I need two answers from each person:



1. Do you think elections are going to fix our country?


2. Do you acknowledge we cannot win elections with the massive voter fraud?



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  • NO. The election process has gone downhill for the past few elections. As long as there is cheating at the polls, and out of the country miitary not able to vote, it will never be honest again.


    NO.  We can never have honest elections with massive voter fraud. How can we take care of this problem?

  • 1. NO!


    Semper Fi,


  • Elections will not fix our country when there is massive voer fraud, 

  • If the elections were not rigged, things might change.

    In order to stop the voter fraud, patriots have to be willing to get their hands dirty and scrap with the communists.

  • 1)   I acknowledge that elections at this point in time are "Pointless". The deck is stacked against the people that can legally vote.

    2)   I also acknowledge until we can some way in which illegals and comminals are NOT allowed to vote as they should NOT be, then the massive voter fraud that has been seen, especially in the 2012 election, we will not win anymore elections as conservatives period.

  • Elections with fraud won't fix our problems.  Our current politicians all need to be replaced from the very top to bottom.

  • Unfortunately elections in this day and age are so "fixed" conducting them is a huge farce to make the "sheeple" feel good.

    We cannot win an election under the circumstances indicated above because of the fraud involved in the "Fixing" involved. 

  • 1. Fair elections, possibly

    2. Yes


  • 1. ONLY if the right people are elected.

    2. We cannot win elections with the massive voter fraud

  • 1. I do not think elections are going to fix America.

    2. There is too much voter fraud. We need to clean the ballot box up.

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