Our PFA Mission: In the coming times, we of PFA will identify our state leaders, work together as families and local teams to protect and defend our families, prepare ourselves for a long term siege and work to restore our constitutional republic when the internal strife ceases.

I have repeatedly said over and over PFA will not be used to waste time on politicking and electioneering anymore. YET, folks still continue to push that here! Enough! I am going to start deleting accounts of folks who ignore me and push it anyway! I am totally disgusted with the arrogance of folks to even pretend that any election will work without even fixing the corruption and voter fraud. Remember head in the sand does NOT work for me and will not fix this country!

I am also tired of reading sleepwalkers comments on here blaming the American Citizens for the outcome of the corrupt election! Do we have a bunch of obama phone people and leftist useful idiots in this country? YES! BUT, we also have many illegal invaders that vote, we have so much voter fraud and Fed. Crimes of corruption in our elections that there is no way for us to win an election! We have corrupt politician that even brag about voting more than once and tell people how to do it!

If you do not know your enemy and your enemy's tactics.....Then YOU LOSE! We must acknowledge the facts - then we have a chance of winning! Corrupt folks are not allowing the free flow of illegal invaders into our country for a new voter block! They don't need the voter block! They steal elections! They are welcoming in the illegal invaders to fill your homes and make you homeless! They want them to replace YOU! They can use illegal invader puppets, they cannot use you! You love our country and our founding structure - illegal invaders do not!

I also will not say this anymore! Last time! There are other sites that are still pushing the works of electioneering, politicking, etc. If that is what you want to do...................Go join them and stop trying to force it here! Am I being a bitch? No, this is a result of folks actions that continually force my hand! Enough! Again, I will not say this again, I will just start deleting accounts. Those sites pushing the politicking, electioneering, fund rasing etc are Freedom Works, Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots, etc. The same usual ones that you are probably already a member of anyway!

Every new member also has this information posted on their profile there is no excuse! Also every member is told to join and be active in their state group! There is no excuse for inaction there!

There is a place for local politicking, and that is not with the expectation that it will restore our republic nor prepare us for what is coming! I stay LIGHTLY involved in local politics because when/if we come out on the other side of the fall as winners of liberty, we will be the ones that will need to be filling these elected seats. Knowing that, I attend and learn the system of local politics and at the same time discern the good from the bad and corrupt unhanded crap. However, I know for a fact that politicking and electioneering is not gonna save this country! The system is totally corrupted!

Again, PFA will not be used to push works that will not work!

And Again, PFA is not into the numbers game! I do not want empty seats with a number on it as members and us think we can depend on that! PFA wants folks who will have our backs and who will also know we will have theirs! Empty chairs will not do that.....Hell will they even show up? Can't count on it!


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You go, girl.

i love the new mission statement.  it's clear and concise.

i can't wait to meet with my local group.  but so far, only 3 of us.  :(

Well said, Twana!

I like it.

well said ... I have given up on "working with them" ... all of them have proven to be traitors! why waste time?

Agree with you 100%! I believe obama is still in power because of ILLEGAL and dead voters, and massive voter fraud. That HAS to be stopped for us to have any chance at all for an honest election. But, i also believe its so wide spread and so few people care, itll be impossable to do anything about. Seems like the main people that care are the socialist. They mite be a minority, BUT are highly organized and have NO morals!

PFA & Twana,  The  standing orders  are  embedded  in  MY  heart,  I've  spotted  a  couple  of  problems,  you'll  fix  the  situation   so  we  will  Win..!!  Salute..


Thank you for reinforcing what you have already put out.

Voter Fraud is BIG!!
144% of votes counted in Lucie County, FL.
Ohio, poll worker brags on TV she and others vote 6x's or more in 2008, 2012.
Poll improprities and abuse in PA.
Rigged machines in NV.
Our county had dead voters before 1998.
Absentee Military votes not counted in certain precincts and counties.
2012 no votes for absentee military in Ohio, FL and VA. This has to stop and we have to stop it.


Twana, my feelings and thoughts exactly!! 

amen twana. sick of all the ron paul crap. a single election will solve very little. we need a a moral upstanding leader who is anchored in the love of god the constitution and the greatness of the american dream.




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