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GOD BLESS AMERICA! * * * Please Share, "BOYCOTT!"
On This 4th of July, 2015 is Our National's 239th Birthday, We are Declaring Our Independence from This World and Our Total Dependence In You ALL MIGHTY GOD!


Today We Launch our National "BOYCOTT" ! ! !

Official “BOYCOTT” List
Subsidiaries Their Sponsors
* The Walt Disney Company
Disney World
and their TV sponsors
ABC / Family
and their TV sponsors from 7pm to 10pm Daily

* Starbucks

* Conde Nast/Advance Publications
Vanity Fair
Allure – Architectural Digest – Ars Technica
Bon Appetit – Brides - Conde Nast Traveler
Details – Epicurious – Glamour
Golf Digest – Golf World – GQ
Lucky – The New Yorker – Self
Teen Vogue – Vogue – W- Wired

Because of Your public and corporate stance, it is totally opposite of my Religious and Moral Beliefs!
It is because of this, I will not be patronizing your Business any longer.
I will also be encouraging all my friends and family not to use your Products and Services any longer as well.

"We Will Feed, The Beast, NO MORE!"

2 Timothy 1:7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

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Moses.. There is nothing that the Banksters and the Government cannot manipulate, ABSOLUTLY nothing. It is true that at the present time their is some freedom with Bitcoin, but as we speak the government is working on regulations to make using Bitcoins an accounting nightmare. True you could hire a CPA firm to handle all your transactions but it just shows that as more people use this system the powers that be will try to control it through any means possible. Also what bothers me is the vast fluctuations in its value. I do think that electronic currency is the wave of the future but also think the powers that be will eventually contol it as they are moving to control the Net. Remember the powers that be are world wide and control most of the nations of the worlds monetry system any means of pulling away will be short lived at best. However, that dosent mean we shouldn't stop trying, I think the best move is to get rid of the Federal Reserve. Kennedy tried and look what happened to him!! Question, how much Bitcoin do you own? If you are currently using it, how is that working? Have you made or lost money since owning it? What current federal regulations do you have to follow to use them? Are you keeping track of all your transactions? Just wondering. We've talked at some length about Bitcoins on OAS.

Michael, those are all great questions.

Yes,  the powers that be desire to control everything. One area they have difficulty controlling is encrypted data. This is a war front of sorts. Government tries to infiltrate companies providing encryption software to make them install back doors, or even flaws in the encryption. It's an area that's good to be knowledgeable in. Some of the newest phones even have encryption built in, since the public is getting wise to the gov't tricks. It's one place you can be ahead of the curve.

Getting rid of the Fed means to stop using their money in the first place. And this time, Bitcoin being absolutely decentralized, there is no point of attack. You can't kill it.

I don't publish the dollars I have in the bank, nor the amount of BTC I own. Yes,  it's working out. I've made money, since I buy on the dips. Six dollars of BTC acquired in early 2013 paid for $100 of Christmas gifts 11 months later. The blockchain is a complete and permanent record of every transaction. Some associate their names with their Bitcoin accounts, others use it more like cash with more anonymity. And yes, the government is trying its best to make Bitcoin a pain in the a$$, with the American ruling that it should be taxed as a commodity, not a currency. I believe Germany treats it as a currency. 

Mose your right the SEC, the DHS, the Tresury Dept, the IRS, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Justice dept
have all been trying to wrap their heads around this digital currency I know it's driving them nuts! Also reguard ing the block chain, sinc its shared information the less chance of fraud being purpitrated on the users. Oh yes and if it's taxed as a commodity it will require a lot of accounting on all transactions, just one way they can make it a hassle to use to discourage people from using it, but that's what CPA firms are for right!?

Hah! I guess you're right. They've got to make it so confusing you have to hire a professional to figure it out.

You may be interested to know the Fed and other central banks are considering creating their own versions of Bitcoin. Now there's the real race. We have to make the freedom loving Bitcoin popular before they roll out the freedom killing Govcoin.

Wow... I haven't heard that... If you can't beat um join um. They will just produce a counterfeit currency that the Rothchild Mafia control. Your right though, we people need to become informed and use and support the people's currency not the counterfeit governments one. Thanks for sharing that I'm going to look into it just for my own education.

Hey Michael. Just 4 days ago while we were discussing bitcoin it was floating around $270. Here it is Monday morning and it has shot up to $311 or $315, depending on which exchange you're looking at. 

It seems to be rising on the uncertainty with Greece. Some expect bitcoin to be explored as a solution to the country's fiscal problems. 

Moses I heard that same thing. The head of Greece threatened to go to Bitcoin as a currency alternative. Even though they have struck a deal it looks like, Bitcoin s here to stay. Unlike Canada's alternative to Bitcoin it is totally independent of governments, tottally transpeant in it exchanges, and lited in its production which will insure its value. Anyone who researches this currency has to love it. People need to strike while the irons hot because the worlds fiancées will not stand for a currency that leaves them out of control. Just goes to show how innovation can kick the ass of ideologies, it's prolonged future however are yet to be seen.



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