House Speaker Paul Ryan, a veritable turncoat who sold out every conservative in America last week when he signed off on a $1.1-trillion omnibus bill that handed President Barack Obama everything he wanted, might be on the verge of suffering some major payback for his treachery.

Writing for Crows Nest Politics, Ken Crow, former leader of Tea Party of America, urged his many followers to begin searching for a local “candidate willing to primary Paul Ryan in the 1st District.”

“All patriots should contact your group’s leaders and begin organizing nationwide to put down this RINO in order that he is not re-elected to his seat in Wisconsin,” Crow wrote. “The Badger State patriots need to begin soliciting your State Senators, high-profile business leaders or the State Legislators who reside within the 1st District of Wisconsin.”

Moreover, Crow’s poignant message got picked up by The Gateway Pundit and Fox News and eventually made its way onto the Facebook page for the Wisconsin Tea Party.

This means, in effect, that the movement to get rid of backstabber Paul Ryan has officially begun. In fact, someone already set up a “Primary Paul Ryan” Facebook page that had already accumulated over 18,000 followers by Monday morning.

As Crow pointed out, however, whoever steps up to the plate will need a lot of money to spar against Ryan, who reportedly commands at least $5 million in campaign funds.

“This candidate will need a truckload of cash to make this an actual race,” Crow explained. “This means we all need to reach deep and find an extra $10 or 20.00 bill to send to this candidate. If 200 or 300,000 of us do this, now we have a very real chance of knocking off Ryan in the primary and winning the general election.”

Republicans in Wisconsin have until April 5, 2016, to find a suitable candidate and raise enough money to take down backstabber Paul Ryan. We most certainly wish them the best of luck.


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  • We must get them to shut the Federal Reserve which is illegal, unconstitutional and a total Ponzi scheme ~ In turn, that will delete the global elite! Then as a pure grassroots movement by word of mouth, which has already started, we make some arrests, and start all over again. It's the only chance we have to save our children and theirs. These people are ruthless. They poison our water, food, medicine, vitamins, education, faith and so on~ Obama is a sleeper cell, He is also only a puppet for the cabal. George Soros is paying for the racial divide and cop killing, and M, Bloomberg is paying for the gun grabbing. Rothschilds are in the banking industry, and it's about as legal as a taco stand in never never land! Corps like Goldman Sachs, Walmart never even pay taxes. There's so much more, but time is short, and it is Christmas Eve. Think about joining this movement, and God Bless~ Thanks, dear Harry. I will for sure share~
  • This message is not within the topic, it is for all of you, from myself, and my family.
    Today is Christmas Eve, and tomorrow is the Anniversary of our Saviors Gift of love to all of mankind. He the Savior of all, who will believe in his gift of a horrible, painful, and degrading death upon a cross, so that we may have eternal life in his presence, in the perfection of Heaven.
    He suffered and died for the sins of us all, as a living sacrifice for the forgiveness of our Sins. God’s hope, is that through him, all will be saved.
    The only thing ask of us, is to accept the reality of his selfless gift, confess our Sins and ask they be forgiven by the Father in Heaven, and walk as a born again Christian. Turning from our sinful lives, and leading a life of Christianity, following as closely as possible the Words we were given in the Holy word, The Bible.

    He was born in the most humble setting, but being King of Kings, the very Son of God. His years upon this piece of dirt in the Universe were a blessing to all men/women, and he spent the entirety of them teaching and preaching the good word, the wonderful news of Heaven, and how one can gain Eternal life in perfection, peace, a perfect body, no sorrow, no grief, no aging, no pain, in a place made for us so Beautiful, that the human mind cannot even begin to conceive the total splendor of it. We have hope, we have a promise, and we have peace.
    All, since the beginning of time, have/had a choice to make as they live out their existence here. We will all live for Eternity, but through our choices and decisions during the moments of our lives, will decide for ourselves where that eternity will be.
    Imagine falling into a erupting volcano, with no means of escape, or redemption. Imagine the heat and pain, which you will feel continually, imagine being tortured, burned alive, and at the mercy of Satan’s demons, to do to you whatever they choose, never dieing, or being consumed, but feeling all of the pain, as if you were. There will be no rules, no regulations, no one to come to your aid. You will be playthings for the demons, who have chosen to serve the Evil Satan forever.
    Which Eternity will you choose?. You do have a choice, and hope. You will not be put into the ground, or ashes thrown to the wind, until the earth is destroyed, as many believe. Wouldn’t you rather have hope for a perfect Eternity. You can, but none are made to choose that life. We are all given free will, and we ourselves choose during the course of our lives, where our own Eternity will be spent. Repent, while your life’s clock still ticks. It could stop a moment, or a few years from now. But when it ticks it’s last, our fate is to be that which we have made it.

    A very Merry Christ-mas to each and every one, and all of yours.
    A Happy, Healthy, Safe, and wonderful New Year to one and all.
  • Please Pay Attention ; it is not Only Paul RINO . Please Read what my Congressman John Carter of Texas said after my Message to him.

    Raffaele Cafagna said:

    Congressman John Carter and Senator John Cornyn of Texas

    Congressman John Carter

    Our Congress critters horse trade in a manner which impinges upon and destroys our lives, liberty and property for a few donor dollars, and then they go on Vacation to spend their Loot.

    Let us not forget this coming election the betrayal of House Republicans and Senate Republicans who voted in favor of Paul Ryan’s Bill to finance Obama’s invasion of our borders!

    Raffaele Cafagna

    REPLY from Congressman John Carter

    Dear Mr. Cafagna:
    Thank you for contacting me. It is good to hear from you and I’m pleased to respond.
    I’m proud to bring fiscally conservative Texas values to Washington, D.C.!  Cutting spending, lowering taxes, and reigning in the federal government is the blueprint for long-term economic growth.  This year alone, I’ve supported twelve appropriations bills to save taxpayer dollars by prioritizing funding and trimming back or eliminating areas of waste and inefficiency.  These bills make tremendous strides to rein in executive overreach and bureaucratic red tape that infringes on the rights of Americans and stifles economic growth.
    As you may know, H.R. 2029, the FY16 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, was signed into law on December 18, 2016.  This legislation repeals the oil export ban, increases resources for our military, prohibits new funding for Obamacare, blocks EPA overreach, reins in the IRS, and strengthens the Visa Waiver program among other provisions. Please rest assured I will keep your thoughts in mind as Congress considers funding policies in the future.
    Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me.  I appreciate having the opportunity to work for you in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Please feel free to visit, or contact me with any future concerns.
    John Carter
    Member of Congress

    Congressman John Carter Lost his Marbles or he thinks WE are STUPID . Carter and Cornyn of Texas signed Ryan`s Spending Bill . All Explained below .

    ALIPAC Calls for 2014 GOP Primary challengers to immediately file and run against all of these sellouts that supported this bill BECAUSE...

    Calls for GOP Primary Challengers for 150 Republicans who voted for...

    (1) Ryan’s Omnibus Fully Funds Obama's unconstitutional illegal alien amnesty orders called DACA
    (2) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Sanctuary Cities for illegal aliens which makes murders of Americans like Kate Steinle and thousands of others each year possible.
    (3) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All Refugee Programs including the Syrian refugee resettlement proven to be rife with exploitation by terrorists that want to mass murder Americans/
    (4) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All of the Middle East Immigration Programs That Have Been Exploited by Terrorists in Recent Years
    (5) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Illegal Alien Resettlement which Obama is conducting in violation of numerous existing US laws!
    (6) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds the release of criminal illegal aliens that are going on to kill US citizens.
    (7) Ryan’s Omnibus Quadruples H-2B Foreign Worker Visas which will cost more American blue collar workers their jobs!
    ( 8 Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Tax Credits for Illegal Aliens that are draining billions of dollars of refunds and taxpayer resources each year.
    (9) Ryan’s Omnibus Locks-In Huge Spending Increases
    (10) Ryan’s Omnibus Fails to Allocate Funds to Complete the 700-Mile Double-Layer Border Fence That Congress Promised the American People.

    <h4 class="null"><a rel=nofollow href=";id=2d6f6bc2a2&amp;e=7797c860f3" target="_blank">;<p><br/> You can also easily access and share this article on our social media pages at...<br/><br/><a rel=nofollow href=";id=7220e08526&amp;e=7797c860f3" target="_blank"></a><br/&g... rel=nofollow href=";id=c107250e84&amp;e=7797c860f3" target="_blank"></a></p&gt;">

    Over 2 dozen members of Congress lose endorsement due to voting for...

    You can also easily access and share this article on our social media pages at...


    RPAUL RINO , YOU SOLD AMERICA TO THE ENEMY .afaelom my family to yours
    PAUL RINO YOU SOLD AMERICA TO THE ENEMY . RafaelMerry Christmas from Speaker Paul Ryan

    December 24, 2015  |  VIEW ONLINE

    On behalf of the whole House, I want to extend my warmest wishes to everyone celebrating Christmas this year. We spend a lot of time this season asking for what we want. But perhaps it would be better to ask for what we need. We have been given so much in this country that it almost seems ungrateful to ask for more. But all of us—at all times—need more of what is good. And this year, I hope that all of us continue to live in what I consider the spirit of Christmas: a courageous humility.

    It took courage for God to humble Himself. He came down from heaven and became a man—a child in a manger. He did this while knowing that one day He would have to lay down His life for us. He would have to give up His only Son. At first, this might seem like a sad story. But we are to “rejoice in the Lord always.” Christmas is a day of celebration. And it is only through grace and prayer that we come to realize: what a gift He’s given us—what a profound act of love.

    And so we rejoice. This year, may we continue the spirit of Christmas by facing our flaws fearlessly and by giving back boldly. May we recognize that our way is not the only way—it is not even the right way. It is God’s way we seek. May we cherish all the gifts we have been given—especially the men and women of our armed forces, the people who keep us safe. And may we remember that it takes courage to put others first. It is courageous to do the right thing. May we remember, and be brave—and be glad.


  • We all know that Paul Ryan must go and my hope is that his replacement will team up with Dr. Ben Carson who is equally concerned with the direction of the Republican Party, which should n;ow be called the compromise party, or the sell-out party.  That would be a win,win ticked in Wisconsin.

  • We need Wisconsin to do what we did to Cantor in VA - Throw the big spending, amnesty seeking, non respecter of the tax payer - out 

  • Fellow Americans, 

    If you want things to change for us, voters MUST check out the history of all candidates and how they have

    voted.  Do not listen to what they say, but what they have done!  Encourage young voters to do the same or      

    we lose America!

  • Fellow Americans, 

    If you want things to change for us, voters MUST check out the history of all candidates and how they have voted.  Do not listen to what they say, but what they have done!  Encourage young voters to do the same or we lose America!

    • Very well said, Joan.

      If this had happened before we elected this shadow man in 2008, we would likely not be in the deep well he has dug for us, and not be having the Dictator-N-Chief controlling our lives. All one really had to do is read his own books, to see his thoughts, plans, goals, and true loyalties.

      He charmed America, as he played his magical flute, using soothing references, lies, and deceit to fool, and charm the uninformed. The only reason(s) he gained a second term, was because, first his charm, second his lies, third his deception, fourth republicans sitting home and not voting, probably because they cared for neither of the choices given them, fifth, the entitled who he spoke to mostly, along with the black, who were of course mesmerized by the possibility of having a black President, and Mexican illegals, to whom he heavily pandered.

      None of the above either took the time, or cared, to do their own background checks on him. Had they done so, they would have seen that he was a nobody, from unknown where, who hated America, was a devout Racist, was raised in nearly a complete background of communism, by Socialist people with whom he sided, and came to be his mentors. His own schooling was aimed directly towards this end, and we know less about this man, than we do our favorite actor/actress. The moment he was sworn in, he found it prudent to have ALL of his records sealed, so that little to nothing could be found, nor confirmed of his previous life. We see a bit here, and a piece there, but the sum of what he was, and is, is hidden in the vast depositories of concealed records.

      The sum of his hatred of whites, his hatred of freedoms, his hatred of our Country and all it stands for, can easily be found by any who take the time to do a background check on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, with whom Nobama was affiliated as a supposed Christian, for nearly 20 years. We can find just about as much as we want to know about this farce, sitting as President, merely by checking Wright, and that which he preaches and teaches. They are known by those with whom them befriend, and associate. Evil seeks out Evil, and Good seeks out Good, it is not the cover, or even the preface of a book, which tells the totality of the story within the pages.

      If this Demon had been white, and Republican, doing all he does, he would not have survived 6 months as President. He is neither, and we the people are under his heavy, traitorous boot, for God knows how long. Does anyone with a ounce of intelligence believe he is just going to walk away from the Cushy, America crushing position he holds?. If so, I have some property in the middle of the ocean I would love to sell you at a ridiculously high price.

      We need to allow God back into this Country, if we are to expect his blessings upon it. If you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father in Heaven, thus sayeth the Lord Jesus Christ. Wake up America, we are in the beginning of sorrows, and last days, as Prophesied ( foretold ) in the Word of God over the last several thousand years. Judgment comes for all, how will you be judged, and to which location will you be taken or sent for Eternity?.

  • BTW, after not one penny or mention of the border fence (the language in the original bill reads SHALL be built), Ryan's mansion in WI has a fence around it complete with armed guards......... chew on that a while!

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