Constitutional Emergency

Open letter to President Obama: On Using U.S. Military Forces Against We The People

soldier with civilians

Dear President Obama,

I understand you considered using U.S. military force against militia forces at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Well golly we are shaking in our boots. You understand this would have been in direct violation of the the 1878 “Posse Comitatus Act” and an act of war against “We the people”.

The Posse Comitatus Act states:

Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

This would also explain the purging of our military at the highest levels. I guess these purged commanders refused to comply with your request to shoot upon the American people if called upon to do so by YOU! Well you fired over 200 of these brave patriots and now they are 100 times more powerful as armed private citizens. You made a huge mistake.

Mr. President, you considered a military attack against the militia at the Bundy Ranch by applying the unconstitutional Directive No. 3025.18, “Defense Support of Civil Authorities,” which was issued by the Pentagon on December 29, 2010, and states that U.S. commanders “are provided emergency authority under this directive.” To continue it states:

“Federal military forces shall not be used to quell civil disturbances unless specifically authorized by the president in accordance with applicable law or permitted under emergency authority,”

The directive then states.

“In these circumstances, those federal military commanders have the authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the president is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances” under two conditions.

The conditions include military support needed “to prevent significant loss of life or wanton destruction of property and are necessary to restore governmental function and public order.” A second use is when federal, state and local authorities “are unable or decline to provide adequate protection for federal property or federal governmental functions.”

“Federal action, including the use of federal military forces, is authorized when necessary to protect the federal property or functions,”

Military assistance can include loans of arms, ammunition, vessels and aircraft. The directive states clearly that it is for engaging civilians during times of unrest.

The directive was signed by then-Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn. The full text of the directive may be found on the Pentagon website.

So why did a U.S. official, a man who works in the White House state that you considered but then rejected deploying military forces under this directive during the recent standoff with our militia at Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s home?

Mr. President, why did you cave in and not fire upon the militia members at the Bundy ranch? Why did you order the Bureau of Land Management, (BLM) a federal, fascist like, militarized unit to stand down?

You must have seen the light and realized you would lose this fight. You would then have been arrested and impeached for crimes against the U.S. Constitution, charged with the murder of innocent Americans and you probably would have started a Second American Revolutionary War.

We the people will not permit such folly. The Second Amendment is probably the only thing keeping your progressive/socialist policies in check. It kept Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japanese out of our nation during World War II. Now its keeping you in check too. Agreed? Our founding Fathers were wiser than we could ever imagine, and you are the newest iteration of the Communist – Fascist – Marxist ideology they prepared us for.

Mr. President, defense analysts across this nation are watching you very closely and they state you have built tactical armed military units within non-security-related federal agencies. You have created Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams within the Department of Agriculture, the Railroad Retirement Board, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Office of Personnel Management, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Internal Revenue Service and the Education Department, etc., etc., etc.

Why are you doing this Mr. President and why is the Congress allowing you to do this? Where is Speaker John Boehner? There is ZERO leadership in the Congress for the people.

The militarization of federal agencies is in full swing and the White House continues to launch psychological Saul Alinskyesque attacks upon U.S. private citizens’ regarding ownership of firearms despite the fact that Americans are law-abiding citizens.

Where is the Congress of the United States? We paying them $175,000 a year for what, exactly? To sit around while the BLM, IRS, DHS and other federal agencies build armies against we the people? It is time for Speaker Boehner get off the fence and start writing a bill to disarm all of these federal agencies. DO IT NOW or blood will be spilled, American blood! Congressman Miller get off your seat and stand with the people! Write the bill, pass it and get it through the U.S. Senate.

I called the White House National Security Council direct line for an answer but your team won’t comment to me. What are you hiding Mr. President?

I am glad Mr. President you chose wisely and abandoned your attempt to shoot our Constitutionally legally amassed militia forces in Nevada. The outcome of such a battle would be a huge loss for the government. Trust me. There are more of us than you and we are not afraid to protect the Republic legally and constitutionally under all Amendments the Founding Fathers entrusted us with.

God Bless America and shame on the Congress for not protecting us. I guess it up to us. This is why more guns and ammo are being bought by American men and women. They are going to need them one day it appears. Mr. Obama is preparing a war against we the people.

Working off facts and not hear-say on this issue, I believe I am 99.9% right.

Geoff Ross

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Just cross the line into Al. if you feel the need Mr. Walker. I do not judge people by the color of their skin either. Thank you for your service and welcome to Al. any time you feel the desire to come. Many of my friends are black and voted for this craphead, they are still my friends. Just as with anyone in this world people make mistakes and many may never realize that they have, so I will not hold that against them because most do not know much of what is taking place in our country. I am in a semi rural area myself and grew up in the sticks so I understand where you are.

Tommie, Survivalists and Militia "ain't" Klansmen or Panthers... We're all in this together.  At some point, all of our ancestors came to this land for a reason, to get away from the BS. Well, it's found us.  Our "chair" is against the wall and John's "long moustache" is now a full beard.  We have no choice but to pull together and fight this crap.  I've spent 17 years in the infantry and we (units I've been with) have been asked similar questions like, "(how we would feel about having to use force against our own people)".  It didn't go over too well then and I am pretty sure it won't now either.  There are always the fringe elements in a society that fail to take others into consideration.  That's fine... some are born without a soul or the concept of freedom.  E-style targets, is all they are.

We understand the stereotyping and I for one, can't stand it.  It's another form of ignorance; the same kind that breeds ignorant voters, but unfortunately, I know more white voters that helped elect this POTUS (twice even) than black or latino. One only needs to look at the Senate to see that stupidity knows no color... it infects all peoples the same.  Florida welcomes you if you ever need the help.

I respond to your comment.  If I may use Dr. Martin Luther King's comment.  America's People need to stop looking at the shape, color, size, ancestry or language of a man when they judge him/her.  The CHARACTER of the man's heart MUST be used as the deciding factor.

Its time to bring back public execution, build a gallows in the rose garden, let's start at the top and work our way down till we get obummer care repealed, 

I Am for this for the high crimes of Treason.  With pictures in the history books for future reference.

If you are going to use the firing squad, then leave the head cover off, I want the bastards to see the bullets coming in slow motion.....

Thank you Senior Chief Ross. Thank you Harry for posting this. It seems that we are heading in the direction of a stand off with the federal government whether we want one or not so I would suggest that all the patriots prepare for just that. Although ammunition is sometimes scarce and a little expensive it may be the best investment you can make. Think what will happen if one day soon the government, for some reason, has no more money to dole out to those on ebt/welfare etc. Besides the riots and looting that will start shortly thereafter it will be the excuse needed to institute martial law. After all, what else could this benevolent government do to stop the wanton destruction of public and private property.

I agree, John.  Psalms 34:37 is my go to verse.  Thanks....keep the faith and help all of us to keep it too.

Thank you friend.

GOT YOUR FACTS ,that's mandatory, good going..REALIZE this > Barry O is merely a willing agent of the globalists

who have deceived / controlled / divided / exploited Americans since WW betrayed American when he established

a CENTRAL BANK..this nefarious private group has us in a stranglehold, Congress knows this , they too are agents

of the globalists ( mainly Jewry elites ).  OAS is a valiant effort, it has their attention...these maggots fear two things

1. loss of power  2. armed American citizens,, they feel OAS is another venting process and will eventually wane.

GOD judges his children by their FAITH and WORKS,,,HIS wrath will not be on us....



Gary T, you nailed it. Obama is a willing puppet committing unconstitutional acts without fear because Speaker Boehner does, says nothing.



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