterman the elections and steal it. I don't know what's going to happen but I hope Trump doesn't give up the White House and if it does break out I'll be here holding the Ozark plateau"
Jason Paul Speer replied to Oldrooster's discussion What happened to our America?
"I dont have m much time to talk. I've been behind the scenes on the front lines fighting against a criminal Army that the Democrats and the shadow government are using to leverage persons criminals cartels I see them setting up in preparation for a power vacuum"
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This was copied from the Modern Militia Movement Web site.I was having a brief conversation with a retired Air Force Officer who had helped coordinate the airlift for Katrina. To say he’s well-versed in disaster management is an understatement, along with quite a few other topics. One of the things we talked about was the logistics needed in the event of a larger-scale disaster. Best case scenario, the whole thing dies down and the virus mutates on into something harmless. But we neither plan…
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Trump Explodes On Reporter:  "Don't Ever Talk To The President That Way." President Trump also stated: "What they did is they used COVID in order to defraud the people of this country." {Hear/see at approximately the time stamp 7:40 - use closed caption feature - of the following video} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U28NNnto_MEVideo posted by Dinesh D'Souza
Oldrooster replied to Oldrooster's discussion The NEW America:
"The KRAKEN. Many people are wondering what that word means.Here are two explanations of what KRAKEN is.It is in fact a Department of Defense hacking and surveillance program. https://gellerreport.com/2020/11/kraken-is-a-cia-hacking-program.html/
Sidney Powell's exposure of this KRAKEN program.https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2020/11/22/sidney-powells-k...
Once you read these two items , Consider this:1) We now know why they did not want General Michael Flynn to run the Intelligence…"
Oldrooster replied to Oldrooster's discussion The NEW America:
Oldrooster posted a discussion
The NEW America:
What has America become? Now after the 2020 Election where the news media is being allowed to decide who won the election, the Electoral College has not met at this point, and most of the States have still not announced their final vote certifications. But the whole world appears to have accepted that President Donald J. Trump has lost and that Joe Biden has won. Forget about the massive amounts of voter fraud, the main-stream media claims it never happened.
We are expected to…
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These are the Rally points and logistic locations in and around D.C. metro area.
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"Description:This is the NOAA RSS feed for National Weather alerts across the entire US. You may click on any posted alerts to see what the national weather stations are posting."
Nov 24
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Description: This is the NOAA RSS feed for National Weather alerts across the entire US. You may click on any posted alerts to see what the national weather stations are posting.
Nov 24
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I went to the Rally for Trump in Dallas Texas Saturday Nov. 14th, 2020.Crowd size turned out to be around 1,000 - 1,100 people and did increase a little after things got started at 2:00 pm.
Group was mixed, Whites, Blacks, and everything in between.Age groups also covered the full spectrum from kids to old people, (like me).Some Bikers showed up, about 12-15, several showing Military veteran status.Col. Allen West was present and gave some good interviews, some with news media people, and…
Nov 14
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Important timing.
Something that is of critical importance is the timing of everything that is happening right now. The “Fake News Media” is and has been declaring Vice-president Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 elections. But NOT one single vote from any State has been certified by any States Attorney Generals as of this date. This main-stream news media is trying to convince the American people that Joe Biden won the election without having all the LEGAL votes counted yet. Timing and current…
Nov 11
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