Open Letter to the IRS from Senior Chief Ross US Navy Retired.

To the employees at the IRS that just cashed my check,

       You will notice that on my IRS form 1040 I have not answered your unconstutional and intrusive illegal question in regards to if I have a health insurance provider.  This information is none of your business and never will be. The IRS, the Dept. of Health and Human Services and Comrade  Barry Soetoro  the illegitimate Communist in the White House have ZERO authority to force me to purchase any product or service.  This includes health insurance. 
You at the IRS have no constitutional authority to fine me, penalize me or confiscate my property for not complying with this unconstitutional law.  Any attempt to do so will be considered an un constitutional assault on my rights and appropriate measures will be implemented to protect myself as a free person.   
(1) All my bank accounts have been emptied and you will not be able to confiscate my savings.
(2) If you withhold or penalize any money from my employer I will in turn withhold this same amount when I pay my unconstutional income tax in April 2016. 
(3)  The Obama-Romney care individual Mandate is a direct Tax which is unconstitutional under Article 1 section 9:  No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.  Its illegal.
2.  Obama-Romney Care tax violates State’s right since the Federal Government does not have the Constitutional Authority to take over Healthcare as stated in the 10th Amendment outlined in the Bill of Rights. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. This also includes education.  Thus the Dept. of Education needs to be defunded also.
3. This individual mandate created by Mitt Romney with Dr. Jonathan Gruber and set up via the US Senate under Obama care is involuntary servitude. The 13 amendment states: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.  The US Senate has no authority to impose any form of taxes this only comes from the House.
4. Obama-Romney care benefits certain industries and crony capitalists like John Boehner who have a financial interest from a monopoly system that is illegal in the Constitution under Article 1 section 8: John Boehner has stock interest in Obama-Romney care that is why he funded it.  The Constitution states that No Preference shall be given by any Regulation of Commerce or Revenue to the Ports of one State over those of another; nor shall Vessels bound to, or from, one State, be obliged to enter, clear, or pay Duties in another.
5. Justice Kagan was part of drafting and passing the un-Affordable Healthcare Act. She had no authority to vote on this illegal law and all state Attorney Generals in every free state must invalidate the ruling from the High Court on the bases Justice Kagan did not recuse herself as the law prescribed.
6. The American people overwhelmingly reject the Government taking over the Healthcare industry.  79% of this nation do not want it.
7. I want the Congress to defund all offices and pay rolls of all IRS agents assigned to harass Americans who refuse to comply with the unconstitutional Romney-Obama Care law.  I will personally remove any IRS agent off my property with my local Sherriff and or have them arrested for trespassing if any attempt is made by them to enter my property.
8. The Individual Mandate is a tax imposed on us, just as the early colonist said in their grievance against the King Stated again in the Declaration of Independence. For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent.  Obama-Romney care was rammed down our throats without our consent.   I will not comply.
9. States can ignore the supreme court ruling under this landmark decision Prinz Mack vs. Brady Bill victory for the 10th Amendment with Justice Scalia giving the majority opinion writing saying the several states “are not subject to federal direction”  We were given an opt out ruling.  I am opting out. 
To the Congress of the United States I expect you to back me up.  If you don't, the militia will, including my local Sheriff.   The IRS has intimidated, threatened and violated American's 4th Amendment Rights for years.  This is now going to stop.  The end is now.  Its over IRS.  I am not afraid of you and nor should you the 256,000 American patriot's reading this missive.  Stand your ground patriots.  Its time to run the IRS out of town.  Start by not complying.  We will win this if you are brave.  Which you are.  Follow my lead. 


Senior Chief Geoff Ross

United States Navy Retired

Navarre Florida






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The government has over stepped their authority. Enoiugh is enough. Time for BHO to go far away.

No, deep in a prison hole never to be seen or as he wants for US.

We ALL Love Senior Chief Geoff Ross


The House of Representatives can  strip away Obama’s funding for ObamaCare and strip planned parenthood’s funding
they can also strip away Illegal Alien’s funding for everything but so far they’ve been sitting on their asses doing
NOTHING and allowing Obama get away with his shit while this Country goes down the toilet  ! The House can also Impeach that pile of garbage Obama and haven’t done that either ! This Country will not survive another year and 9 months of Obama.

The reason the republicans are sticking with nobama and the democrats is quite obvious. When the king of the north (Putin) drops his nuclear rockets on America, all of the politicians will be in the underground city. And the rest of us will be history. I guess the rich and powerful didn't think about the aftermath of destruction. They won't have anyone to do their manual labor because we will be dead.

Dennis--the Republicans can impeach Obama by a simple majority vote IN THE HOUSE, the measure goes to Senate FOR TRIAL, with Chief Justice John Roberts sitting as JUDGE over the impeachment TRIAL. It takes 67 SENATE VOTES TO CONVICT Obama on impeachment for ANY reason, the GOP has only 54 Senate votes--that means some 13 DemocRATS MUST VOTE WITH THE GOP TO CONVICT Obama. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN, ESPECIALLY WITH A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION NEXT YEAR!  They would be alienating one of their most controlled base of voters--the black community and most likely give the Republicans the election. The GOP could NOT get enough votes to convict Bill Clinton, you can bet they can't get ONE DemocRAT to vote that way---it's a WASTED time of Congress and will be sold as that to the American public as Republicans shirking their duty to keep the nation's business, promise to work for jobs and economic improvement and other important issues HOSTAGE over impeachment. And the media will harp on fact that the GOP KNEW they didn't have votes to impeach and convict.  What YOU can do--is call, write, email your Congressional representatives and others---keep up the heat on them to refuse to pay for ObamaCare and other Obama programs by using their power of the MONEY in the House of Representatives. The "dirty" secret the GOP won't admit--Speaker John Boehner is getting richer over stock market holdings IN HEALTHCARE, that's why he won't oppose ObamaCare spending.

What about a straight up arrest Obama has committed so many HIGH CRIMES I know the DOJ is controlled by Eric Holder but can't they bypass that piece of crap and have Obama arrested ! I thought that NO man was above the law even the President !

I've heard from a retired military commander who still is involved with military and has been in contact with CIA people. They've told him the Republicans in Congress (since DemocRATS won't act) are afraid of any impeachment moves because of creating a "Rodney King" reaction among minority communities across the nation---IF you remember the Rodney King verdict of innocence for those police officers in that case sparked riots and violence over several days that resulted in some 56 DEATHS and hundreds of innocent people dragged out of cars and beaten, injured all across the county---I hope America realizes this IS what happens when they elect a leftwing black to office--HE/SHE will use that power for socialist ideas up to the point of CRIMINAL actions without care because that person KNOWS the whites in Congress won't stand up to him/her for fear of more violent repercussions and continuous blame from the ABC media outlets who are INVESTED in DemocRAT/Socialist ideology.  Most people recognize the late Walter Cronkite as one of most respected news journalists in American history--yet Cronkite SUPPORTED an END TO AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY--he believed in OPEN BORDERS. That's what's wrong with today's media--DOMINATED by leftwing thinkers and reporters.

Rise up Patriots its time for the brave men a d women of this United States of America to unite in putting a stop to all the Treasonous acts that have been perpetrated on the citizens of this country under the guise of terrorism and Democracy. We are at the point where its now or never, this treasonous out of control Government is planning a complete takeover and total decimation of the Constitution and all the rights that make us free human beings. And this operation has allready begun in alot of the southern states.There is no time to waste, our existence depends on how many brave men and women will stand up and unite, taking a stand and taking our country back from the Corporate Globalist. God bless us all in this battle!

Pass time to rise up , we should done that 30 years ago.

Jerry your sentments are those of a lot of people I think. However, the later you wait the harder it becomes, dosent mean it's impossible. I never liked bully's and those who tried to take what is mine. As a child when thugs wanted to take my sack lunch they had a fight on their hands to get it. The reason our rights are being taken away is because people won't fight back. If you truly believe freedom and liberty are your God given rights are you just going to let others take it from you? It's not TOO late it's just LATE. Speaking for myself I'd rather go down fighting even if I lose. The only rights that can be taken from us are the ones we donot fight for. Take heart Jerry it's late but it's never too late. OH, and Jerry... Read the end of the Book, evil loses!!!! Here's to the fight Jerry



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