Constitutional Emergency


Many of you have signed the Petitions on the White House Server Site for your state to secede from the United States Union. There has already been precedence set for this. The states that have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities have used a form of section from the nation & following the Constitution of the United States (by allowing and ignoring the constitution and federal law for the purpose of protecting non-American entities) because of the Corruption in the Judicial System having rulings in these sanctuary cities have set precedence for a form of secession for sanctuary cities to abridge and ignore constitutional mandates and federal law for the purposes of creating votes and a new base of lower paid workers for both parties.


So why can we not have sanctuary cities, counties & states that remove around obamacare and/or second amendment rights if imposed?



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 What would be the difference if sanctuary city's or counties were to do the same and refuse Obama care and other federal mandates that are looked at as being unconstitutional and the laws not upheld by these entities like the precedent that  has been set by the federal government and the agencies that have decided not to up hold law.  And the courts that have made it possible trough rulings in there favor not to comply ?

 This can be done in areas peaceably and use the mandates that have already been put in place through action for a certain group of people while disfranchising and costing the others the burdens to do so.  Your tax dollars and tax hikes to support these action show the personal hardships placed on community and individuals,,,,,, you have standing.

I offer not an argument pro or con, just a comment: We are rapidly becoming a Nation of Men instead of the Constitutionally declared Nation of Laws.  Either a dictatorship or anarchy soon follows.

Not "becoming". We are no longer under the rule of law, but the rule of men, when the law does not apply universally, and when men in power can decide which laws they will follow or enforce and which they won't.

Right On, Cheryl!  You are so right and it will get much worse unless we impeach the "person" in the White House for all the ways he has usurped the Constitution!  Enough is enough!  He has to go!

What if you live in California like me or another overwhelmingly liberal state?

I haven’t checked lately or read all the responses yet.

I just joined the California group, no activity since April I think it was.

I’m still trying to figure out how to organize as I get myself and family ready.

It seams to me there has to be a gathering or something.

I am not sure I understand.

I like the Idea but the message is lost?


Nullification sounds like the best idea to me, but really i dont think there would be enough "high powered people" to support it...for it to be a viable solution. AZ is maybe the only state i can think of that has a governor brave enough to support it.

Agreed except, We are the “powerful people if we stick together.

I don't know what you are thinking.  An anology:  I own this great hotel, and I have a group of unruly guests,  Do you think I would advise the good guests to leave, and give up what they paid for?? Or should I evict the idiots that are causing the problems?  The constitution ls our law of the land, why leave it and the country that we own.  Seceding is dumb, because the rule of law that protects us, the constitution, is thrown under the bus.



I guess I’m suppose to reply here to

Allen B. Menges,

Talking is what we do first. Any REAL soldier would gladly let talking win the war. If it doesn’t then that’s what a real solder is here for. I don’t think any of them would feel dishonored, (I’m not).

We, I, are defending the American way.

The founding fathers just didn’t all of a sudden show up together and put an Army together and start a war. It started with talk, organizing, getting ideas.

We gather, we talk and we fight for the American way. The original American way.

Forgive me I’m new here and I’m kind of offended at your comment.

@ Donaldson, You got the idea, at no time in our history did we defeat the enemy with our mouths.  If you could resurect those who have paid the supreme price, they would tell you you never really served nor defended the constitution.

They would also ask why you dishonor them, as they were willing to give all to preserve the American way. If I have to go, I'm willing to take a whole bunch with me, so that those I love and care for can enjoy what I experienced in this great country of ours.  Talk all you want, I have never heard of any one calming a rabid dog with talk. What is written about those things that offend you??  Could have sworn it said to remove them.



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