By Fred Dardick
Canada Free Press

It’s amazing that Obama lacked the foresight to see that
supporting the construction of a $100 million mosque 3
blocks from Ground Zero, something that 70% of Americans
oppose, won’t end well. But I guess when your closest
advisors are Valerie Jarrett the slumlord, Robert Gibbs
the clown, Rham Emmanuel the communist, and Michelle
Obama the millionaire’s wife, equating “religious freedom”
with an Islamic cultural center whose purpose is to promote
Sharia law is the kind of progressive garbage you get.

For you liberals who somehow got forwarded this column and
still don’t know what Sharia law is, allow me to enlighten you.
It is the literal interpretation of Islam that leads to the wide-
spread abuse and enslavement of women. It’s also called the
reality of “that woman in Iran who’s waiting to see if she’s
going to get stoned to death for adultery” rules. Who knows
if she really committed adultery? In Islamic societies all a man
has to do to give his wife the proverbial dirt nap,
is simply claim she did.

Under Sharia law, men are the judge, jury and executioners
of women, and Obama apparently thinks Americans are too
stupid to know this. While Obama may be able to lawyer his
way around the Ground Zero mosque as a “religious tolerance”
issue, the rest of us know a load of bs when we see one.

Americans don’t give a hoot what the college professors and
attorneys think. Allowing the Islamist barbarians who keep
their boots firmly planted on women’s throats and brought
the 9/11 massacre to our shores, to build their Arch de’
Terrorism 2 blocks from Ground Zero can kiss our you
know what.

Not only do Americans view the structure as anything but
a bridge to understanding, Islamists around the world will
also rightly perceive the mosque in a very different light
than the simple “right to build a place of worship”.
They will see it as spitting in the face of evil America and
hold it up as a shining example in their enslaved societies
to promote hatred of the West. It will become a “stupid
Americans let us build a mosque on their graves, so let’s
finish the job and kill them all” kind of thing.

Ever wonder how the Islamic Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
got built smack dab on top of the ancient Jewish temple mount?
I can promise you, it was no attempt to “build bridges” either
that put it there. It was more like “let’s take over the Jews most

treasured religious site and plant a mosque on it to show them
who’s boss”. That’s why Jews pray at the Western Wall, because
if they tried to visit the top of the temple mount,
the Arabs would riot.

Every time Obama speaks to Muslims, it’s always how wonderful
and understanding Islam is compared to our knuckle dragging
Judeo-Christian customs. Rather than apologizing endlessly
for America, and in this case our opposition to the Ground
Zero mosque, how about being honest for a change, champ?

Over the past 100 years, America has brought peace and
prosperity to billions around the world, while at the same
time Muslims have been slaughtering and enslaving their
neighbors, especially women, wholesale. Talk about the
war that never ends. Shia vs. Sunni violence has been going
on for centuries and, by the looks of Iraq, will continue for
centuries more.

The irony is if our President, who clearly feels his #1 job is
reaching out to the Muslim world, had half a brain in his
communist head, he would be out there speaking forcefully
against Sharia law and educating his fellow Islamists to the
dangers of a literal interpretation of the Koran.

Who knows, maybe then Obama could finally do some good
for a change and save lives, rather than destroy them.

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  • History shown that Islam has encroached on many other nations just this way. You can bet your bottom dollar that IF this mosque is built it will be seen by MILLIONS of muslims around the world as "Conquest." 9/11 has cherry picked the financial center of capitalism and democracy. Islam has conquered and left its mark. We have won! That is the ONLY reason they want to build on this site. When the NY governor offered state land and significantly more of it at no cost even, they (the developers) turned it down. The developers are on the extreme edge of Islam as well as this loon imam. I hope our entire nation explodes over this issue. The half-white hyphenated American clueless air head kid certainly is supporting it, and you can bet he is going to push it from every direction and with all the power he has from the Whitehouse. "We the People" are the only force strong enough to stop this insanity, but we will have to come together in mass. I am writing and faxing, are you?
  • I think the proper response to this latest Obama mess is to take a cue from the rotten one himself and play the race card.

    I am starting to thjnk that everybody should send Obama a brief note via snail or email and tell him that he's a ... RACIST!
  • My question is when is he going to treat his wife and daughters under this law? He has proven time and time again that he believes in Islam so start treating his own like so many women around the world are being treated under Sharia Law. If he thinks Islam is such a peaceful religion why don't he take his family to these Muslim coutries he visits that HE claims are so peacful? And the Mosque is not being challenged under the Constitution rather it is being challenged under the person building it, where it is being built and just where is the money coming from to build it? Is our own Government paying for it or is the money coming from people over seas that hates America? Either way it is wrong to build it there but they don't give a rats ass.
  • I certainly could not have said it better!
    Thanks, Fred.

    Hollis Stanford
  • You have it right. one stupid sun of a bee.
  • Let's not forget all the dumb masses that put this moron in the Whitehouse.
  • Sarge, I have to second that emotion
  • Forget about Obama changing. He is a Muslim and will never change. We need to lookout for ourselves and boot out all those who are currently fighting us in the Congress.
  • Nobama is a muslim! Just look at the facts and you will see it. Why didn't michelle go Arabia with nobama? Because it is not allowed that he bring her, a non muslim to bow to the King! Personally I'd like to see Hanoi Jane and Babs Streistand and Joy behar and Michelle nobama in a burqua! I'd also like to see all these millionaire elites in Manhatten in burqua's! Look at all the money their husbands or if their single, they would save! I'd like to see all these loud mouth liberal loon broads in burqua's and following ten paces behind a man! IMPEACH NOBAMA NOW!
  • What goes up, can come down.
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