This is some of the things that were blocked last week from the Fox program everyone was looking for.. It's enough to make your good old American blood boil after what happened on "9/11". As the saying goes, "Anyone who forgets History is bound to repeat it." I remember hearing all this the first time it happened and will never forget it.

This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several weeks. Watch it now before it gets pulled from the Internet!

Get this going viral, NOW!

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DORRIS - His Plan B is known but to him and his backers - the ones who supplied the funds and created his ascendancy.   God KNOWS what their plans are.  Only He can bring down this fraud - this world domination creature.  His backers are the very ones who groomed him, bought votes for him in many, many ways.  Oblahma was willing to be their pawn.  The Master Liar WAS, IS, WILL BE the bearer of grief at every turn!!!!  

Satan is VERY pleased with HIS and THEIR creation!!!!

Do you consider this to be an extreme notion?  Is not the goal they covet of immense value?!?! 

What a steaming pile of islamaphobic crap. This religious bigotry is what's pulling America apart.
Sure Obama is showing respect to Islam, sure his Dad was a Muslim. Just because he's tolerant of another religion doesn't make him a believer in that religion, hes just showing respect. Respect and Tolerance - um... aren't these values that Christians are supposed to cultivate?

You are using sarcasm in your statement, aren't you Bernard?  I sure hope so!!! Cause obummer IS NOT AND HAS NOT NOW OR SINCE HE FIRST CAME ON THE SCENE HAD ANY CHRISTIAN VALUES!!! I let it go at that, in hopes, that like I said, you are using sarcasm in your statement, aren't you?

Juanita, I'm not being sarcastic, I'm being absolutely sincere. For someone to have respect for a non-Christian religion is not being anti-Christian - it's been tolerant, respectful and accepting. These are Christian values. So if Obama is demonstrating these qualities that would refute your point that he has no Christian values. 
It doesn't make him a Muslim any more than you being able to speak English makes you English. 

Well the words have come out of HIS MOUTH proclaiming himself to be a Muslim, and he has also stated that WE ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION!!! HE IS A MUSLIM BY HIS OWN ADMISSION!!! DO THE RESEACH!!!

If you say he admits to being a Muslim - show me the evidence. BTW you don't need to keep your caps lock on when replying Juanita. I can read lower case just as well :)

I lock my caps when I'm ticked.  Now IF you read the different topics posted, there are plenty of links to the videos on PFA, without me re-posting them, that's why I suggested you do the research!!! I'm not doing your research for you.

I'm not going to get in a one on one argument with you.  The evidence is posted all over this site. You just have to be willing to look, read, view, research like the rest of us do.

You said: "The evidence is posted all over this site. You just have to be willing to look, read, view, research like the rest of us do." - all I have seen so far on this site are half-truths and biased opinions. Nothing here to point to where Obama explicitly admits to being a Muslim. You are making the assertion that he has made such an admission - not me, so it's incumbent on you to back up your statement with evidence. Perhaps a video clip of him saying it - not just a 2nd or 3rd-hand assertion.
I'm not bothered either way. My original statement still stands.  
Thanks BTW for commenting without the caps lock. So nicer to read :) 

Islam is not [just] a religion; it is a set of dictatorial rules that gives its followers strict orders about everything from worship to which hand to use when attending to bathroom chores.  It is simply not compatible with America's Constitution and freedom.  Even Jefferson sent the Marines to battle the "musselmen" at the turn of the nineteenth century, thus establishing a precedent of sorts that they are an enemy.

You want a clip of him saying it?

Try this:

This idea that "all [cultures/religions/societies -- fill in the blank] are equal" is nonsense, and those who subscribe to this philosophy have been in charge of this once-great nation for entirely too long.  They will bring America down soon if we, who love this country, don't pull our heads out and get back on track really soon.

You should be bothered, Mr. Hall. sure does when he says " muslim religion" an interview with George Stephenapolis....

That's the link I posted.

OMG  how far you fallne to buy into this traters words and actions!



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