Constitutional Emergency

Please read Jeremy Levitt's
> op-ed entitled, "President Obama, Race and the
> Unpatriotic Right," then send him an email. He is
> rather confused and ignorant regarding the facts about
> patriots in America. I have included the letter I sent
> to Mr. Levitt.
> Steph
> President
> Obama, race and the unpatriotic right
> (This was forwarded to me in an email!-Barbara)
> My letter to Mr.
> Levitt:
> Dear Mr. Levitt,
> I read with complete shock and disbelief your highly
> misinformed op-ed, "President
> Obama, Race and the Unpatriotic
> Right." Americans do have rights
> under the constitution and this includes a redress of
> grievances to an out-of-control government. Nowhere in
> the first amendment does it say that expressing our opinion
> is unconstitutional. Our framers understood the
> tyrannical forces that led our ancestors to escape the
> mother country for a life of freedom. To
> implicate true patriots as "unpatriotic" and
> further insult them by rehashing the tired race card
> is more than ignorant; it is unpatriotic.
> You state that, "A patriot is
> one who loves, supports and defends his or her nation and
> loves its citizens.....A patriot subscribes to symbolic
> values such as honoring the flag, singing the national
> anthem and fighting nonviolently for fundamental
> freedoms." Lest you have forgotten, each
> and every tea party has been nothing but a peaceful
> gathering by citizens who love our country,
> but despise the forces that threaten to turn us
> into a full-fledged Socialist, government-run
> state. Not once have patriots physically attacked
> those who disagree with them, unlike the thugs from SEIU who
> brutally attacked Kenneth Gladney, a
> freedom-loving patriot (who happens to be
> black), who was selling merchandise at a tea party in
> St. Louis during the summer. In case you aren't
> aware, the union bullies were also black. Even
> more appalling is the man behind these assaults, one Elston
> K. McCowan who is a former organizer and currently the
> Public Service Director of SEIU Local 2000, a board member
> of the Walbridge Community Education Center, and a
> Baptist minister. His community organizing spans has more
> than 23 years, and he is running for Mayor of the City of
> St. Louis under the Green Party. Which begs the
> question, who's the racist now, Mr. Levitt?
> While you are of the stilted opinion that, "The far right and its right-wing
> brethren have shown that they are driven by envy and racial
> animus," I can assure you that
> this issue is neither a "right wing" or
> "left wing" matter, nor is envy or race the
> driving force behind our discontent. Freedom-loving
> patriots are coming out in droves to protest an
> out-of-control government and express frustration with
> our elected officials who aren't listening to their
> constituents. They seem to have forgotten that
> they work for us and we will not be enslaved by
> them.
> Thomas Jefferson was a wise man who understood that, "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for
> people of good conscience to remain
> silent." Our country deserves the best,
> Mr. Levitt. To let America, the greatest nation in the
> world, succumb to the anti-American forces that wish to
> destroy our very foundation and fiber is tantamount to
> destroying the Constitution, and dismissing our framers and
> forefathers as though they were merely the stuff
> of fairy tales.
> One more thing before I pass along
> your op-ed to my right-wing friends and freedom-loving
> patriots, our country was founded on Christian-Judeo
> principles and we take our Bible very seriously. While
> you say, "A patriot honors the
> U.S. president, irrespective of his or her
> biases," Matthew 24:24 says, "For there shall arise false Christs,
> and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders;
> insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the
> very elect." Buyers remorse is increasing
> exponentially as Americans see Barack Hussein Obama
> demonstrate that he cares more about other countries than
> America. His very actions are putting our country in
> grave danger. Bowing to the Saudi King, apologizing
> for America's past actions, returning the bust of
> Winston Churchill to England, banning military
> flyovers and refusing to attend the National Day of
> Prayer are just a few of the anti-American actions Obama has
> taken that have set off alarm bells in the minds of people
> all over the globe.
> As you said, need I say more?
> Steph

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Terrific response. It is unfortunate that mental midgets like Levitt, if they take the time to read it, will catagorize it as unintelligible ramblings by another right wing nut job. Semper Fi



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