Open Letter to the IRS from Senior Chief Ross US Navy Retired.

To the employees at the IRS that just cashed my check,

       You will notice that on my IRS form 1040 I have not answered your unconstutional and intrusive illegal question in regards to if I have a health insurance provider.  This information is none of your business and never will be. The IRS, the Dept. of Health and Human Services and Comrade  Barry Soetoro  the illegitimate Communist in the White House have ZERO authority to force me to purchase any product or service.  This includes health insurance. 
You at the IRS have no constitutional authority to fine me, penalize me or confiscate my property for not complying with this unconstitutional law.  Any attempt to do so will be considered an un constitutional assault on my rights and appropriate measures will be implemented to protect myself as a free person.   
(1) All my bank accounts have been emptied and you will not be able to confiscate my savings.
(2) If you withhold or penalize any money from my employer I will in turn withhold this same amount when I pay my unconstutional income tax in April 2016. 
(3)  The Obama-Romney care individual Mandate is a direct Tax which is unconstitutional under Article 1 section 9:  No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.  Its illegal.
2.  Obama-Romney Care tax violates State’s right since the Federal Government does not have the Constitutional Authority to take over Healthcare as stated in the 10th Amendment outlined in the Bill of Rights. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. This also includes education.  Thus the Dept. of Education needs to be defunded also.
3. This individual mandate created by Mitt Romney with Dr. Jonathan Gruber and set up via the US Senate under Obama care is involuntary servitude. The 13 amendment states: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.  The US Senate has no authority to impose any form of taxes this only comes from the House.
4. Obama-Romney care benefits certain industries and crony capitalists like John Boehner who have a financial interest from a monopoly system that is illegal in the Constitution under Article 1 section 8: John Boehner has stock interest in Obama-Romney care that is why he funded it.  The Constitution states that No Preference shall be given by any Regulation of Commerce or Revenue to the Ports of one State over those of another; nor shall Vessels bound to, or from, one State, be obliged to enter, clear, or pay Duties in another.
5. Justice Kagan was part of drafting and passing the un-Affordable Healthcare Act. She had no authority to vote on this illegal law and all state Attorney Generals in every free state must invalidate the ruling from the High Court on the bases Justice Kagan did not recuse herself as the law prescribed.
6. The American people overwhelmingly reject the Government taking over the Healthcare industry.  79% of this nation do not want it.
7. I want the Congress to defund all offices and pay rolls of all IRS agents assigned to harass Americans who refuse to comply with the unconstitutional Romney-Obama Care law.  I will personally remove any IRS agent off my property with my local Sherriff and or have them arrested for trespassing if any attempt is made by them to enter my property.
8. The Individual Mandate is a tax imposed on us, just as the early colonist said in their grievance against the King Stated again in the Declaration of Independence. For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent.  Obama-Romney care was rammed down our throats without our consent.   I will not comply.
9. States can ignore the supreme court ruling under this landmark decision Prinz Mack vs. Brady Bill victory for the 10th Amendment with Justice Scalia giving the majority opinion writing saying the several states “are not subject to federal direction”  We were given an opt out ruling.  I am opting out. 
To the Congress of the United States I expect you to back me up.  If you don't, the militia will, including my local Sheriff.   The IRS has intimidated, threatened and violated American's 4th Amendment Rights for years.  This is now going to stop.  The end is now.  Its over IRS.  I am not afraid of you and nor should you the 256,000 American patriot's reading this missive.  Stand your ground patriots.  Its time to run the IRS out of town.  Start by not complying.  We will win this if you are brave.  Which you are.  Follow my lead. 


Senior Chief Geoff Ross

United States Navy Retired

Navarre Florida






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THANK YOU and AMEN, Michael M. sentiments exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.....and......I forgot to say......if I wasn't married to a good man....and.....Senior Chief Geoff Ross wasn't married......I would never let the Senior Chief get away....he's MY kind of guy! (all said in sincere  jest, of course!) LOL

Sr. Chief.... Talk about taking the bull by the horns!!! I applaud you and I'm with you. I've been saying the way to get to these fraud Banksters is to hit them in the pocket book and this is a good place to start. And let it be known if our leaders and judges don't back us up and defend the constitution we will send them to the unemployment office. If everyone would stick together there's not enough jail cells and FEMA camps to put us all. We need a National Revolt and it starts with us I guess.

The tabulated results of the Opinion Letter of the Solicitor General for the United States concerning the ratification of the Income Tax Amendment - Number 16 - shows that only 4 States properly ratified the Amendment.

The following is a certified true copy of the original document created by J.  Reuben Clark, Jr., Solicitor, for the United States Department of State.

James C.  Barrus, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Constitutional Concepts Foundation
Nephew of J.  Reuben Clark

Memorandum of
the Solicitor,
February 15th, 1913

February 15, 1913

Ratification of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

The Secretary has referred to the Solicitor’s Office for determination the question whether the notice of ratification by the several states of the proposed 16th amendment to the Constitution are in proper form, and if they are found to be in proper form, it is requested that this office prepare the necessary announcement to be made by the Secretary of State under Section 205 of the Revised Statutes.

The 61st Congress of the Unites States, at the first session thereof, passed the following resolution which was deposited in the Department of State July 31, 1909.

“Resolved by the Senate and House of Representative of the United States of America in Congress assembled (two-thirds of each house concurring therein), that the following article is proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which, when ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States, shall be valid to all intents and purposes as a part of the Constitution.”

On July 27, 1909, the following concurrent resolution was passed by Congress:

“Resolved by the Senate (The House of Representatives concurring), That the President of the United States be requested to transmit forthwith to the executives of the several States of the United States copies of the article of amendment proposed b y Congress to the State legislatures to amend the Constitution of the United States, passed July twelfth, nineteen hundred and nine, respecting the power of Congress to lay and collect taxes on income, to the end that the said States may proceed to act upon the said article of amendment: and that he request the executive of each state that may ratify said amendment to transmit to the Secretary of State a certified copy of such ratification.”

On July 24, 1909, being the day before the above resolution was passed, the Secretary of State sent to the Governors of the several States certified copies of the joint resolution of Congress proposing the 16th amendment to the Constitution with the following letter of transmission:

“I have the honor to enclose a certified copy of a resolution of Congress, entitled “Joint Resolution Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.” with the request that you pass the same to be submitted to the Legislature of your State for such action as may be had, and that a certified copy of such action be communicated to the Secretary of State, as required by Section 205, Revised Statutes of the United States.  (See overleaf.)  (Note: Reference here is to R.  S.  Sec.  205 which is quoted infra.)
“An acknowledgment of the receipt of this communication is requested.”

Section 205 of the Revised Statutes provides:

“Whenever official service is received at the Department of State that any amendment proposed to the Constitution of the United States has been adopted, according to the provisions of the Constitution, the Secretary of State shall forthwith cause the amendment to be published in the newspapers authorized to promulgate the laws, with his certificate, specifying the States by which the same may have been adopted, and that the same has become valid, to all intents and purposes, as a part of the constitution of the United States.”

The Department has received information from forty-two states with reference to the action taken by the legislatures of those states on the resolution of Congress proposing the 16th amendment to the Constitution.  It appears from this information that four states (Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Utah) have rejected the amendment.  The remaining thirty-eight states have taken action purporting to ratify the amendment, the State of Arkansas being one of these states.  Although the Governor of Arkansas had previously notified the Department that the legislature of that state had refused to ratify the amendment.  Information was subsequently received indicating that the legislature had reconsidered this action and voted to ratify the proposed amendment.

In all cases in which the legislatures appear to have acted favorably upon the proposed amendment, either the Governor or some other state official has transmitted to the Department a certified copy of the resolution passed by the particular legislature, except in the case of Minnesota, in which case the secretary of the Governor merely informed the Department that the state legislature had ratified the proposed amendment and that the Governor had approved the ratification.

The following list shows the order in which the amendment was ratified by the legislatures of the various states, the date given being the date upon which the resolution was passed by the legislature, or if this information does not appear on the certified copy of the resolution on file in the Department, the date indicated is that upon which the resolution of the state legislature was approved by the Governor:

Alabama    August 17, 1909    Approved.  Doesn’t appear whether Governor signed.
Kentucky    February 6, or 9, 1910    Date passed by legislature, Not signed by Governor: Legislature acted on resolution of Congress before it was transmitted to it by Governor.
South Carolina    February 19, 1910    Date passed by legislature.  Signed by Governor.
Illinois    March 1, 1910    Date passed by legislature.  Not signed by Governor.
Mississippi    March 7, 1910    Date passed by Legislature.  Signed by Governor.
Oklahoma    March 14, 1910    Date signed by Governor.
Maryland    April 8, 1910    Approved.  Not signed by Governor.
Georgia    August 3, 1910    Approved.  Doesn’t appear whether Governor signed.
Texas    August 17, 1910    Date signed by Governor.
Ohio    January 19, 1911    Adopted.  Doesn’t appear whether signed by Governor - likely not.
Idaho    January 23, 1911    Date passed by Legislature.  Not signed by Governor.
Oregon    January 25, 1911    Date passed by Legislature.  Not signed by Governor.
Washington    January 25,1911    Date passed by Legislature.  Not signed by Governor.
California    January 31, 1911    Date passed by Legislature.  Doesn’t appear Governor signed.
Montana    January 31, 1911    Date signed by Governor.
Indiana    February 6, 1911    Date signed by Governor.
Nevada    February 8, 1911    Approved.  Doesn’t appear whether signed by Governor.
North Carolina    February 11, 1911    Date passed by Legislature.  Not signed by Governor.
Nebraska    February 11, 1911    Date signed by Governor.
Kansas    February 18, 1911    Date passed by legislature.  Signed by Governor.
Colorado    February 20, 1911    Date signed by Governor.
North Dakota    February 21, 1911    Date signed by Governor.
Michigan    February 23, 1911    Date passed by Legislature.  Not signed by Governor but is attested by Governor.
Iowa    February 27, 1911    Date signed by Governor.
Missouri    March 16, 1911    Date passed by Legislature.  Doesn’t appear Governor signed.
Maine    March 31, 1911    Date passed by legislature.  Signed by Governor.
Tennessee    April 7, 1911    Date passed by legislature.  Signed by Governor.
Arkansas    April 22, 1911    Date passed by Legislature.  Governor vetoed June 1, 1912.  March 28, 1911, Governor informed Secretary of State Legislature had failed to pass resolution.  So first rejected and subsequently ratified.
Wisconsin    May 26, 1911    Date received by Secretary of State of Wisconsin.  Not signed by Governor.
New York    July 12, 1911    Date passed by legislature.  Signed by Governor.
South Dakota    February 3, 1912    Dated filed by Secretary of State.  Not signed by Governor.  No date of adoption given.
Arizona    April 9, 1912    Not clear is date passed by Legislature or signed by Governor.
Minnesota    June 11, 1912    Date passed by legislature.  Signed by Governor.  Secretary of Governor informs Department and no resolution of Legislature enclosed.
Louisiana    July 1, 1912    Date passed by legislature.  Signed by Governor.
Delaware    February 3, 1913    Date passed by legislature.  Not signed by Governor.
Wyoming    February 3, 1913    Doesn’t appear whether date passed by Legislature or signed by Governor.  Signed by Governor.
New Jersey    February 5, 1913    Date signed by Governor.
New Mexico    February 5, 1913    Date signed by Governor.

Ratification by Arkansas.  Power of the Governor to Veto.

It will be observed from the above record that the Governor of the State of Arkansas vetoed the resolution passed by the legislature of that State.  It is submitted, however, that this does not in any way invalidate the action of the legislature or nullify the effect of the resolution, as it is believed that the approval of the governor is not necessary and that he has not the power of veto in such cases.  (See Solicitor’s memorandum on this subject dated April 20, 1911.)

Power of a State to Ratify after having once Rejected the Proposed Amendment

It will also be observed that Arkansas Ratified the Proposed 16th Amendment after having previously rejecting it.  It would appear that the Legislature of a State may act adversely any number of times and it still has the right to act favorably, and the ratification is as valid as if it had never acted adversely on the question.  New Jersey ratified the 13th Amendment after having rejected it.  In the case of the 14th Amendment, four States acted similarly (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia).

In all these cases the States which had taken action ratifying the various amendments before the Secretary’s announcement was made were included by the Secretary in the list of States ratifying.

In the case of the 14th Amendment, all the States mentioned above except Virginia, which State ratified the Amendment after the Secretary’s announcement was made, were included in the declaration of the Secretary of State. (See Solicitor’s Memorandum on the subject of Kentucky’s ratification of the 16th Amendment, dated March 21, 1912.)

Kentucky’s Ratification

It is to be noted that the Kentucky Legislature passed a resolution ratifying the proposed 16th Amendment before a copy of the resolution of Congress was transmitted to that body by the governor, and that when the governor received the certified copy of the Joint Resolution of Congress from the Secretary of State and transmitted it to the Legislature, the latter refused to act on it.  Inasmuch as there is no statute or other law or Congressional action which might properly be regarded as preventing the legislature’s acting upon the resolution of Congress proposing an Amendment to the Constitution until a copy of the Resolution has been sent by the Secretary of State to the governor and until the latter officer has transmitted it to the legislature.  It is believed that the legislature of Kentucky has validly ratified the proposed 16th Amendment.  (See Solicitor’s Memorandum on the subject of Kentucky’s ratification of the 16th Amendment, dated March 21, 1912.)

Errors in Resolutions of State Legislatures in quoting the Proposed 16th Amendment

In the certified copies of the resolutions passed by legislators of the states ratifying the proposed 16th amendment, it appears that only four of those resolutions (those submitted by Arizona, North Dakota, Tennessee, and New Mexico) have quoted absolutely accurately and correctly the 16th amendment as proposed by Congress.  The other thirty-three resolutions all contain errors either of punctuation, capitalization, or wording.  Minnesota, it is to be remembered, did not transmit to the department a copy of the resolution passed by the legislature of that state.  The resolutions passed by twenty-two states contain errors only of capitalization and punctuation, or both, while those of eleven states contain errors in the wording.  The following is a list of the states indicating the errors made.

Alabama                  Error of punctuation.
Kentucky                 Errors of punctuation and capitalization.
South Carolina        Error of capitalization.
Illinois                      Error of capitalization; “remuneration” instead of “enumeration”.
Mississippi              “The” omitted before “Congress”; errors of punctuation and capitalization; “of” instead of “or” before

Oklahoma               Error of capitalization; “from” used instead of “without regard to” before “any”.
Maryland                 Error of punctuation.
Georgia                  “Levy” used instead of “lay”; errors in punctuation; “sources” instead of “source”; “income”

                                instead of “incomes”.
Texas                      Error of punctuation.
Ohio                        Error of capitalization.
Idaho                      Error of capitalization; “of” instead of “or” before “enumeration”.
Oregon                   Error of capitalization.
Washington            Errors of capitalization and punctuation; “income” instead of “incomes”.
California              “The” omitted before “Congress”; “any” before “census” and “or” before “enumeration” omitted; errors of                                punctuation and capitalization.
Montana                 Errors of capitalization.
Indiana                   Error of capitalization.
Nevada                   Errors of punctuation and capitalization.
North Carolina        Errors of punctuation and capitalization.
Nebraska               Error of capitalization.
Kansas                  Error of capitalization.
Colorado               Error of punctuation.
North Dakota        No errors.
Michigan               Error of capitalization.
Iowa                      Error of capitalization.
Missouri                Error of capitalization; “levy” instead of “lay”.
Maine                    Errors of punctuation and capitalization.
Tennessee            No errors.
Arkansas              “The” before “Congress” omitted; “the” before “power” inserted; Errors of punctuation and capitalization.
Wisconsin            Errors of capitalization.
New York             Errors of punctuation and capitalization.
South Dakota      “The” before “Congress” omitted; Errors of punctuation and capitalization.
Arizona                No errors.
Minnesota            Resolution of the State Legislature not filed with the Department.
Louisiana             Error of punctuation.
Delaware             “Article XVI” omitted; Errors of punctuation.
Wyoming             Errors of punctuation and capitalization.
New Jersey         Error of capitalization.
New Mexico        No errors.

I am going to be positive because I want to live. I want us to organize and kick BHO out of the Oval Office. I want our government back. Maybe one of us will run for office.

Nice letter, but it will have no effect on obozo and his band of thieves and thugs.  So what is left?  More letters, more blogging, more defiant statements that do not accomplish anything.  If everyone that is in the military or retired from the military would uphold the constitution they took an oath to protect, obozo would not be in the WH today.  He has committed high crimes, misdemeanors and worse TREASON.  For treason there is a military code that can be used to arrest him.  So where is the action from the military to protect the constitution?

I agree with you Betz whole heartily Where are the guts and fortitude I thought Our country was founded on WAKE UP
and where are our Sheriffs who swore to uphold the constitution???

Janet Neff

Indict Obama and Hillary criminal conspiracy and treason.

Sr Chief, thank you for your service, past and present.  We definitely need more people like you whoa re willing to get involved to make a difference.

As for the IRSS, well they are unlawful to begin so we should not be paying taxes to them anyway. Nevertheless, I applaud you and support you Sir.

Actor Craig T. Nelson proposed EVERYBODY STOP PAYING INCOME TAXES just a couple of years back--like he said then people--THEY CAN'T BUILD ENOUGH PRISONS TO HOLD ALL OF US!!  Obama wants our GUNS 'cause he knows WE THE PEOPLE OUTNUMBER ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT, MILITARY AND RESERVES BY A 25 to 35 to ONE margin, that's why he's trying to buy up ammunition away from us. He knows WE OUTNUMBER THEM IF WE STICK TOGETHER. THAT is the problem with America--the DemocRATS operate on DIVIDE AND CONQUER and the RINO RATS stick with them.

Chief Roberts

Thank you sir for your service to our nation.We need several million Chief Roberts to stand up and reject the government bullshat which they have imposed on us Americans.I myself are in the later seventies but I would fight for my country which I served to do in the Korean conflict.You folks may notice that the Chief has guts and I admire him for his stand how about you.

I agree no is the time to take action.



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