Our PFA Mission: In the coming times, we of PFA will identify our state leaders, work together as families and local teams to protect and defend our families, prepare ourselves for a long term siege and work to restore our constitutional republic when the internal strife ceases.

I have repeatedly said over and over PFA will not be used to waste time on politicking and electioneering anymore. YET, folks still continue to push that here! Enough! I am going to start deleting accounts of folks who ignore me and push it anyway! I am totally disgusted with the arrogance of folks to even pretend that any election will work without even fixing the corruption and voter fraud. Remember head in the sand does NOT work for me and will not fix this country!

I am also tired of reading sleepwalkers comments on here blaming the American Citizens for the outcome of the corrupt election! Do we have a bunch of obama phone people and leftist useful idiots in this country? YES! BUT, we also have many illegal invaders that vote, we have so much voter fraud and Fed. Crimes of corruption in our elections that there is no way for us to win an election! We have corrupt politician that even brag about voting more than once and tell people how to do it!

If you do not know your enemy and your enemy's tactics.....Then YOU LOSE! We must acknowledge the facts - then we have a chance of winning! Corrupt folks are not allowing the free flow of illegal invaders into our country for a new voter block! They don't need the voter block! They steal elections! They are welcoming in the illegal invaders to fill your homes and make you homeless! They want them to replace YOU! They can use illegal invader puppets, they cannot use you! You love our country and our founding structure - illegal invaders do not!

I also will not say this anymore! Last time! There are other sites that are still pushing the works of electioneering, politicking, etc. If that is what you want to do...................Go join them and stop trying to force it here! Am I being a bitch? No, this is a result of folks actions that continually force my hand! Enough! Again, I will not say this again, I will just start deleting accounts. Those sites pushing the politicking, electioneering, fund rasing etc are Freedom Works, Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots, etc. The same usual ones that you are probably already a member of anyway!

Every new member also has this information posted on their profile there is no excuse! Also every member is told to join and be active in their state group! There is no excuse for inaction there!

There is a place for local politicking, and that is not with the expectation that it will restore our republic nor prepare us for what is coming! I stay LIGHTLY involved in local politics because when/if we come out on the other side of the fall as winners of liberty, we will be the ones that will need to be filling these elected seats. Knowing that, I attend and learn the system of local politics and at the same time discern the good from the bad and corrupt unhanded crap. However, I know for a fact that politicking and electioneering is not gonna save this country! The system is totally corrupted!

Again, PFA will not be used to push works that will not work!

And Again, PFA is not into the numbers game! I do not want empty seats with a number on it as members and us think we can depend on that! PFA wants folks who will have our backs and who will also know we will have theirs! Empty chairs will not do that.....Hell will they even show up? Can't count on it!


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Well thought out and well said!

We are doing exactly that in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan....Our Brethren below the Bridge are coming together as well......Leaders?  We must all be leaders !  Good job Twana, this post is the bottom line.......


Please explain to me how my post about standing up for your 2nd amendment rights has anything to do with this? nowhere in my post did I promote or demote any politician.  The point of the post is for people to be able to express your personal beliefs on your second amendment rights.  

In reading your initial email to me this morning welcoming me to PFA and then the second stating that I must join my state group and be an active member I have done just that.  For you to in my opinion silence my first amendment right about my second amendment beliefs is unjust.

I was referred to this site by a dear friend who is a member because of my desire to help america pull their heads out of their asses and do something about it. If there is going to be in correct sensor-ism  about subjects that clearly do not violate the sites rules I guess this must not be the place for me.

I am looking forward to your response as to why you felt that you needed to delete my post.



I just read your very wordy, very lengthy and VERY poorly constructed rant. That I am critical of your presentation is surely

an understatement. If this manner of communication is meant to appeal to intelligent, productive American Patriots, you

need to know that rhetorically, your words carry an extremely offensive ring that will turn away the level of quality that you

purport to recruit and bring in an extreme fringe of extremists, crazies and people who will serve only to reduce your cause

to the very lowest level of credibility or reduce it to zero status. WE NEED TO LEARN TO FOLLOW ORDERS?!?!? If you do

not percieve the narcissistic arrogance of this this poisonous, hateful piece, meant to recruit real patriots, you are in

desparate need of some serious and lengthy introspection. To the people on this side of the fence, and yes, to me, your

words and the manner that present them sound VERY MUCH like the ARCH CRIMINAL IN OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!!

I do not question your love of Our Country or your patriotism. Your cause is a noble, crucial, and very necessary at a time

in Our History when Our Country stands at the very brink of the tyranny of this wannabe Brutal Dictator. However, Ms.

Blevens, your style of leadership stands in need of some very prayerful and introspective reflection, if it is your intent to

seek the support so sorely needed for the success of your very noble cause. So, Ms. Blevins, if it so pleases you, delete

away. I posit that the above criticism is righteous and meant as support to your cause, not demean it. I'm in my 75th year

and a Marine of ENLISTED rank and I know right when I see it. I also also carry with me the spirit of discernment, and I

know wrong when I see it.

William, your post is a primary example of the kind of writing that destroys groups like ours.  The nastiness and vindictiveness are what tears groups like this apart.  Twana has the very difficult VOLUNTEER role of keeping us all on track.  We have made a very conscious goal of not having this site be used for politicking and electioneering.  Most members thank her for her constant reminders that we are here to learn how to protect our families and homes from what is coming down.  We are NOT a first strike group.  We are not an electioneering group.  We are a group that will have each other's backs when things get tough around all of us. 

After reading what you wrote, I do not look at it at all like constructive criticism, but rather yet another attempt to discredit and destroy the focus of this group. If it was, you would have had the grace to write this stuff in a private message to her. One more post like this and I will begin to delete your comments.  Nobody is seeking the support of a group malcontent.  I certainly would not trust you with my life in a bad situation after reading something like this....totally devoid of understanding and loyalty.

Twana gives most people every benefit of the doubt before she gets fed up and removes their posts.  You, sir, are not aware of all the chances that she has given to so many people, nor are you aware of the immense amount of time and effort that she puts forth every day so bitchers like you have a place to get some credible information and useful strategies. 

"Poorly constructed rant?" I suggest your comment is much more guilty of that than her's is.

Is Twana right when she says we all need to learn to follow orders?  YES.  NO GROUP can survive if everyone just decides to do what they want and ignore the stated goals and strategies that have been decided upon. Tower of Babel strategy hasn't ever worked...if you know of an instance where it has, please post it.

If you don't like Twana's approach, leave.  She's direct, to the point and does not pussyfoot around to spare fragile egos. If your's is so, good luck surviving in the days to'll be eaten alive, marine or not. In fact, why are you here if you do not share our focus and our approaches?  Go find or create your own group and spare the rest of us your angry diatribes. I, for one, will not listen or tolerate any more of this.  We are not here to fight each other but rather to work together as a team to meet our goals.  I welcome any person who understands and contributes to this.  Angry bitching is a waste of all our time.



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