Brothers and Sisters,

PFA has a great tool for all members. It's the PFA State Groups. This is a specific place for you to go/join on this site, to learn of those in your area/community/district/state. There you should be able to meet those in your area that will be a trustworthy loyal neighbor - the unwavering patriot that will stand with you in times to come. Just like all groups you will find friend and foe. But at least you will then know who is friend and who is foe - Who you can rely on and who can rely on you.

There are several areas we need to focus on.

Preparing to take care of ones family in a survival mode, defensive mode, and becoming part of a local net that can be trusted.

We need some folks to step up and lead in these areas. I'm not asking for recruiters of other groups/orgs to run in and have a free for all to recruit members for your established or just started group or org, I'm also not speaking about recruiters using PFA membership for endless fundraising and sales pitches.

I'm speaking about specific honorable leaders with integrity. Leaders that will lead in areas because of their love for our republic and their love for their families and neighbors. Leaders that want to lead because it's the right thing to do.

We need leaders who are willing to openly lead, offer great advice etc. and set directions. We are in need of leaders to help organize local meetings wherein patriots can personally vet and know who is a trusted friend you will be able to rely on and who to weed out as foe. We are past the time of fighting with foes. It's a waste of time at this point so we just weed them out.

Gentlemen, have you made sure your home is secure in essential supplies if the economy collapses? Have you made sure the women and children in your family can defend themselves if something were to happen to you? Women have you done these things too? Who in your area can teach you? Who in your area can you teach? Is anyone in your area looking for this type of education?

Gentlemen are you prepared to be the spiritual encourager in your family in hard times? Is your bibles dusted off? Are you gaining wisdom from Scripture?

By the way, if you're an atheist and have a problem with people talking about Scripture, then move along, Your screeching and insults are not welcomed. PFA is a Christian safe zone. Intolerance of true Scriptural Christians and Scripture itself is not welcomed here.

We also need leaders who are encourager's. I personally am thankful for my true Christian friends who do not tickle my ears with feel good, taken out of context, verses...but who, in love, give the hard truths of the whole Bible in context which truly feeds the soul, spirit and body.

If you are willing to be a leader in the areas I listed, please contact me in private message. In subject, type in Leaders and also in context of private message please list your state, district and town or city.

If you are already a state group leader and want to continue leading and take an active role, then please send me private message and let me know you do, otherwise if I see you are not active I will assume you are not interested.

Instructions to join PFA State Groups:

1. Notice under PFA banner, you will see 2 rows of tabs. In the center of the 1st (top) row you will see "State Groups." Click that.  Example below:


2. It will open up the first page of PFA State Groups. If you do not see your state group on that first page, scroll down that page to the bottom til you see boxes with numbers. Example below. Click through the pages until you see your PFA State Group.

3. Notice you will see some PFA State District Groups. If you are in one of the districts that have state sub-group, feel free to join that too.

4. When you click on your PFA State Group link, you should find on that Group page an invite to join the state group. I believe it is in the top right corner on page. If it's not there, note where you can add comment and it will tell you there that in order to comment there you will need to join that group.

5. You will not need to create another user name or password. This is all part of PFA (Constitutional Emergency) network.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here (in comment section of this post). That way if someone else needs that question answered they will get it here too.

Twana Blevins

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Harry, I think after you have had time to check out your own State's Congressional Departments & Staff you may see why I think this is an important Tool for patriots.   It is just another avenue for each to explore.  I think I sent this information to Fox but, as with the Senators, not a peep was heard.



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1. Click on State Groups tab at the top of the page.
2. Find your State Flag
3. Click on Flag.
4. Look for link to join Your State Group near the top of the State Groups page.
5. Click on it.

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