The video is not completely accurate but the basic message is on target. We're not setting up camp on the Mall nor are we overthrowing the government. We are focused on leadership resignations and Congress taking action on OAS Demands/Grievances and Articles of Impeachment they have all received.

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I can only hope and pray that this movement works and we can restore the country to whats its purpose is and we get our contstitutional liberties restored for those of us that work hard and have ethics, morals and a patriotic love for our country back

we have to stand believe and claim the restoration of our country. as a body our hope has been taken away from us. this movement is a stand for what we want for this country....  I am claiming that we will have the victory for a new government!!! (said in a very kind manner)  :)

Amen and hope they do not use DHS to stop a peaceful protest. Like Ukraine

it is too bad that one person had control of our state blog. I was shut off for no apparent reason from asking any questions or getting any info. Who did this and why I don't know but it has prevented me from going on this as I had planned. I guess power is important to some and they spoil the entire involvement for some.

I don't understand your comment Jane..........detail?

I am from Ct and when I went onto their site to see updates Big red letters came up saying I was banned. I do not know why I never did anything or said anything wrong. I am 80 yrs old and was going to go with a friend but I could not get any info from my Ct people. I tried several times to ask or get back on but was always denied. I do not think anyone should have that kind of power to ban me for no reason. I thought we were fighting against that kind of treatment!!!

Jane Erway


I will ask someone to look into this Jane.........

Everyone not only needs to know that this is going on but how easy it is to get there-trains up and down the east coast every day-call 1-800 872-7245  or

Doing something, as long as it's legal, is better than sitting home doing absolutely nothing.  I admire Colonel Riley immensely.... and pray this will achieve what America needs to get back to it's origin. Meaning where laws are followed by everyone, and 'We the People' actually have a voice in our government.  If only we will be heard now!

When our oppressors look "out here" and see us sitting silently or playing computer games seemingly taking no notice of their nefarious deals - it encourages them to go farther.

So we cannot afford to sit silently or be mistaken for statues.   Make sure they know WE KNOW and that we have just begun.

  wait wait wait...radicals?  calling for the overthrow of the government?  Tell me she was being tongue in cheek in saying that, kind of a sarcastic jab at what the real radicals in this country are saying about we who believe in and support the Constitution.  Thanks RT for another "fair and balanced" report.  geeeez.

She's one of those kool-aid drinking liberals who probably voted for Obama !



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