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NOTE:  We at PFA/OAS do not jump to conclusions based on rumor about Mr. Neighbors......furthermore, even if true, does that taint liberty loving, freedom loving patriots that stand on Overpasses defending the Constitution.  Let's keep the focus on reality.........

I can also report Overpasses will be on the job from now until May....on May 16 they will be on D.C. Beltway overpasses, likely shutting it down.......

Harry Riley


Overpasses movement, American Spring lead peaceful citizen resistance

James Neighbors
20 Dec 2014

Overpasses protest movement.

Last year, the Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, a citizen movement that sought to pressure Congress into considering impeachment of President Barack Obama, was inspired by one overpass protest in Carlsbad, California to a national movement involving hundreds of thousands of citizens holding up signs at highway overpasses demanding impeachment of the president. This mass citizen movement has lead to other expressions of citizen opposition to our current government, including the American Spring.

The Overpasses movement has endorsed the American Spring, lead by Harry Riley, COL, USA, Retired who has made the call for a non-violent citizen uprising against the Obama Regime and current congressional leadership.

The call for the American Spring reads, “We are past the point of no return, thus must move forward with an effort to save our nation, as there is no other choice. We are asking, pleading with you, and any others that have resources, national voices, email lists, blogs, FB, Twitter, to call for a non-violent American Spring May 16 2014 in Washington D.C. We must appeal to ten million and more American patriots to come and stay in Washington, D.C. to stop the White House and Congress from total destruction of the United States. It’s now or never. God help us.”

The Overpasses movement will join forces with American Spring in calling for the president and congressional leadership to resign their offices because they are not representing and acting in the interests of the American people.

“We just endorsed American Spring, and will be manning the overpasses and state capitols on May 16…As well, we are going to be endorsing conservative candidates, and will be making a nationwide push for everyone to vote against (members of Congress) who voted for Obamacare,” said James Neighbors, National Coordinator and Founder of Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment.

The rising opposition to the Obama Regime and Congress is because, as Neighbors noted, “they are willful collaborators in the demise of America. I say (Obama supporters) full well know the crimes (Obama) has committed, and only deny them out of a desire to control America with their socialist agenda.”

The increasing opposition among the public also showing in the support for these resistance movements. Neighbors pointed out that, “to date, over 1,200,000 American patriots have confirmed they will be in Washington DC on May 16th. This is only weeks after the announcement of the event to the public.”

Neighbors said Overpasses decided to endorse the American Spring project after careful consideration and research. “It was decided to partner with the American Spring event after MUCH research, vetting of the various “official” OAS groups. It lead to me speaking directly to Colonel Harry Riley, who is the operations commander for OAS,” said Neighbors.

The organizers of American Spring share the same main objectives espoused by the Overpasses movement, including peaceful citizen opposition to the government that is hoped will lead to the resignation or removal of President Obama.

Neighbors explained, “American Spring is something that has been a concept for some time, since the end of 2013. Their objective is to apply such a large show of peaceful force, that the government realizes that their lawlessness will not be tolerated by the American people any longer. OAS is calling for the immediate resignation of the Obama administration, and some members of Congress.”

Public polling shows that Congress routinely gets approval from no more than 15 percent of the American public while the President’s approval rating today is at 42.4 percent in the Real Clear Politics average of polls on presidential approval. Other than the left-leaning Rasmussen poll, an outlier that has Obama’s approval at 49 percent, the other polls in the average have Barack Obama’s approval at 40 to 42 percent. The Gallup poll, the oldest and most established, has Obama at 40 percent. The Quinnipiac University poll, often applauded and celebrated by the far left, has Obama at 41 percent.

“The vast majority of Congress, regardless of party, do not serve the citizens of America. John McCain is in large part to blame for the worsening condition of politics in America today, with the Campaign Reform act which he authored, paving the way for unlimited donations to campaigns from corporations and foreign donors,” Neighbors pointed out about our entirley out of touch ruling class in Washington, D.C.

This is inspiring a huge and national citizen resistance against the government, notably President Obama and the Congress, including members of both parties who fail to represent the American people and stand for the interests of American citizens.

“There is actually a rather interesting movement happening among the state legislatures across America to form a 34 state Interstate Compact to nullify many of the Federal Government’s powers, to return it to the constraints within the Constitution,” Neighbors said, “It appears there is a 1-2 combo punch, aimed directly at Washington by the citizens and state governments who are fed up with Federal government over reach.”

Many states are asserting states rights to protect the rights of citizens, and opposing ObamaCare and a number of other federal over-reaches and abuse of government power. “The Tenth Amendment being used by the state governments…and Kansas is leading the charge. Yes, and fortunately, there are enough “red states” to force the Federal government into compliance, despite the wishes of the blue states,” said Neighbors, who also noticed, “There is currently an interstate compact being formed to nullify Obamacare by states such as Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and others. 11 states have already signed onto this.”

Once enough states sign on, 34 states, which Neighbors believes will happen, ObamaCare will be nullified nationally and in effect repealed in all states, not just the 34 states that invoked the interstate compact process to stop ObamaCare.

The Overpasses movement played an important role in inspiring more citizens to stand up against the excesses of the current government. “I’d like to think that Overpasses woke up the right people, at the right time, to ignite that spark that will bring about a peaceful revolution in America, Neighbors said, “Even if that is not the case, and Overpasses and American Spring are merely symptoms of the problem, change is coming to America, despite the desires of the left.”

Neighbors sees this time as an important time for citizens to stand up against the current government and Regime before much more freedom is lost. “It’s time for America to stand up for itself,” Neighbors said, “We can stand now, or our children will live on their knees, until a bloody revolution is the only chance for freedom. Either we resolve things peacefully now, or future generations will see rivers of blood where we once had streets.”

Please click HERE for the rest of the story!
Overpasses For
America’s largest protest movement, Impeach obama!!
Restoring the Republic

NOTE:  We at PFA/OAS do not jump to conclusions based on rumor about Mr. Neighbors......furthermore, even if true, does that taint liberty loving, freedom loving patriots that stand on Overpasses defending the Constitution.  Let's keep the focus on reality........

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You are correct. One of the most difficult aspects of this type of endeavor is to keep focused on the end Goal. Restoring our Constitution. Remember this;

May 16, Washington, DC

"Our Constitution Can Not Defend itself.

We the People must do so.

It is Our Constitution, to Keep or to Lose"!

Sic Semper Tyrannis !

One of the key issues I have with the support of the Overpass group is they want to keep protesting locally.  This is what I am hearing from the people in the group hear in Connecticut and what I see in the release.

Brilliant. Overpasses are effective in both Red and Blue states. Their reach goes all the way to .... are you the Bayshore Freeway in the City of Berkeley, CA. !

Overpasses For America has been manning the front lines for quite a while now -and  taking considerable incoming.  

Glad to have you aboard !  

Exactly right Jim.

NOTE:  We at PFA/OAS do not jump to conclusions based on rumor about Mr. Neighbors......furthermore, even if true, does that taint liberty loving, freedom loving patriots that stand on Overpasses defending the Constitution.  Let's keep the focus on reality........if there is a problem, then it's focused on one man. Those of us not associated with detail OverPass operations do not likely know the truth.

Amen, couldn't agree more....One bad apple only spoils the rest if left in the bunch.

Exactly. This is how effective coalitions are hewn.

Endorsements and commitments of the like minded organizations is good, real good! As long as they are ready to shift gears on move on D.C. May 16 with PFA. Also, if this gets sooo BIG, it may be better to have their groups organize their movements and logistics, etc., as this does have the potential to overwhelm PFA's resources; which in a way would be a good thing as well as it means there is still a chance to save our country, God willing. Regardless, I'd like to say "Thank You" Colonel and all of the PFA staff and volunteers for your efforts to date and in advance for your continued efforts. This is a "just and nobel cause" and way, way overdo. Personally I am "out of pocket", at least for now; as I am out of country. However should that situation change before the spring, count me in. Again thank you and hope to see you in OUR nations capital in the spring!

I am a member of my cities over pass group. Although there are only a few of us in our group, we do dedicate our time on specific dates to hold our signs on over passes, and we do so with dignity and respect to anyone who approaches us.

I would just like to point out to all, that the link: is to a group that none of us nor anyone with any intelligence would want to be associated with. They are a "rag" group. They despise everything that a conservative stands for. If you have not as of yet, go to the link, and look at the "tabs/subjects" at the top of their home page. They are anti-tea party, anti-conservative, anti-republican. I've seen many disgusting things written about good people at this site

, and this organization is not one to give out a compliment, unless it is for their beliefs, all for which we normally stand against. In their eyes, we are all Trayvon Martin and Obama haters, who would like nothing more than to murder them all. I suggest that all information regarding the Over Pass Association be gotten from the leaders of that group, and not from a rag organization such as from the link provided.

After browsing through that site, I agree. The AATTP is a hate organization.



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