PFA Meeting For All Members to Face the Facts & Decide What To Do With PFA Now

The facts we know:

1. The Election was given to Hussein obama

  • Voter Fraud
  • Indoctrinated Youth
  • Media
  • Marxists/Unions/Muslims
  • Revenge votes or write in by many paulers


2. We're stuck with Hussein obama/them.

3. The Constitution is no longer the law of the land - We have a despot Government, The 1963 Congressional Record of the Communist Goals of America have been fulfilled.

4. Socialism/Marxism and even islam is being indoctrinated into our youth and citizens through:

  • public schools
  • colleges
  • socialized churches that hitler would be so very proud of
  • Media

5. We live in a land of selfish people who are only concerned with themselves and sadly not even concerned about their kids. But hey, what do we expect from a peoples who find no fault in demanding we all pay for them to kill their and anyone elses babies.

6. We live in a land with wide open borders with jihadi terrorists and thug drug lord gang bangers flooding across daily doing much damage and preparing to do more. We also have illegal invaders crossing our borders to drain us and our country of all it's resources.

7. People who claim to be conservatives are not united. We have over 10,000 tea party groups because we have over 10,000 different agendas and most refuse to work together even though they calm (in front of their members) they will . We've opened our arms to folks who are foe because we needed to play the numbers game to win an election and in the end they revenge voted.

8. Obama, with Clinton and the Muslim Brotherhood, are using the whitehouse to run the muslim caliphate. Most American Citizens will not acknowledge that truth because they will not do their own homework and prefer to listen to folks who tell them there is such a thing as moderate muslims. However, if they'd just read the quran, hadiths and suras they would know the truth for themselves. But many folks don't want to know the truth, they prefer to believe what they prefer to be true and to hell with the factual truth.

9. The DOJ is totally corrupt. We can get no justice through them.

10. The Judicial system is totally corrupt. We can get no justice through them.

11. The U.S. Congress is spineless and will not do their job.

12. The U.S. Senate is ran by Marxists

Knowing all this plus more, what do we, as PFA members want to do with PFA? We know what is coming and we know it's going to be bloody.

  • At this point I also don't want militia groups running in here and using PFA as a recruiting station. I'm tired of these thousands of groups not linking arms with us nor working with us, but only showing up to use our membership as a database to leach off of to build their (one in ten thousands plus) divided groups propagating their agenda as the only fix all. If you've not linked arms and worked with us already then step back and don't be obnoxious and pull that crap. I will call you out if you do. We have master recruiters here now, that post occasionally so they can be sure to put up their recruitment links ( in one or a few more posts) and think we stupid enough to not recognize their tactic. Or they just down right find no shame in doing that.
  • There is one group I am observing and may bring in to meet with us. But I'll announce that later after watching for a while to see if they are truly different than just group data base builders. 

Then we need to think about if we want to keep PFA open.

  • Will we be able to use it for the works we now need to do?
  • I can make it a private group where no one can see any parts of PFA except the homepage.
  • I can also create private closed groups where no one is suppose to be able to read anything except members. However, we know anything online can be hacked by despots.
  • So basically we cannot really communicate in the way we now find we need to. We no longer live in liberty.
  • I do know for a fact that feds watch PFA continuously. I have a stats hit counter on here. It helps me with many different things but the first important reason I got it, is because it helps me when obots and paulbots are sent out as a hit team to PFA, a specific post or after a specific person here on PFA. PFA hit stats tells me where folks are coming from so, I find the actual post that puts the hits on PFA. Also using hit stats has shown me that feds watch my hit stats. I have it completely shut down to where all info is private, however I see them there still daily all day and all night long.

This is just the start of the discussions we need to have. I need your input as active members.

I will not listen to anymore chatter about campaigning for another election. No smack talking like we're right before a football game. If that is all we got then we are done.

I don't mean to be rude, I just want to be straight up with you all and it's time we're all straight up.


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Amen, I am in total agreement. Be brave, prepare & pray. Reach out!


Respectfully Robert Powers, I think that’s an old argument in regards to a third Party.

Look what the Republican establishment has delivered to us the last 8 years.
“The Conservative base” and our message should be the new party.

The Republican Party has too many Rinos in it and when it comes down to it there’s not a lot of difference between the Liberal/Progreasive/Demacrat machines then the Republican machine.

I’m a registered Republican but I am just a conservative and I think there is difference and we need to make it clear.

I know the Tea Part was never a political Party.

I’m suggesting it becomes one, organize and select leaders.

As a movement look what it did, what WE did in 2010.

 I am on board with any of  you who wants to start something like the  . The Green Tea Party  should be built up accordingly as our fore father did.. Rules, regulations, parameters set, attendance would be required. These are but a few of the things God has placed on my mind,. If we start we need a true base. Please don't miss understand me in this regard. I served this country and almost died in Nam for it, and I still love it.

Now some form of a commitment must be written in such a way that when a person joins they will be committed for ever. From what I have read from the 6k people on PFA  is that most agree. As well a spiritual side must enter this platform/group as well. I’m a registered Republican but I am just a pure conservative @ heart and I think there is difference and we need to make it clear.

I understand and deeply share the frustration expressed by everyone on this board...and others,....I host monthly "Tea Party" meetings and we all feel vey much the same....

However, the way we feel IS part of the game plan of the very well organized progressive leadership system....

I had a rope once that was a few inches too short...I cut it again and again....and it was still too short!  That is what we are experiencing by having the urge to have a third or 4th party.....

The left has one that just grows and grows....more illegals,amnesty, more welfare, more unions, more Federal employees, more High school and University graduates who want more for nothing....

The conservative side doesn't make a bigger pie, it just keeps cutting the one smaller pie into more pieces.

I have been on both sides of the issues during the past forty five years, I have seen their strategies (the Left) from the inside....they laugh at the conservative divisiveness...and keep doing what they have always done...just alot more of it...

Putting details online so to speak is not appropriate...but....perhaps time for a strategy that has been proven...just from the conservative side instead..

We are in for a rough time, for sure. I believe we need to see what unfurls in the next few months. But what needs to be worked on is 2016. This is the chance to take back the Senate .State level, we need to convince governors to stop Obamacare. My state has along with some others. Obamacare is the next step to take control of the populace. I would like to see Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. How can we influence this? Finally, what has been happening since before 2007 is inexplicable. Unless you consider all that has taken place since the 60's, watched the changes that took place, starting with Madylyn O'Hare, many numbers of women going to work & leaving the children to be indoctrinated in our schools. PTA's suffered from this, we have to know that it was foretold in a way by the Bible. Do you not see it unfolding before your very eyes?  China, Turkey, Russia, North Africa, just to name a few, are all mentioned in the Bible. We were the protectors of Israel, do you think that will continue? I think it is important to keep up the fight, but also prepare ourselves for what is to come.


I'm just now catching My emails,haven't bothered with computer much

this week.

Your SITREP is accurate,and I'm of the opinion that We should keep the site

and keep reminding Ourselves that We are down,but We're not out.


Not Yet

Time to remeber that sentence in The Declaration,that ends in the words:

"Abolish It"

Some have suggested We collapse the economy.No need for that,as the

current admin will certainly do that for Us,on the road to a socialist dictatorship.


The Ballot Box has utterly failed.


We all know what comes next,only question is will People who love this Country

and believe Our Constitution is law unite,or allow the corruption to overwhem Us?

United we stand, United we are the power.

Sticking together.

While we all take a minute to take it all in and figure out what to do, this is the time we HAVE to stick together.

Remember the Progressives Liberals have been at it for 100 years.

We might be able to some thing in four years but it’s going to be a long hard fight.

We need to teach our kids so they can continue on. It will probably take a couple of generations to get some like minded people in the system.

We should all be preparing our self and families for the inevitable out come of this mess.

I would say we have a year our less when we will have to be able and ready to support ourselves, two at tops.

Look at the aftermath on the east cost.

I think we should be prepared to live in that kind of situation.

We have to do something about Immigration.

While we all decide what to do, groups like this needs to continue.

Then more groups like this need to come together and make a bigger group.

Like every one keeps saying there is to many groups out there, We need to form just a couple that will come to gather, organize and fight for same thing.

Just some thoughts from the new guy.

I know we are all devastated but we can't give up.  We must work through our State governments to fight back. Look at all the Red States ...we didn't lose it all. We kept control of the House....all revenue bills originate in the House of Representatives.  Voter fraud is a True the Vote .org,...I do. We have to get control of the border ...push Arizona, Republican Governor, Texas, Republican Governor, New Mexico Republican Governor to enforce immigration law ...just like Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Schools ...we have to get conservative teachers and administrators into our local schools. The marxists have a 50 year head start on us and they have taken our schools , media and immigration departments to turn them against us. We start taking them back one by one.

I am a new member but I love it already. There seems to be many good brains here, so there is a feel of intellect and wisdom, much needed in the Government. But they chose the good sounding lies over sticking to our Constitution. It will destroy them in the end. 

There are a lot of great ideas here. I think you should make it a private group where no one can see any parts of PFA except the homepage, as was suggested by Twana. You could make a fake/false entrance for all who see the homepage, which you could have set up to monitor for any weird activity; i.e. account breaches, etc. On the same page (they say the best hiding place is in the open), the real members alone would know where it was, there could be a secret link to click and we could login there. 


Another idea would be for you to set up a dynamic virtual private network, of which we would provide you with our IP address and only those with addresses you add to it, would have access to the group and/or could login only if they were an approved member. If there were breaches, you know it would be from within.


Anyways, blessings everyone. 

FOLKS, this is the HEADLINE of news article posted on The European Union Times online site: "Obama Topples Top Coup Leader After Washington Gun Battle"--ties into RECENT RESIGNATIONS of General David Petraeus--this site says Petraeus was top leader of impending military COUP in DC.  Also names Army General Carter Ham and Admiral Charles M. Gaouette--BOTH OFFICERS RESIGNED IN LAST TWO WEEKS.  According to the article Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair and U.S. Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlack were also involved and removed from their positions.  Go to  and you can access the article which says Petraeus was arrested in DC after a gun battle described as a "robbery attempt".  Don't know where this site got its information but OWEbama's top aide--Iranian born Valerie Jarrett said before election last week:  "After we win this election, it's our turn. PAYBACK TIME. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don't forget.  The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will GET WHAT THEY DESERVE. THERE IS GOING TO BE HELL TO PAY..."



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