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April 28, 2014



Pundits, leftist, nay-sayers, one and all are taking their best shot discrediting Operation America Spring(OAS) ) as the movement continues to gain strength. The movement toward a “peaceful, lawful, non-violent, unarmed” massive/gigantic May 16, 2014 independent citizen gathering on the Washington, D.C. Mall is in full mobilization. Even the Secret Service and FBI view OAS as a credible, lawful event…the message from the false propaganda wing of the social media have lost the battle. 

Operation American Spring, a grass roots movement of individual patriots is out in the open, no secrets as to the mission of beginning constitutional restoration, no donation button collecting thousands of dollars, no support by main stream media, just growing, energizing, inspirational citizens seeking lawful government and God’s hand back on America. Patriots are claiming half of the street…no longer relinquishing the entire street to radicals who are intent on lawless behavior.

It is impossible to deny the lawlessness and anti-constitutional behavior of federal officials and their minions in Washington, D.C. over the last five years. It’s no longer implied, shielded, or in the shadows, it’s directly from Barack Obama in his “finger waving”, Harry Reid’s categorization of patriots in Nevada as “domestic terrorist” , armed thugs threatening families in Nevada, Texas, and God only knows where else…international embarrassment, national debt and pain for untold number of generations.

It’s interesting that the Obama Administration views the Benghazi attacks leaving four Americans dead as a “spontaneous protest”;  Nidal Hasan’s Fort Hood murders leaving 13 dead and 29 wounded Americans while screaming "Allahu Akbar" as “workplace violence”; and Bundy Ranch protest where 0 deaths, 0 injured, 0 shots fired, as “domestic terrorists” action.  There must be a stronger word than despicable for the Obama/Reid Administration.

Can it be rightly said Fast and Furious murders, Benghazi murders, IRS scandals, attack on conservative media, Tea Party intimidation, NSA treachery, attorney general discrimination in legal defense of laws, attack on States sovereignty, on and on, reflects a nation of leaders that support the US Constitution as the law of the land? Of course not, in fact it suggests a purposeful action to ignore and destroy the US Constitution, as Congress cowers.  None of these scandals have been adequately answered nor violators held accountable…if the leadership is corrupt and lawless, is there still a valid government?  Has there been a silent coup with all branches of government complicit in the take-over of America by an international cabal of bankers, corporations, bought and paid for politicians? American is demanding answers!

The United States Declaration of Independence admonishes Americans that “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…” when such abuses and usurpations reach an intolerable level. OAS recognizes that it is not our Government structure given us by our Founding Fathers that is at fault, rather an insidious bureaucracy of ideologues that are systematically degrading our world image and undermining the economic and social stability of our people.

The Congress has received thousands of electronic petitions ( ) outlining OAS Declaration of Revision(Demands/Grievances) , Articles of Impeachment and other documents describing what OAS is about.  They are also receiving hard copy submission of these same documents.  They cannot claim ignorance, nor can they ignore the American people any longer.  We expect their recognition of OAS Submission and a measure of movement toward a solution when millions of patriots visit on the D.C. Mall to express our freedom of speech, right of assembly, and expect answers from Congress and the Administration to our Demands and Grievances.

American lives have been lost all over the world fighting for other nations to gain or regain liberty, freedom, and human decency.  Is it reasonable to believe “we the people” will not stand up for our own nation, as lawless self-servers seek her destruction? Perhaps Nevada is a signal that America is awakening to the reality of corruption, greed and the lawless virus that is spreading at exponential speed destroying the nature on our nation. We will not be silent nor stand mute any longer.

America has decided we must stand up to lawless federal leadership. The thought that our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren could be left with a socialist, communist, nanny nation of slaves ruled by despots should ignite the fighting spirit of every American.

There can be no greater priority this side of Heaven than defense of America and our US Constitution. If death is required to confirm our determination to protect our nation and restore constitutional government, so be it.

God help us find honorable men and women of leadership, in responsible positions of government that will exercise courage, stand with OAS, call out lawless politicians publicly, demand oaths be refreshed and obeyed, or face expulsion.


Operation American Spring Coordinator

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret.,

111 Overview Drive

Crestview, FL 32539



Operation American Spring – A Call to Constitutional Restoration and Prayer, Not a Call to Arms.


NOTE:  I failed to mention.....please post the Press Release on all social media and everywhere else.

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GOD inspired the US Constitution and I believe GOD will be with us in MAY.

Steven, indeed God did inspire our Founders.  Given their submission to and reliance Divine Providence, it is not surprising that God would Bless those who honor Him.  In our case, America is so divided and indoctrinated that many no longer view God as relevant to their lives.  For us in the Patriot movement, it is imperative that we first honor Him for that is the prerequisite to receiving His Blessings.

March on Brother. I will be there in May!

Col. Riley...When I say things like daughter calls me Paulette Revere, so I will call you Paul Revere...Great inspiring post. God bless you for your leadership , and God bless all of us who will be there for HIM and AMERICA !

Unable to find SC on the list of states. P ROLLINS

Col. Riley and God are our last best hope to save this country.  PEACEFULLY!

keep up the good work harry!! i've sent the the documents to washington and gotten their baloney response's back sent emails to the radio and news stations and haven't seen much of anything on air! hopefull they'll take it seriously on may 16th.again great job and keep up the great work and the good fight.

very well put Col.inspirational

Col. Riley you make us all so proud. God is with you and all of us because we stand for the truth. We want good and not evil. It's the Devil who will try to attack us. He always goes after the good ones. We must remain strong and keep the faith.

Thank you for what you are doing.

Col Riley,

It's an honor to know you!

Excellent analogy Col.Riley. Well stated that Americas truest heroes were those whom enlisted by freewill and those drafted gave of themselves for the freedoms of the oppressed some laying down their very lives, some bearing about both the visible and invisible scars left upon them for no nobler a rightful cause. Both as a dependent dependent of a career member of the military and having served myself, this Operation is very personal to me. Knowing first hand friends at a tender age being left fatherless had a significant impact in my life. Witnessing first-hand mayhem and destruction upon the innocent lives of noncombatants and young men at the tender ages losing their very lives that others might live and have a brighter tomorrow to awaken compels me that I can not allow their sacrifices be in vain. The very oath I swoe to protect and defend the Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies was rooted deep within and were more meaningful than mere words. They were a lifetime commitment and still cherished by this old vet. I thank God that our paths crossed that the Lord saw something in you hat He saw also in others with backbone and courage, men and women alike from all races, diverse back grounds, different religious beliefs able to set our personal agendas aside for one common cause in honoring our oaths. Regardless of branch of service, we donned the uniforms that garnered the respect of grateful people and fear in our enemies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             In a matter of a few  short weeks a culmination of veterans, young and old, family members of fallen, wounded  and living veterans will rally with other Patriots with one common thread., Restoration of he Republic  and Constitution. History will judge us whether we stand fearlessly under the watchful eye of God or whether we cower and surrender our rights and those of future generations to a tyrannical government with virtually no promise of hope.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Heed not to the naysayers for they have no pleasure in life but surround yourselves with those whom don't look at failure as an option and press onward for there may never come another day as May 16, 2014.  




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