Constitutional Emergency

This is some of the things that were blocked last week from the Fox program everyone was looking for.. It's enough to make your good old American blood boil after what happened on "9/11". As the saying goes, "Anyone who forgets History is bound to repeat it." I remember hearing all this the first time it happened and will never forget it.

This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several weeks. Watch it now before it gets pulled from the Internet!

Get this going viral, NOW!

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Be advised.......Bernard Hall is no longer with PFA.......

'Bye, Bernard!  Good riddance.

Bye is right!! Some people need to be popped upside the head!! I like the show NCIS because "The Boss" does just that!! I couldn't reach Bernard through my puter screen, or I would have popped him upside his head!  I thank Harry and Twanna for getting rid of him!

to ovomit you musmutt pos/pile of camel trader or a slap in the face to all american veterans and american are a treasonous trader to the constittuion and the bill of rights and ought to be brought up on charges of treasonous acts against the constitution of lucifer/ovomit/hitler don,t speak for any of the american citizens and veterans.we do not recoginze you as a you are a  threat to the american are not an american citizen and a disgrace to the american people.god bless america veterans and american citizens

Now that Bernard is gone,"wish he was still here to get all the facts."  I don't pretend to know all the answers, but in my mind it goes like this.  There are good individuals that are moslim.  I have met some.  But it is impossible to deny the basic beliefs of Islam.  The following is taken from a book written in 1911 entitled "The Life and Religion of Mohammed, The prophet of Arabia" by J.L.Menezes. From the Preface by the Author...."While exposing the true life of the prophet of Islam, who is held in such veneration by his followers and who is universally admired for many excellent qualities; and while giving some explanatory remarks on the religion taught by him and which is followed by over one- eighth of the population of the world, I regret the unpleasant necessity of recording certain details of his life, and of passing certain strictures on his religion, which will not prove pleasant reading to his followers and admirers.  But facts are facts, and in recording them, I have simply followed the authors from whom I have taken the contents of this book.  In doing so, I utterly disclaim the intention of offering any insult to the great prophet of Islam , or any offence to his followers; ofvilifying the religion he has taught.  And while vindicating the truth of the facts, I have done my best to observe the golden rule of Christian charity.....

The rest of the text that I want to write follows so as not to make one segment too long. Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2;

"Islam's Influence on Society", The Mahommedan religion on the whole with all its dogmatic and moral principles, and with all its positive and negative laws has been a curse to human society.  Mahommed pretended to confer by his religion a boon, at least on his own countrymen, by giving them in place of gross idolatry a purer faith, and surer moral habits, but in this attempt he has miserably failed and has hopelessly fallen into the very sin he so vehemently assailed.  Mahommedanism has penetrated into barbarous countries and has forced its inhabitants to accept it as their saving religion, but in doing so it has not succeeded in elevating man's condition to a higher level-or at least to a level any higher than that of "Arabia in Mahommed's time.The partial and specious reforms which it may have attempted to effect, are vitiated by the fact that they tend to exclude the higher and nobler virtues; and as the inner life of families, the whole tone of society and the intellectual and moral standard of a people depend on the principles of the ruling religion, it is hopeless to expect that Islam will ever cease to be what it has hitherto proved, the most formidable obstacle to the dawn of a progressive and enlightened civilization.  How can it be otherwise? no permanent house can be built on a foundation of sand; what permanent civilization and progress then can be expected from a people professing a religion founded on fatalism, polygamy and slavery?  Their blind belief in inevitable fate, and their antagonism to liberty of thought and action have rendered reform next to impossible; and the professors of this religion seem never to realize their obligations and duty towards the people under their rule, of spreading true civilization, good government and the cultivation of the peaceful arts.  The natural consequence of this ignorance and blindness has been despotism, mal-administration, bigoted persecution and oppression of their co-religionists....

Old news, old video, saw this a year ago, but still valuable info.



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