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QUESTION TO WOMEN: Who is willing to join with me in a Women's Constitutional Club (or something of the sort) stand up to and combat the feminazis movement?

QUESTION TO WOMEN: Who is willing to join with me in a Women's Constitutional Club (or something of the sort) stand up to and combat the feminazis movement?

They are a big influence in the American way of thinking now - by design.

I posted a comment in a post I posted this morning:

" you read this and if your thoughts move toward 'but what about the mother' - ask yourself if maybe that is the feminazi movement mindset that have been drilled into our brains, by the so-called/self-titled womens rights movement that claims to be for womens rights but turns a blind eye to true wars on women and instead fights to demoralize, demonize, berate, and dominate men AND fight to kill their babies. That movement, is also part of the communist movement intended to destroy social fabric, allowing communism to advance in any society ill-prepared to defend. Same as turning men into women."

I just vetted a new person wanting to join PFA and during the vetting I found her connected to a feminazi working groups and orgs. That didn't surprise me. I did expect it. This person said they wanted to join to teach us constitution classes. What type of a constitution class would a women connected to a feminazis teach? There are a lot of people with a lot of different agendas wanting to teach constitution classes (all with their twists). And yes I know of some that are members here already.

I've been watching the feminazi movement for a long time. This is a battle in the war that is going on in our country right now. This is also a fight that we women will have to stand up and battle. The men can't do it. It's not their fight, it's ours.

True conservative ladies, this is our fight! We have to stand up to it. I don't mean with open arms and accept any and every women in .... not every women has good intentions.....I've had it with watching how the feminazi movement affects every issue we try to address and unify around. Their divisive hands are in it all. It's a tool that they have found works for them because no one wants to be shamed by or labeled any of the names they call folks for not submitting to their domination. Just like CAIR, just like Jesse Jackson, etc. Same tactic.

We ourselves use some rational from their talking points....until we realize what it is and where it came from and the agenda behind it.

By the way, this group will not be used for electioneering nor for any candidate. And please only invite women you know are not feminazis. I don't want to make this about changing their minds....I'm personally through with that. They are our enemies - we go in with eyes open and knowing our enemy.

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Count me in. It's time.

Please add my name to the list.

An excellent initiative with huge potential to counter the betraying feminazi and other threats.  Twana will establish a PFA group that will give ease of organization and communication.

count me in...

Where do I sign? Sounds awesome...just like Twana!! I'm in.

Done! I'm #4. Not too shabby. Let's kick some ass.


Please check out this website.  They have been organizing conservative women as well.

I'm in.

Sounds good to me!



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