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Everyone please remember there are infiltrators here and on every site just waiting for ammo they can send to the FBI so you can get a knock on your door. Be careful!
I’m not kidding! I already have one friend in Florida that got that knock and
was put in a Fed. jail several days after he returned home from having back
surgery. Charges were never pressed and now he’s MIA. Self control is a must -  I’m not talking political correctness control….


Brewer Condemns Report to UN Mentioning Ariz. Law

PHOENIX – Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer demanded Friday that a reference to the state's controversial immigration law be removedfrom a State Department report to the United Nations' human rightscommissioner.

The U.S. included its legal challenge to the law on a list of ways the federal government is protecting human rights.

In a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Brewer says it is "downright offensive" that a state law would beincluded in the report, which was drafted as part of a UN review ofhuman rights in all member nations every four years.

"The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a state of the United States to 'review' by theUnited Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional,"Brewer wrote.

Arizona's law generally requires police officer enforcing other laws to investigate the immigration status of peoplethey suspect are illegal immigrants.

Critics say it would lead officers to target Hispanics. Supporters, including Brewer, say the law prohibits racialprofiling and other human rights abuses.

The U.S. Justice Department sued to block the measure, arguing federal law trumps the state's authority to enforceimmigration laws.

A federal judge in July sided with the Justice Department and blocked enforcement of the law's most controversialprovisions a day before it was scheduled to take effect.

In its report, the State Department does not specifically allege that Arizona's law would lead to racial profiling.

"A recent Arizona law, S.B. 1070, has generated significant attention and debate at home and around the world," thereport says. "The issue is being addressed in a court action that arguesthat the federal government has the authority to set and enforceimmigration law. That action is ongoing; parts of the law are currentlyenjoined."

A State Department spokesman had no immediate comment on Brewer's letter.

Brewer, a Republican, is running for election in November. Her popularity in Arizona and her national profile have soaredsince she signed the immigration measure in April.

Report of the United States of America
Submitted to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights
In Conjunction with the Universal Periodic Review

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Obama Hauls Arizona before the UN Human Rights Council.

Canada Free Press

Sher Zieve  Saturday, August 28, 2010

After turning NYC over to the Islamists and leftist sympathizers, via endorsing their 9/11 Victory Mosque (any Muslim project called “The Cordoba Initiative” has to be just that), Dictator-in-Chief Obama
believes that he has found the way to both destroy opposition to his
Orwellian plans for the former United States of America and introduce
OUR country’s final demise.

For attempting to do that which the Obama refuses to do (his job under the US Constitution—not George Soros and friends), the tyrant has now turned Arizona and the twenty-two
other US States trying to protect their citizens over the patently
corrupt (Obama’s kind of organization) United Nations as “human rights
violators.”  Now disregarding the US Constitution and US law
entirely—and getting away with it—The Obama and his worldwide anti-US
Marxist minions have begun to divvy up the booty from that which was
once America.  Note:  Despite our protests and marches, Obama believes
he silenced We-the-People long ago.  Didn’t Hugo Chavez affect something
similar in Venezuela?  But, let’s face the truth, folks.  Even Chavez
didn’t try to destroy his OWN country.  But, considering his true birth
place, neither did Obama. 

In his boldest move yet to destroy OUR country, Dictator-in-Chief Obama has now decided to bring the full force of the world against those who oppose their own slavery at his and his masters’ hands.  And the
overseers at the United Nations are applauding The Obama’s move.  As the
people of the United States of America are—in greater and greater
numbers each and every day—supporting Arizona and other states for
working to protect US citizens from the now unstopped marching phalanges
of illegal immigrants composed of drug cartel members, Central American
gangs, Hezbollah, other middle eastern terrorists and millions of
others who sap the resources of sovereign States (entering via our
southern border), the tyrant believes he has found a way to stop the
States and us. 

Now “elevating” himself to the level of an Islamic Mufti, Obama has effectively issued a fatwa against Arizona and every other US State that opposes their own demise.  Obama has issued an, heretofore,
unprecedented report to the “UN High Commissioner for Human Rights” (a
bad joke considering the organization itself) outlining his carefully
crafted and manufactured ‘horrors’ the USA has committed against humans
(I suspect that means freedom and liberty are two of them), he has
given full sway to the UN to go after any US States that do not comply
with the tyrant’s (and soon to be King of the World?) commandments. 
Suffice it to say, the UN is more than pleased to do so!

Replete with its proclamations for perversities of all kinds, in order to support any and all fully suppressive and exploitative totalitarian regimes (as long as it gets a substantial piece of the
action), the UN is more than willing to go follow The Obama’s

This latest perversion of law by The Obama is, yet, another patent treasonous action against the USA.  Each and every day, he is racking up more and more of them.  Then, without a care in the world save how to
better give his union thugs and other countries funds stolen from the US
taxpayer (where lots of our “stimulus” dollars ended up) and then
frivolously wasting and spending what’s left, he and his family are now
working to establish the record of “most vacations taken while occupying
the US White House—and still being able to destroy the country.”  I
suspect that record will never be broken—but, if he isn’t removed, the
country will.       

In November 2010, if we do not take back at least the House of Representatives we will have no chance—whatsoever—of surviving the beast and its minions.  But, even worse, if we don’t get rid of said beast
our destruction is also assured.  If we can rid ourselves of both—and
restore our Republic—we must for all time say “Never Again” to tyranny
and all would-be tyrants.  We cannot and must not allow this to happen
to our country, our loved ones and us even one more time…never.  This
time, we must remember. 

Mosque group: Never planned to meet with governor (The Cordoba Initiative):
1400’s Islam in Cordoba Spain:
Obama Hauls Arizona Before the UN Human Rights Council:
Report of the United States of America Submitted to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights:


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  • I agree....read the post I just published in the same place you found my other. That post will also be published on FB, as well as some other places.

    We are on the same page. I trully do hope for a peaceful outcome, but it really seems that we have come to the line in the sand. As much as I love my freedom, my family, I fear that post may have done me in. They very well may come knockin' at my door. If they do, trust this, I am an American, I love this country and what it stands for; I will not fight for the insanity, but I will fight for the foundations that made us a free people with inalienable rights.

    Trully, as someone else said, GOD help us all....
  • As I said Locke; we are fighting the same fight. But let me ask you this. The 100 million Vets and the 50 million hunters, "will fight" you said. Right? I know you were just making a point about the possibilities from people willing to defend our Constitution; our flag, and rights, our freedoms, but who will bring them all together?

    We have to find a uniting theme, which is simply, the heart of the matter. And I'd believe you'd agree that it is; We will die, if we don't, but we may yet live free, if we do!

    They must believe this is true, or you will only see a small portion of the hunters and Vets. 500 thousand peole came to DC who do believe. We need, several millions more!
  • Okay Locke, you're brain pan is bigger than mine, I give. NOT! LOL....

    My argument isn't whether, as the Federalist papers espouse, we are a 'pure representative republic,' or not. My argument is, that given the instrument we have in the Constitution, which is what we have followed for more than 200 yrs., we must force that instrument to work to restore our democracy. Again, if we have exhausted all those remedies, the Declaration of Independence institutes the overthrow of that government that is no longer representative of the 'Republic.'

    The reality is, just exactly how do we do that? Storm the capitol? Blow up things? Hell no! That has always been the wrong approach when fighting a bully. The right approach, despite what is being brain fed to our kids, is to confront the bully directly. In my day, it meant to beat the shiite out of them. But today, that's not a possibility, not without the means to bring about their capitulation.

    So we fight in the courts; we fight in Congress by replacing the smug bastards with persons likeminded with our ideals. Do we push a moral agenda down anyone's throat? No...but we can convince using the rule of law. The most ideal situation would be to prove without doubt, Obammy is guilty of treason; maybe guilty of not being a 'Natural-born citizen.' Which won't be done, they have a shiite-load of presses.

    For me, I believe that people, when they see things without the spin, act. The rallies prove that. More than 500 thousand in DC, last weekend spoke with one voice.

    The fact is, Obammy is scared; many democrats are scared. So are many republicans. And as I've written before, well they should be. I'm fighting for the cause of restoring the rule of law; strengthening the Constitution and doing what we have to do to abide by that. When all hell breaks loose, which I trully hope it doesn't, me and my family got plenty of ammo.....
  • Thank You William; that does mean something to me. Trully, I understand your anger; my wife is probably quite tired of my "rants" about Obammy. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, first. Then when I discover they are not as the character they portrayed, like Obammy did in his book, 'The Auadacity of hope,' I begin searching. I found lots, just as most of you have.

    I have heard many times and in many places, the anger of Patriots. I think we've all come to the place we've had more than enough. But as I said, I do still believe in the rule of law. I have to, because otherwise, what are we fighting for?

    I asked Twana, what are we fighting for - maybe she's answered, I haven't scrolled down farther yet, I thought I should answer you first. What I meant was, it's easy to say we are fighting for the principles that founded this country. Hell, we can all agree to that. It's easy to say, we'll fight to keep the bastards from making us slaves, or to defend our families, etc; and that may well seem like enough.

    My contention is, are we fighting for the insanity that has resulted in several hundred years of the power elite to rape, pillage, and basically destroy our planet? I'm not. We can't have it like it used to be, as much as we'd want to. There is no way to beat this monster, and I don't mean Obammy; he's just a prop. He has no real power unless they want him to. He is following a script - as he demonstrates every time he gives a speech.

    I have no respect for him whatsoever. As I said before, I'd love to be the guy who walks up to him and says, 'You're under arrest...' but that's not reality. And we can call him satan's child all we want to; though it's probably true, this is not how we will take these people down. We have to be 'bigger' than them, in several ways.

    If we don't follow the Constitution; the rule of law, the morality of good people, how different are we than they? I wish to GOD it wouldn't come to the bloodshed, but I fear it will, and I also believe we will be on the poor side of that stick; unless.....as I said before, if the rule of law doesn't work, and we have to be as patient as possible about that, then yes, we are left with no choices. We can either, as Richard Sanders' quoted, '...hope the chains rest lightly on us as we lick the hands that feed you...' or we can unite, and decide to fight. But let's not be foolish about that; they have a very big freakin' army. The only way they will side with real Patriots is if they are convinced what we are fighting for is righteous and that Obammy and his ilk have gone too far. Many do, but not enough yet....that ought to be our goal, to convince the soldiers. Show them how BS it is when he kisses their ass and yet has never really given a shiiite about them.

    Oh, you can bet he's playing this, "We got em outta there folks...aren't we great?' BS for all it's worth. We have to convince them that indeed it is trully BS and he has other intentions in mind, while he plays his part in the script powerful people have already written.

    Sorry if I waxed too long....
  • Sandra. I've seen that.
    What I'm saying is, to be a Natural Born Citizen, BOTH parents MUST be United States Citizens, not just one.
    This is like a German Shepherd Only dog show. But, someone enters a poodle. Now the judges want to see the poodles papers. They want to be sure the poodle is a German Shepherd. The owner says, 'He was born in a German Shepherd kennel. That makes him a German Shepherd.'
    Why do the judges want to see the papers? Don't they KNOW he isn't a German Shepherd?
    We, on the other hand, KNOW his father was British.
    He could have been born in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House, and all he would be is a citizen. Not a Natural Born Citizen.
    (And believe me, if he is still around and runs in 2012, he will have a Birth Certificate from Hawaii. Long form. With the Hospital records. Of course the Doctor will be dead or 'I've delivered so many babies, I can't keep track.' or the records will be there. All false of course.)
    • Without doubt; but it won't change a thing, because EVEN if by some quirk he was a NATIVE born citizen, he was never a NATURAL born citizen, and worse whatever citizenship he was born with was negated when Indonesian citizen Lolo Soetoro adopted him under Indonesian law which doesn't recognize dual citizenship. He was registered in school as an Indonesian national both there and at Occidental College, which he attended on a foreign student scholarship. To the best of my knowledge he's never even naturalized as a citizen of the US again, meaning he was ineligible even to run for the Senate when he did, and he certainly knew at that time he wasn't eligible to run for President. The files and stories have disappeared conveniently from the morgues of NPR and I think it was AP, but there were stories about a debate during his campaign for Senate in which he was challenged on his status, and said it didn't matter because he wasn't running for President. Of course if he hasn't naturalized, it did matter because he was ineligible then too. But he's never let any law obstruct what he wants, and Soros threw enough money at it that he got it. But you know no one throws nearly $2 million away covering up something that doesn't need to be hidden badly.
  • Methinks ole Locke is a pent up writer, with nowhere to go, but so much to say.

    I'd say, "there you go again..." Lock, painting a picture with broad strokes and leaving out many of the details. Labels are what got us into trouble long ago, would you not agree? And I don't mean the ones you threw around hastily at me; I mean the ones that began putting people in boxes, such as; all journalist are an arm of the apparatus of DC, or whoever. Or how about, all us Tea Partiers are racist.

    Or all rednecks live in trailers and beat the shiite out of their wives....etc, etc. and anyone who questions an opinion piece is possibly a socialist.

    I was thinking about this site last night, and I wish I there was a way we could all sit down together in the same room, eyeball each other, and find out just exactly what it means to know someone. I can tell you this, I am not afraid to do just that. I'd even allow William to rant at me for as long as he wished, and then when he was done I could say, "Damn Bill, why you so mad, boy?" Then we could all have a beer and tell war stories - I may have one or two I'd never share with just anyone!
  • Twana; it was you that asked if I am a socialist, correct? I'll answer you straight out, and then ask you a straight question, okay?

    I have been a registered Republican since I reached the age to vote. And I have voted in every election since. My political views are published on many sites, as well as in several newspapers. I wrote editorials every week as the editor of a newspaper out west, and there was never a mistake on anyone's part about my philosophy.

    Granted, you don't know me, though I see from several posts already on this site, that I am being painted with a broad, uninformed brush. Lock even copy and pasted an opinion piece that I wrote weeks ago here, and yet he had the gaul to allege that It may not have been who I am. And why? Because I spoke up and exercised my right to opinion about an article that I thought was more detrimental than factual. So what Sher Zieve's piece was opinion; my opinions are based on something factual not heresy, including how I've responded here.

    So no, Twana, I AM NOT A SOCIALIST.

    Now, my question to you, and maybe others on this site; what exactly, and please spare me the trite cliche's, or, come back with a question that deflects an answer; are you "fighting" for.
  • Your argument isn't completely valid, Lock. We are both a Constitutional republic and a democracy. And though the limits of the Constitutional process may or may not be 'tested,' in the end it is the democracy, or the will of the people that should prevail. Will it today? That is the real question.

    However, since we may be under attack through voting fraud, alleged human rights violations, and various executive orders, as well as legislation that ultimately denies our freedoms and rights, it is very possible that our form of democracy is being crushed. In that case, testing the limits of the constitution will do very little except reinforce your belief that we are simply a constitutional republic.

    My suggestion is that we stop trying to be aristotle, and figure out together, how we can stop the enemy, without sending us into chaotic civil war.
  • I have to agree with you about NOT placing the new capitol at NYC. It might have been okay for that when George Washington was President; but quite frankly, it wasn't suitable for the job even 60 years ago when I first visited there! It sure hasn't improved. And I think we need to move our capitol away from the coast entirely as well; for other reasons; one of which is that it's becoming all too possible that an external enemy could attack and wipe it out from off shore with a nuke launched from a boat there; not one of the larger nuclear nations but one like Iran, or DPNK, or possibly Syria even. It' seems prudent to consider that in the placement of the new capitol as well.
This reply was deleted.


Oldrooster replied to Oldrooster's discussion Welcome to the United Nations
"So what could go wrong there?
Report: U.N. Climate Projects Swamped with Fraud, Corruption Allegations
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is facing allegations of fraud and corruption linked to the multibillion-dollar Global Environment Facility, the Financial Times revealed Tuesday.
The claims of gross financial mismanagement come just 12 months after the U.N. investigated – and cleared –  itself of any and all allegations relating to “fraud, misappropriation of funds, systemic…"
5 hours ago
Oldrooster posted a discussion
Well that didn't take very long. Biden isn't even formally declared to be the President-Elect yet and he's already selling us out to the United Nations.Why wait until he's inaugrated as president, that's just a bothersom formaity. One of those left-over details from that old US Constitution thing.
Joe Biden Rushes to Embrace U.N. and Burnish Globalist Ambitions
Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday, promising a “strengthened partnership”…
5 hours ago
john Holmgren left a comment on Survival ideas
"Thank you so much Rooster you're an awesome man...i'll watch these videos. thanks again."
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Declaration of Independence: A Transcription
Note: The following text is a transcription of the Stone Engraving of the parchment Declaration of Independence (the document on display in the Rotunda at the National Archives Museum.) The spelling and punctuation reflects the original.

In Congress, July 4, 1776
The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have…
19 hours ago
Oldrooster published an article
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"OK, I see it. That's fine, good.
23 hours ago
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"OK, But you've got me. What listing?
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Clois Beckwith posted a discussion
I added "amendments" to the listing, Rooster
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"Thanks  Ole Rooster  very good information"
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"Survival is all about being able to find food, shelter, and how to fight back.Remember Sun ZU said an Army moves on it's stomach. Which means in order to fight when you get there you have to  be able too.And a starving Army wont put up much of a fight.
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