When all hell breaks loose here, the economy collapses and/or Bottom Up caused Top Down....what do you think is going to happen to our troops that are deployed to sand box hell holes ?



We have to be honest with ourselves and know what it means “when all hell breaks loose”.

First thing is the economy collapse: The dollar becomes worthless; the average person/family cannot buy supplies to support their self or family.  Unemployment at an all time high and burglaries and looting is rampant.  People not prepared are starting to die.

The Government is finally in a panic and doesn’t know what to do.  If Obama is still in office he declares Martial Law and establishes curfews.  All travel stops.  Banks close and the Post Office no longer delivers mail.  Everyone feels the shrinking sense of hope and depression sets in.  More deaths occur.  Hospitals no longer take regular patients and many close.  Only those employed by the government have access to basic needs.  They grab control of everything; gasoline is rationed, food purchases are made by allowance and only for those who have managed to keep some cash.  All oil products will be mandated for government use first.  Whatever they cannot control they outlaw.  They start to seize all guns.  Riots break out.

Shortages of all food items in all stores occur due to the lack of gasoline to make deliveries.  The utilities may still be working if there are no outages due to breakage, accidents or acts of God.  Depending on the time of year, people freeze, people have heat related emergencies.  Water in some areas may be scarce.  More riots are breaking out and more people die.

Forest fires burn unchecked, and relief for floods, tornadoes and hurricanes can no longer be had.  In less than a month all government services will be shut down and the riots that have been plaguing the cities has moved to the rural areas.  The gang bangers rule the night.  Ambushes start to occur in broad daylight.

Call it poetic justice but only the elite that can afford security have any mobility and even that will end due to the amount of violence from the mobs.  The movie industry collapses.  All radio & TV are now propaganda tools of the government.  The internet has been shut down.  All communications become limited and under the control of the government.

All this and we have our military in Hell holes across the world and a government that may or may not want them to come home.  It all depends on who is in control of the Government.



What do we do to have their backs?

This is not a post for people to jump to assumptions that our troops are going to come home shooting people. These troops are our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, husbands, wives, uncles, aunts, cousins............these men and women (troops) are our family - Not our enemy.

All off topic comments will be deleted from this point forward!!!



OK Folks, It seems no one willing or is capable of answering Twana's question.  I have nibbled around the edges of it but as I read the comments it looks like it needs another approach.


This issue is so far under the radar the troops overseas will NOT be a priority when ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE (the SHTF) unless they are fully controlled to do as ordered, even fire on their brothers and sisters if so ordered.  There is only one thing in my opinion that can be done to insure they get the attention that will be required at that time to get them home.

ASK the question, "How will they get home when the economy collapses?"  to everyone you know and don't know.  Get it out there that it is a concern of yours & your family.  All Vets and all who have family members currently serving whether overseas or not (you never know when they will get that assignment) should be asking their Congressional do nothing and all of their family members.  Get their support and have them start asking WHAT IF?.  Start asking anyone that can put it in the media.  Ask the question in your local "letters to the editor".  Ask it on all the internet sites you frequent including Facebook.  Anyone know a videographer that could produce a UTube video?  If done ther right way it could go viral and force the MSM to ask the question also.

By raising awareness you will cause others to ask the same question.  Besides as I said earlier THE FED MONITORS ALL PATRIOT SITES.  Anything you can think up will cause the enemy (OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT) to devise a strategy, a roadblock, if you will and most involved will find a residence change to one of those FEMA camps we have all heard about.  As Clarence and others have said, get prepared yourself.  How do you expect to help anyone if you are not and need help from all those in the same boat as you?

I think what Twana tried to tell you all, Strategy, Conjecture, and Planning does not belong in this Topic.  Start your own and I wish you well and hope the Feds are merciful.

Semper Fi, phrowt

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What makes you think the Feds are not monitoring this site and every suggestion made will have a counter developed before you even hit the send key.  All of you who are adding your pearls of wisdom here in the open do no good for our troops that may or may not be abandoned over seas.  Just my opinion.

Semper Fi

 I'd buy any G.I.'s ticket from a commercial terminal to home if he could get us the info.   This question like many with a ? mark hanging over it speaks to  contingency plans.  

Do we still have ham radio operators out there?  I'm told they no longer teach Morse Code in the military but I know several current servicemen who said they learned it on there own.

Personally, my current expenses since my husband died run about $200 over my monthly income, I'm currently involved in updating some skills, if God is merciful I may be able to support myself soon, but in the meantime widows benefits don't do it. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for trying so hard to make mortgage payments since they plan on taking all property anyhow, but God says, to keep working at it, so I do.

. Our troops surely will not be left to be slaughtered . They will find away out of this . But when they get back it may be Katy bar the door.

Your question puzzles me, Twana.  Who are the "we" you are referring to?  If you mean the average Citizen there is really little "we" can do, if and when, the "economy collapses" as we'll be lucky to maintain our own perimeters, if you will.  The time to do something about the problem was BEFORE "we" elected the boobs, from the White House on down, who are largely responsible for the sad shape our Country is presently in.  The Constitution makes it clear that the prime responsibility of our government is to insure the security of this Country.   As I see it that does not equate to spreading American troops all over the globe.  With few exceptions, bring them home!  If "we" are serious the time to address the issue is NOW by pressuring our Senators and Representatives and to vote responsibly at every election.   We can't wait until,   "... all hell breaks loose here".   It will be far too late then. 

YES; after the fact will be no good.   So ? - We need to draft a letter to Who ? - - Our Senators and Reps, The Armed Services committee, The JCS,?  Bring in the VFW and the American Legion ? OR - - - ? 

I hate to tell you folks, but our Congressmen and women in both houses will not do one thing to bring our troops home and I believe they intend to "Bust this Country Economically and as Fast as they can" and then execute "Martial Law", UN 21 and confiscation of weapons and moving patriots who do NOT comply to FEMA camps as fast as they can. I believe in the end, our servicemen and women will be stranded in the war zones to be slaughtered.   All the pieces of Legislation to do the above actions have been signed into Law with the help of our do nothing Congress.....God help us all, the fight will begin soon....

Twana, I am sorry it is off topic, but our present government in power HAVE SHOWN BY THEIR ACTIONS, that they don't give a "S@&T about the people in this country much less the Troops. That is the TRUTH...

Senator Sessions sounded a "little upset" with the cabal. Maybe he, and the Senate Armed Services Committee, (if that's the name of his committee) would be a good place to start.

I would hate to think what could happen to our men and women in SAND BOX HELL HOLE.  I would think they may be brought back to police us.  Then again they took an Oath and Policing Us wasn't any part of it.  If and when the economy does collapses the ones that live day by day or hand to mouth are the ones that will hurt the most.  Those who have bought up food and water along with weapons and ammo will be on top.  If the economy does collapse be ready to take lives.  This is just my 2cents worth.

I would like to believe in my heart, that those sitting on the Joints Chief of Command, would ensure that we would not leave any behind.  Yes, I do remember Nam, and a few other spots. The difference now is that even though the Marxist are attempting run the country, the Military still has some say in mobilization and utilization. And we do still have a few in congress who might speak up.  We can only pray, and make our voices heard.

Yes Sir Doc; PRAYER, but Perhaps PETITION and PRAYER............Directedto GOD and the JCS



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