Constitutional Emergency

Panetta declares support for muslim brotherhood president in Egypt

New York Times

CAIRO — Leon E. Panetta, the United States defense secretary, said on Tuesday that President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt was “his own man,” a strong declaration of American support for Mr. Morsi, a former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood whose future course in Egypt remains a great unknown to the Obama administration.

Mr. Panetta, who was heading from the Egyptian capital to Jerusalem later on Tuesday, also said his meetings with the Israeli leadership would not focus on any possible Israeli or American military strike on Iran.

“It’s the wrong characterization to say that we’re going to be discussing potential attack plans,” Mr. Panetta told reporters after talks with Mr. Morsi and Egypt’s top military commander, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi.

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Obama and his criminal gangs are "baiting" us........continually mocking, violating, trampling and dishonoring the US constitution and our laws.  Their immoral support of decadent homosexual, same sex marriage, abortion, slamming God every chance they get which nearly every hour of the day......they mean to enrage us to the point we will strike which will give them the all they need to bring the gigantic US government power down on America...and it won't matter much whose side you're on.  Take a look at Syria as an one is safe, it will be like shooting ducks in a crowded theater..........

Except for these ducks shoot back Harry....some of them anyway.

 Well, it really doesn't take all that much digging to go back-any # of years- and remember how we've chummed up & cajoled our way around the world scenes & actions in these things. My generation that served in Viet Nam, may remember Kissinger's meddling, amongst others, all the while offering the American public tantalizing tid-bits of smug, ' inside information ' to keep us at ease. These folks seem to ooze their way into other's business, which is one thing, but the results down the line have been a conundrum to deal with & the policies to contain all that falls directly upon the shoulders of the American People. The current ' transparency ' film over the partisan politics is another stumbling block we'll have to contend with. Smoke & mirrors, money & graft; there's a reason your Momma didn't want you to run off & join the circus !



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