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The solution is in this document..........This is not posted for everyone to post 1001 different actions...the action is already being done and told to us. Instead of being a thousand plus chiefs, why don't we learn how to link arms with allies and follow their lead?


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We are now on our own.

Howdy C.M.



Semper Fi.


Any representative that introduces legislation to violate the Constitution needs to be remove from office period. There is no debate. When you take the oath to protect and the defend the Constitution, you better uphold that oath.

For all intents and purposes, if the Bill of Rights, and thus the Constitution are dead, then the federal government is no longer legitimate and every government employee, politician, official, and members of every branch are acting as a criminal coalition operating outside of the law of the land, common law. As such, a grand jury of the PEOPLE must be convened in every state, hold that the federal government is no longer a Constitutional entity, and present to the people an indictment such as set out under the RICO act. The PEOPLES law enforcement officers, the sheriffs of each and every county, as duly elected by the people, must then be given the authority to enforce service and arrest of all as properly charged, bringing them before a court of the people.

Failing that, it's TIME TO ROLL!

thx for this, twana.

The Bill of Rights is dead if we allow it to happen.

We fought a revolution to become free from tyrany.

We wrote a Constitution to protect us from tyrany.

Includer in the Constitution was the Bill of Rights to protect

"We the People" from the Government.

If "We the People" don't take a stand and fight for the rights

that our forefathers fought for. Then I ask yow, did they die

in vain? Is there no values that you are willing to stand and

fight fore. You have a choice, Freedom or Slavery.

I use a quote from Patrick Henry:

"I know not what course others may take, as for me Give Me

Liberty or Give Me Death!" 

Another Quote is from Nathan Hale "I regret that I have but

one life to give for my country!"

              For God and Country,

              Sgt DeMitry


The link would not open so I went to the intern. No my Bill of Rights is not dead. Obama has never said this and until he does I claim every one of my rights. Now if Obama tries to tell me my rights are dead, he had better run fast away from me.

I read Patrick Henry--his speech at St.Johns -in 1775 and what he published of having petitioned and remonstrated and having done everything to avoid the approaching storm. How much of it can readily be  adapted and applied to America today?Too much it seems to me. Yes the solution is in the document that our ruling class holds in utter contempt the 

Bill of Rights. Congress will violate the provisions of OUR Bill of Rights  --and anything written in OUR US Constitution with impunity so long as We the people do NOT rise up of the supine and demand what is OURS.Waiting for someone else  only begs the question asked by Patrick Henry --when will we be stronger? when they have bound us hand and foot?Will it be when we have been disarmed? When enough of us have been killed-- or placed behind bars unable to rise to the defense of his neighbor?The eight most repugnant words in the American language today are Hello-I'm from the Government. I'm here to" help." I counted correct Hello -in itself is like any firearm neither good nor evil- but that reflection is determined by the user."we have been blessed with the bounties of heaven ....but we have forgotten God." I am no chief and will run to the aid of my neighbor-but I can no longer expect  "help" from any but God.

The Bill of Rights is dead only because we let it. I remember when I got out of the Air Force in 1973, Vet Nam was over and as I made my way home to northwest New Mexico I did have to go through some large cites. The mockery was shameful. I was almost ashamed of being an American.

In shorty we have let our values erode to the point that to have any confrontation just take the politically correct high road. This is not the high road. It is a process to stifle yours and my freedom. I do not subscribe to this ideology.

So if we have let the Bill of Rights die are we going to let them finish the job and destroy the Constitution?

your so right. and if things keep going this way thats just what is coming. today the people of this country are either bran washed, or cowards when it comes to there freedoms, I dont think most care, I have seen many young people say they want us to become communist, OMG can't believe this has come to this. what a shame, BUT hey even Rome fell, from with in. people dont know how good they have it, and it seems to be our nature to destroy our self;s If greed does not get you first.     It is no longer WE THE PEOPLE,,, its WE THE GOVERNMENT... And we the people let it happen. 

So what do you recommend we do Twanna? We agree that the government has intentionally destroyed the Constitution so far as they could, so tell me what you recommend we do to correct it?  I will gladly link arms with anyone who agrees that the Constitution is in danger of being totally destroyed and our freedoms with it.



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