Constitutional Emergency

Panetta declares support for muslim brotherhood president in Egypt

New York Times

CAIRO — Leon E. Panetta, the United States defense secretary, said on Tuesday that President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt was “his own man,” a strong declaration of American support for Mr. Morsi, a former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood whose future course in Egypt remains a great unknown to the Obama administration.

Mr. Panetta, who was heading from the Egyptian capital to Jerusalem later on Tuesday, also said his meetings with the Israeli leadership would not focus on any possible Israeli or American military strike on Iran.

“It’s the wrong characterization to say that we’re going to be discussing potential attack plans,” Mr. Panetta told reporters after talks with Mr. Morsi and Egypt’s top military commander, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi.

read the rest here.

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Not a surprise.

What do myou expect, he has lied about exces spending, the pelfering of the Tricare funds and many other things, why anyone would think that he has this countrys welfare and freedom on his mind is a mystery to me.  The whole crew is a cunning wolf pack, they used to hunt them down out west.

I am not suprised they all love the Muslims. However, I prefer the Muslims stay out of the USA.

They think that if they support the brotherhood they will keep their position when and if the brotherhood were to take over the USA. But the muslims will more likly kill them for they are infidels and they cant think that far in to the future only tomorrow..

So we send our military men and women to kill radical muslims but

Leon Panetta things the new radical muslim running Egypt is a good guy?

So tell me that people in high places in DC are not smoking something

really funny.

Jo D.

This is unbelievable!  How can the defense secretary of this nation be on the side of real terrorists whose only goal is to destroy this country? 

Damn, this bunch better be booted out of Washington in November.  Idiocy Personified!

These people are treasonous.

And Panetta's daughter is chummy with virulently anti-American Hugo Chavez.  How did he ever get a security clearance if he has one?

The EU let the Gennie out of the bottle- little chance now that they can get it back inside.
I just can't understand how anyone would fail to be alarmed by this video and the growing power of these radicals to destroy a country.
Welcome to Belgistan.
This sure makes it hard to remain open minded

All the ragheads need to rounded up no matter where they are and deported back to where ever they came from and all country's need to ban them

I read several of the articles and watched some of the video clips that Twana posted at the first of this discussion, until I couldn't stand to read or watch any more. All of this and past actions of this administration have led me to the conclusion that our present administration is behind much of what is happening in the middle east with regard to the "Arab spring", which is actually the installation of the muslim brotherhood thugs to run all those countries. Our HMIC (head muslim in charge) has had this agenda from the beginning as demonstrated by all our actions as a country toward those in the M.E. in turmoil along with his apology tour at the beginning of his term. This crap is making me sick. Even the "conservative" people on Fox News, such as Sean Hannity, have these people on from organizations such as CAIR. Those I have seen on there are as obviously pro sharia and muslim extremist as Al Sharpton and Rev. Wright are racist thugs.



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