Constitutional Emergency

This is some of the things that were blocked last week from the Fox program everyone was looking for.. It's enough to make your good old American blood boil after what happened on "9/11". As the saying goes, "Anyone who forgets History is bound to repeat it." I remember hearing all this the first time it happened and will never forget it.

This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several weeks. Watch it now before it gets pulled from the Internet!

Get this going viral, NOW!

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I would watch the whole thing but I cannot stand to look at or listen to this scumbag


I have the exact same problem. I made it to about the 3 minute mark and almost brought up a meal.

How Much more proof do we need? 

to we the people,it proves what we the people have been saying for 3 years now.the devil{ovomit and his band of treasonous traders are against the bill of rights and the constitution.ovomit is illegally holding the office of the presidency.and all politicians are not lifting a finger to remove this musmutt out of tells we the people that one ,they are in bed with this treasonous trader.and two are aiding and abetting this treasonous trader and all politicians who are not against this traders ovomit.are traders themselfs for allowing this trader to stay in office illegally.we the people demand you remove this upsurp from office.or we the people will remove this trader by voting ovomit out of office.or kicking him and the politicians who are aiding and abetting this muslim trader out of office.we the people demand this.and will be watching mr politicans very,very closely.god bless america

I am reticeint in the overwhelming feeling that no matter who gets into office in 2012 things are going to continue to get worse and worse. The recent voter fraud shown again and again during the current series of Republican primaries shows that we do not select anyone to lead us anymore. Our country is no longer a true republic operating in democracy. We operate in facism meaning you have the right to do what the out of control federal government tells you you can. The only person even trying to change things and with a record that lends itself to consistently serving the people and following the law of the land and the people Ron Paul is constantly Robbed both in media exposure and in fact now votes that could lead him to the nomination. Some people say they don't like his policies on this or that but don't realize that Congressman Paul understands and is committed to two things that the office of the President has not seen in decades, honesty and a distinct knowledge that he is in office to do the will and serve the citizens of the US. Unfortunately because of his dedication they will not allow him to get the nomination much less win the Presidency. We have come to a crossroads in our country where we are going to either stay complacent and allow our liberty and all our fore fathers fought, suffered and died for slowly slip away one right at a time or where the majority is going to awaken to the fact that a war has been waged on our constitution and by the very individuals whom have sworn to protect it. This war by proxy is against the People of the US and their very way of life. Recent legislation that has been passed confirms this fact and escalates daily. The fact that so many stay asleep entranced in the culture of reality TV shows propagandy based news sources that they take as the truth of the day and constant debates about left or right republican or democrat when they are just two wings on the same bird. Its a tatic of illusion of misdirection and all the while the corporations and big business lobbyist that pull the puppet strings continue to win this war against us because we don't even know its happening. The Founders told us that it was coming. They told us over and over to stay vigilant against it to stay ever steadfast in our watch for tyranny. It has arrived in spades we didn't put up with this much from England in 1776. We talk about revolt by election and protest while they change laws to make peaceful revolution impossible and we know what John Kennedy said about that. Dictators don't give up power willingly. In our contract as citizens it is our obligation to keep our government in check and we have failed to meet that responsibility for generations. We need to rise up as Americans wake up all the sleeping masses and call out the occupation that is going on in our government. Yes an occupation as much as if Russia or China had taken control of our political center because the current regime does not operate within our constitution just as an occupying force would. We have come to the place where each American has to decide if our Freedom if our Ideology is worth giving up comfort and life and fortune to maintain or better yet re establish as our founders did some odd 230 years ago or if we are ready to just let our country morph fully into the Dictatorial Facist system it has become. I have several Multi Great Grandfathers that were Patriots in the Revolutionary war that served in places such as Brandy Wine, German town and even spent the cold hard winter with Washington at Valley Forge. I see what has happened to what they fought so hard to give us and shudder at what we may leave our future generations because of our complacency and reservation at doing what needs to be done to insure that the grand experiment that is America, that used to inspire others to rise up and become free, dies on the vine. What has happened to us? We all used to be willing to give our last true measure of devotion for the ideals of Liberty. My background is several years in working in the major media and motion picture industry in a protection capacity which gave me access to information that most don't get and later with first the US Department of Transportation and later US Homeland Security as a HH-Step 6 Managing Agent or GS-11 on that grade scale no you are not safer now just less free.

P P, wht we have now is a dictaroial oligarchy just like Venezuela.  I have been saying for almost 2 years that it was coming but people laugh at me. I hve watched Venezuela over the lat 10 yers and we are about 3 years, at the most, behind them. Our freedom will be gone in a year at the most unless we find ourselves willing to fight for freedom but when we have 48% of We the People not paying taxes half of our naton isn't likely to help.  Too many are willing to sell their freedom for a handout today without looking at the consequences tomorrow.  Esau in the bible is a good example of where we are now.

Another thing the regressives want repressed

If only 10% took a stand and fought for America and the constitution that would be enough. Only 1/3rd of the colonists supported the revolutionary war. You are right though Bob even that is probably to much to hope for now a days. Sad sad time for our Country. Time to stockpile guns, food and ammo, did I mention guns lol and hope that we will eventually band together as Americans as Patriots and return The US to the glory of what it was 100 years or so ago I for one take my oath seriously and plan to stand against any enemy that wants to wipe its backside with it. There are a lot of people that feel the same way but not enough in my opinion to make a real difference in policy especially since the people that are awake can't seem to get together to even really discuss what is going on..... Its not going to be pretty thats for sure. God help us all!

Do WE THE PEOPLE need anymore encouragement to go and cast our vote for this imposter  GOD HELP THE USA.

Good point Dorris.  With the ego he has he would be bragging about all his real or imagined accomplishments since he was a child. His "Delusions of Grandeur" would be manifested as truth. But not a word.  In fact he has no accomplishments since he took office.  Everything he says is lies and hype.  He is a master of B.S. and that doesn't stand for Bachelor of Science.  And he has a  PhD  which stands for a "Doctorate in Phoniness".

because ovomit{devil}has been fooling some people,but lucifer{ovomit}hasn,t fooled we the people for a second.we the people know this illegal upsurp{ovomit/devil/lucifer.has tryed his magic act.but we the people will vote this treasonous trader upsurp out of office or kick the devil and his band of traders who are aiding and abetting this treasonous trader.and any politician who doesn,t try to get ovomit/devil/lucifer/musmutt out of office will them selfs be held for aiding and abetting this illegal upsurp.and be held politicians start counting the days,for we the people had enough of your greed,corruption,do nothing attitudes.and your useless performances.we demand accountablity for which you mr politician are going to be held for.we the people are coming to take our constitution and bill of rights back.god bless all legal american citizens

THUS....?!?!?   If, as I believe and have stated here ad nauseum (PERHAPS), Oblahma has a Plan B ---- SO  MUST  W E  !!!!!    Our history books will report WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY.  (Choose five.)



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