I guess this shouldn't be a surprise in that Obama has terrorist serving on his staff...Nothing personal against this German, it's nothing more than NWO in your face......when in God's name will our Flag Officers grab Obama by the neck and throw his criminal ass completely out of the White House and into jail............??

Meet The New Chief-of-Staff, US Army Europe


While certainly a joke, this is no laughing matter. This is absolutely unbelievable! I have served with and under commanders from other nations. My concern is not typical isolationist paranoia. I get that coalitions must share responsibilities, but to install a foreign officer as the Chief-of-Staff of a US Army (or any other uniformed service) Major Command (AF equivalent) is unthinkable in any administration other than the lead-from-behind Obaman Regime.

We are currently culling war-fighters and purging the ranks of critical-thinking leaders, while simultaneously promoting the integration of foreign officers into our Major Command ranks. How long until a foreigner is the Chief Of Staff of the US Army? Chairman of the Joint Chiefs?

This foreigner will (ostensibly) hold equal sway with 8 American Surface Component Commanders as the 2nd command level leadership of the US Army.

A German Army brigadier general who recently served with NATO forces in Afghanistan is assuming duties as the chief of staff of U. S. Army Europe, the first time a non-American officer has held that position.

Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal, most recently the commander of Germany’s 12th Panzer Brigade in Amberg, and chief of staff of Regional Command North, International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan, will be stationed at USAREUR headquarters, Wiesbaden, Germany. He could report to duty as early as Monday.

Laubenthal also has served as military assistant to the deputy commander of operations and assistant chief of staff of operations for NATO forces in Kosovo.

As the major staff assistant to USAREUR commander Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell, Laubenthal will synchronize the command’s staff activities much as American predecessors have in the past.

“This is a bold and major step forward in USAREUR’s commitment to operating in a multinational environment with our German allies,” said Campbell.

“U. S. and German senior military leaders have been serving together in NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan for years. Sustaining the shared capability from this experience will benefit both the U. S. and German armies,” said Campbell who has headed the Army’s largest and oldest overseas command since 2012.

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  • Message received on our Facebook pages pointed to this:

    We are not alone in this.


    Veterans - ALCON - please read and act.
    Every Veteran - regardless of the rank held in service - knows why this recent act of mr obama's was illegal past all knowledge - borderline treason.…
  • An Cali is gonna get the Bengazi treatment BPEarthWatch

    video 4 link below

    actual executive order 2 detain americans

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  • This ambulating puddle of compliant puke, has NO place commanding even one orderly room clerk and  should be scheduled for "medical waste disposal". That which was just plain unacceptable and incorrect in the military of our Constitutional Republic is now becoming the norm.  I'm certain that the generals who have been flung out by BHO could have called me and thousands more retirees,( black, white, yellow, red ), to mobilize and present our ultimatums to BHO&Co to cease desist and clean out the Mooslo-Marxist destroying OUR UNITED STATES. All of "WE THE PEOPLE" from coast to coast have let our defenders down by not defending them. 


    • The military leaders who were thrown out were the ones he knew would not take this BS. They are still around maybe planning. I don't expect them to let him go much further.

      • hmmmmm  Wonder why our highest ranking general was so easily targeted? (In Afghanistan)

        • Our enemies infiltrate our bases, our intelligence network and even our Plans & Training units within the U.S. military at ease.  It's as easy as Mexicans and El Salvadorians cross the U.S. borders.

          Wake up AMERICA.  

          Most all on this forum are fully aware of the state of our disarray.....it is the massive numbers of civilians who ARE NOT AWARE or just plain too stupid to realize our situation.

          If ever a Revolution were to evolve it would again be the few here who are paying attention.  Without major media exposure the secret communist/marxist reign of Obama will march on.

          All I can advise is stock up on water, rations and ammo to defend yourselves and your family members and friends when the SH'sTF.

          • I have blogged that the educated civilians are the minority in this country.  How else did Obama get elected especially the second time?

          • We might have to do it soon. I just read that six people are being tested for ebola in NY

            • yes, I also read.  You know the media will ignore this, per government, so as not to have a massive riot!

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