Constitutional Emergency

I find it interesting that the Athiest's , agnostic's and unbelievers are silent to a man as the Head of the Catholic Faith speaks the Words of God in the halls of Government. At any other time they would be up in arms at the Wirds of Christ or Prayer held within our Government. I'm asking myself why there is such a loud silence? Surly they have a hatred of such speech and freedoms. I think what I am seeing is that when the majority stands up the minority has to remain silent. It reminds me if a group of Muslim parents who were outraged at a local High School for not closing for a week to honor a Muslim holiday. One Muslim mother said " Just because air one day we will outnumber you and then we will change things!". I'm hoping that Believers who have an eye to see would realize that when you unite together and speak out the minority will lose. That's exactly what the Muslims and this administration is determined to do, to marginalized Christianity. We are I believe losing out Christian religious freedoms because the church is silent. The price for silence is the lose of our God given Rights.
I also wonder where the worlds of encouragement ar from Athiests and unbelievers are during times of Crisis, but that's a discussion for another day....

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"I think what I am seeing is that when the majority stands up the minority has to remain silent."

Yeah, Regan, now that you mention it, the lack of "separation of church and state" complaints are surprising; however, I was thinking more along the lines of Francis supporting the NWO might actually be true.  Since when has being a minority ever stopped the 1%?

"That's exactly what the Muslims and this administration is determined to do, to marginalized Christianity."

The banksters' forces getting mostly Muslims killed flies in the face of that assessment.  At the end of the day, they need any religion incompatible with the NWO's religion to go.

"The so-called 'clash of civilizations' we read about on the corporate media is really a war between banking systems, with the private central bankers forcing themselves onto the rest of the world, no matter how many millions must die for it. Indeed the constant hatemongering against Muslims lies in a simple fact. Like the ancient Christians (prior to the Knights Templars' private banking system), Muslims forbid usury, or the lending of money at interest.


"And that is the reason our government and media insist they must be killed or converted. They refuse to submit to currencies issued at interest. They refuse to be debt slaves."

~ "All Wars Are Bankers' Wars," Michael Rivero

Din.. I believe your exactly right on the Banksters. And your take on Muslims and Usery is an interesting insight. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing that, I didn't put that together.

You're right Regan, The silence is deafening, yet it speaks volumes. LOUD AND CLEAR.

I'm thinking perhaps it's time to stir up a little noise,,,,,,,make something happen.

I'm thinking maybe we should park something like this image in front of the White House.


After hearing the Pope validate the Koran and kissing it, asking that we be tolerant of all religions I am convinced that he does NOT speak the Words of God and that he is a leader who will be used to usher in a one World religion. Christ was adenent about defending His Word and the Apostiles spoke at length about the need in not allowing false beliefs to enter the Church. The Popes words tell me everything I need to know about his true beliefs. I don't care how humble he pretends to be or the car he drives. He is a wolf in Sheeps clothing. And I would admonish anyone who thinks he is Gods represenatives on earth to search the scriptures to see if my comments are wrong. His lack of defending the Truth and calling out false religions define him as a False Teacher.
I know I have probably offended some Catholics by my statements, but I feel I have to defend the scriptures as a believer called of God that is my duty. One last thing, the Pope saying "after all we are all Children of God". Is not scriptural. We are all created by God but his True Children know Him by name, they are filled with the Holy Spirit they are know as His Bride and they follow Him. Remember the Words of Jesus when He spoke to the unbelievers He said you donot hear my words because you are not of My Father but you are of your Father the Devil". I can't stress how import and it is to know the scriptures and to judge EVERYTHING through its lens.

The best scams always have a little truth in them.  Just as not all Christians "do what Abraham did," some non-Christians do.  If you haven't heard Sheikh Hosein's explanation on how Islam's eschatology also supports assisting Jesus in the battle against the Anti-Christ, it's a good listen.



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