OBAMA EVIL? Sheer Genius or Pathological? Eileen Toplansky Explains...A Monster Has Claws In America


June 1, 2014

A Most Successful President

By Eileen F. Toplansky

If one sets out to destroy the core pillars of a society, to incrementally break down the values of a country, and to dishearten its inhabitants, then Barack Hussein Obama has been a sterling success. 

He is no amateur; he is not a feckless individual who doesn't know what he is doing.  His actions are deliberate, and his goals are in direct opposition to the vast majority of the American people.  His so-called misdirections are calculated, and his leadership traits are not intended to support America.  He knows exactly what he is doing, and far too many people still don't comprehend or want to believe the machinations of this man and his underlying political arc.

Even some conservative commentators appear to be amazed at the constant replays of actions designed to hurt America.  Why should they be?  Obama is doing what Obama said he would do.  He is transforming this country into the mold he wants – a weakened America, a demoralized American people, and a vast playground that he can ultimately demolish should he become head of the United Nations.

And he is succeeding.

What gives Obama an almost teflon-shield protection is that he is neither a bombastic leader like Hitler nor quite a sociopath like Stalin.  He has mastered the art of being cool.  He gives no one any conversational satisfaction, because he simply disappears from the scene.  His passive resistance is a clever way of disarming the other side, who is not expecting such a response.

He has been tutored well; he is an excellent student, who has far surpassed his mentors.  They would be proud.

But we do not have to be so naive.  It is mandatory that we play the same game as Obama and company, but our net result is to save the country, not destroy it.  We need to tweet one-liners that expose his true intentions; that speak the jargon that will resonate with people.  

Stand up and defend against bullying.  That's your mantra.

Then why let Obama bully you in your personal health care decisions?

Hawaii is a lover's paradise.

Did you know that "Hawaii's Obamacare exchange is the most costly in the nation?"

George Will has explained that those "2014 college grads [who] voted Obama ... now suffer for it."

Can't stand adults telling you how to lead your life?

Then why do you let the Democrats and Obama control your ability to get a good job?

If, as a stealth jihadist, Obama has always meant to topple any Middle East stability and isolate Israel, the only democratic outpost in the region, he has been remarkably successful.  Incidents like Benghazi are like little gnats.  He will brush them away; he will concoct the most amazing ingenuous excuses, all the while knowing that far too many American people are essentially uninterested in the details and/or could never actually believe that the most powerful black man in the country is actually a liar. 

Of course we believe in immigration reform.

When terrorists come in through our porous borders, all Americans should be concerned.  So why doesn't President Obama follow federal immigration laws?

It is inconceivable to some Americans that a leader could be so nefarious.  His reptilian response to the families of the murdered at Benghazi was evident to all who bothered to study his facial response.  Non-verbal responses are not to be dismissed.  They often are the true indicators of what is going inside a person.  We need to highlight the disingenuousness of Obama.

You may be a lover, not a warrior.

But don't American families of murdered soldiers deserve the truth from their commander-in-chief?

Obama cannot abide the capitalistic urge for independent creation of money; thus, he has been remarkably successful in stymieing business in this country.  He concocts high-sounding responses to an audience that has no understanding of the evils of communism.  As a result, they mindlessly parrot his ideas without even acknowledging that they will be the ones most to suffer.

How much money do you want to make?

Why let President Obama tax so much of it to fill the coffers of the government?

Didn't you work for it?

Shouldn't you keep it?

We have all been to enough dinner events where vacuous comments about the 1% are bandied about, only to sit in amazement at the sheer lunacy of the remarks.  Obama adamantly refuses to open the Keystone Pipeline, which would give America energy independence and throw a monkey wrench into Russian energy domination.  How does a person loyal to American interests do everything that hurts those very interests?  It is not mere stubbornness; it is right in line with his ultimate intentions.  Then we need billboard advertisements that state this outright.

It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  I beg to disagree.  It is not a mark of insanity if one comprehends the real motives of the person doing the activities.  Consider that Obama is hell-bent on bringing America to its knees.  His is not a hidden agenda.

Who wouldn't be for women's rights?

Then why does President Obama support groups that believe that husbands should abandon wives to rapists?

Iran threatens America with extinction.  Iranian Ayotallah Khamenei has said that “[b]attle and jihad are endless because evil and its front continue to exist. … This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. … This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and need for great strides.”

A president's main duty is to protect the country from avowed enemies.

So why does President Obama ignore the words of Iran's leaders as they promise to annihilate America?

All dictators are eventually brought down.  But do we want to pattern ourselves after Cuba, whose inhabitants 50 years later still suffer under the Castro regime?

Obama has been particularly astute at dividing this country.  The tension among races is palpable.  The phony war on women is a constant drone that stops any rational conversation based on logic, reason, and sheer evidence.  How do I know?  Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood, which supports sharia, the most misogynistic law on the face of the planet.  His gay supporters need to see the hanging of their gay brothers in the middle of the town square in Islamic-supported countries.  His black supporters need to be reminded of the slavery that is thriving in these same countries.  Instead, we find Obama and Eric Holder coddling Muslim jihadists while also exhibiting outright racism against white Americans.

And Obama has succeeded, because the "good people are doing nothing."  The Congress has the means to impeach this man for any number of reasons.  They refuse.  Their lack of backbone has far too many Americans psychologically surrendering because they feel overwhelmed by Obama's monstrous outreach via the NSA, the IRS, and ObamaCare.

Obama and his think-masters have rightly focused on the young and impressionable of this country, and they continually bombard them with tweets and one-liners – particularly effective with this group.

President Obama promised free health care.

But did you know that you have to pay a premium that is quite expensive? 

How is this free?

Thus, wordsmiths need to change their approach to this audience.  We need to work with symbols and one-liners that fight back, and fight back hard.  We need to utilize the same strategies that our opponents use.  We cannot give up the good fight.

Obama promised people they could keep their doctors.

But did you know that under ObamaCare, cancer patients cannot see the cancer treatment physicians who previously helped them?  Also, they can no longer go to the cancer treatment hospitals that gave them quality care!

What right does the government have to tell people where to obtain medical care?

In 1770, Edmund Burke wrote that "when bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."  In 1867, John Stuart Mill stated that "[b]ad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing."

A change in tactics is critical because, quite frankly, the November 2014 is the last chance to save this country from a downward trajectory that will radically and adversely change the landscape of America.

Eileen can be reached at middlemarch18@gmail.com.

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You want to fix it? Quit complaining about it here, get your ass in gear and organize.

Jeffrey.......did I meet you in D.C.?  Met thousands, hope I did.

I got screwed out of a ride. Never got a reply back, and the government sticking me on $700/month doesn't help.

No offense, Col. Riley, sir, but I feel it will take FAR MORE than sign waving and marching to get people to realize the magnitude of the situation, let alone actually get the attention of the government.

If we want to get their attention, then I feel as though something major has to happen. As in, coast to coast organization major. I tire of people complaining, and not having the stones to do what is necessary. In 1776 and beyond these traitors would have been strung up like grotesque party decorations.

There is an arrest list miles long for all of Congress and down to local/State levels. We need to reset the entire system and start from scratch, putting NUMEROUS safeguards in place to stop this from repeating itself.

The two party system must be debunked, and all of these fools must tried and executed as a warning to anyone else who would dare try again. Otherwise, we will end up in a much darker place than we want to be.

We have enough awakened people, and enough arms to easily take them on. However we need to negotiate the fight on OUR TERMS, meaning we do not shoot first. I have had an idea, if you are willing to listen and assist me. It will require them to come to US.

WOW! I'm on the edge of my seat!!! :)

I agree with Mr. Grimes.I've been to DC 3 times and have vowed to Myself I will not go back without pack AND rifle,with the resolution that I am not coming back.
I am hoping that OAS has a plan(duh) for when they sit in the capitol and laugh at Our requests.

Y'all knew this was coming.

Col.Riley,I've been praying for months that You know what You're doing.This is Our last chance.

I realize this may sound a tad cryptic,but this economy has left Me without the wherewithal to come join You in DC now,or I would certainly have left arms at home and tried.

There is no more room for bulls##t.The framework that made this Country what it is is about to collapse,and there is little left but American Balls to stop it.

God Help Us.


Colonel, you are ever the gentleman.  I did meet you in D. C. and it was my pleasure and honor.  Again I wish to thank you for your efforts to stop the fool in the oval office.  I appreciate all you do.  I also want to say you handled this complaint with style and grace. I hope some of your patience rubs off on me.  I have reached my saturation point and become angry every time I see a photo or hear the voice of a man I have never met but have learned to hate, which quite honestly is embarrassing to me and something I fight to control.

And we have 535 members of Congress and 9 members of the Supreme Court supporting him all the way to become the UCSA (United Communist of Socialist America).

It is known he usurped that office with those 544 aiding and abetting him. 

Praise the LORD JESUS for this input

Chaplain at large , OAS,   Pastor Wiley Drake

Obama is a serial liar.

Good collection of statements that we all agree about.  The question now is, what are we going to do about it?  Even Congress is unable or unwilling to demand & make Obama act within the laws of our country.  It's extremely difficult for some of us to watch this traitorous behavior continue, and no action taken to stop it.  I'm anxious for America. 

OAS is on the DC Mall right now.........waiting for all of us........



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