UPDATE 9-17-10

Harry Reid's Illegal Alien Student Bailout

The High Cost of Cheap Labor Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget

Washington (CNN) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday he will add the DREAM Act, a controversial immigration measure, to a defense policy bill the Senate will take up next week. The decision means the defense bill, which often passes with bipartisan support, will be home to two major, thorny political issues – the other being the repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell"

Reid called the DREAM Act "really important" and said it should be passed because it provides a path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants who go to college or serve in the military. DREAM is an
acronym for Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act.

"I know we can't do comprehensive immigration reform," Reid said at a news conference. "But those Republicans we had in the last Congress have left us." Many Hispanic voters are angry with Democratic leaders for not doing more to pass an immigration overhaul. The decision by Reid to add the DREAM Act now could help soothe that anger. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell called Reid's decision "needlessly controversial." The Senate will need 60 votes to take up the bill next week, and Reid said Tuesday he doesn't know if he has enough votes.


Sen. Pryor of Arkansas 202-224-2353

Sen. Landrieu of Louisiana 202-224-5824

Sen. Stabenow of Michigan 202-224-4822

Sen. McCaskill of Missouri 202-224-6154

Sen. Baucus of Montana 202-224-2651

Sen. Tester of Montana 202-224-2644

Sen. Conrad of North Dakota 202-224-2043

Sen. Dorgan of North Dakota 202-224-2551


Sen. LeMeiux of Florida 202-224-3041

Sen. Collins of Maine 202-224-2523

Sen. Snowe of Maine 202-224-5344

Sen. Brown of Massachusetts 202-224-4543

Sen. Johanns of Nebraska 202-224-4224

Sen. Gregg of New Hampshire 202-224-3324

Sen. Hutchison of Texas 202-224-5922



Sen. Murkowski of Alaska 202-224-6665

Sen. Lugar of Indiana 202-224-4814

Sen. Brownback of Kansas 202-224-6521

Sen. Voinovich of Ohio 202-224-3353


Sen. Begich of Alaska 202-224-3004

Sen. Shaheen of New Hampshire 202-224-2841

Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico 202-224-6621

Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio 202-224-2315

Sen. Wyden of Oregon 202-224-5244

Sen. Casey of Pennsylvania 202-224-6324

Sen. Johnson of South Dakota 202-224-5842

Sen. Warner of Virginia 202-224-2023

Sen. Webb of Virginia 202-224-4024

Sen. Goodwin of West Virginia 202-224-3954

Sen. Rockefeller of West Virginia 202-224-6472

Domestic Enemies of the United States

(AR) Lincoln
(CA) Boxer
(CA) Feinstein
(CO) Bennet (not Bennett of Utah)
(CO) Udall (not Udall of New Mexico)
(CT) Dodd
(CT) Lieberman

(DE) Carper
(DE) Kaufman

(FL) Nelson

(HI) Akaka
(HI) Inouye

(IL) Burris
(IL) Durbin
(IN) Bayh
(IN) Lugar
(IA) Harkin

(MD) Cardin
(MD) Mikulski
(MA) Kerry
(MI) Levin
(MN) Franken
(MN) Klobuchar

(NV) Reid
(NJ) Lautenberg
(NJ) Menendez
(NM) Bingaman
(NY) Gillibrand
(NY) Schumer

(OR) Merkley

(PA) Specter

(RI) Reed
(RI) Whitehouse

(VT) Leahy
(VT) Sanders

(WA) Cantwell
(WA) Murray
(WI) Feingold


  • Nelson (D-Neb.)
  • Hagan (D-N.C.)
  • McCain (R-Ariz.)
  • Graham (R-S.C.)
  • Bennett [R-Utah)
  • Hatch (R-Utah)

this list is compiled by Roy Beck and NumbersUSA.com

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  • Our voices have no longer being listened to as example Obama care financial reform and many other bill have been passed into law even though the majority of the American people have objected and voiced their displeasure.
    We no longer have a representative government, of the people, buy the people, for the people. It has become under influential control of special interest and labor unions, only we the people get involved in the election process and then set aside for the Congress and Senate to be left to their own devices and directive from the unions and lobbyist.
    With the win of Christen O'Donnell in Delaware, against the established GOP candidate is a testament of the peoples disgust with the political elite. They want people that will represent them as people and not as interest groups.
    Nov. is going to be the first test in many to test the American people's resolve and commitment to putting this country back on the right road to constitutional government and not socialized democracy to start and finally complete control communism.
    I hope there will be more of these patriotic people come forward and help save this nation from assured destruction of what we stand for and have for over 230 years. We are a very young nation but we are also a very strong nation let us keep it that way. When you go to the polls to vote vote for a constitutional conservative.
  • We need to get someone to pass a law that new bills can only deal with ONE topic at time, and NOT have any sort of pork barrels or other "add-ons" to any of them. This business of tacking on some absurd political agenda piece of crap like DREAM, which doesn't need passed anyway, onto something like defense spending is just wrong and nuts. It doesn't matter what age the kids are, they're here illegally too, and if their parents brought them here and forced this on them, that's a shame, but it's NOT the responsibility of the US to pay for that crime! If they want to be citizens, they need to do it according to the existing laws, same as everyone else; not be rewarded for a crime. And if the Hispanics are upset, that's just too bad; most of the ones angry are here illegally or have illegal kin here anyway.
    • If we had Single Item Bills, the Health Care (Obama Care) would have been a Pamphlet instead of 2400 pages.
  • Hello Lock - where did you live in NV.? I did too....23 yrs. I interviewed Harry several times when he was a new Congressman, then later as U.S. Senator. I wrote many editorials; none too pleasing to Harry. He sold out many yrs. ago - and it's a shame, because at one time, Harry cared about representing citizens. I guess the establishment was just too much for old Harry....

    The establishment is sure getting the message today; we're fed up and taking back the House/Country!
  • Dirty Harry is at it again...
    Desperate to be re-elected, the Senate Majority leader isattempting to cull the Hispanic vote by ramming a piece-mealamnesty plan through the Senate...
    Even worse, he's using the brave men and women of our U.S.military as pawns in his dishonest amnesty game! Multiple sources are reporting that byattaching the Dream Act (a bill grantingamnesty to illegals who have either graduatedfrom high school, earned their GED, or servedin the military) to the defense reauthorization bill as soon as today - Reid is betting that Republicans will not oppose a bill that funds the troops.

    This is a despicable attempt by a self-obsessedman vacant of any integrity -- desperate and willing to do whatever necessary to hold on to his job.

    Pro-amnesty groups are calling Reid's plan" an important stepping stone to comprehensive immigration reform."

    Reid has little time to execute his deceptive plan, and in fact, is pressing hard for a vote as soon as next week! That means we must respond immediately by blitzing Reid,and other key members of the Senate with tens of thousands of faxes demanding a NO VOTE ON THE DREAM ACT NIGHTMARE!

    This is more than just another amnesty push.

    Reid is now using the U.S. military - youngmen and women who depend on our tax-dollars for their safety and security.

    Unless Americans respond in blistering fashion, there is agood chance that Reid may actually succeed in opening the door to widespread amnesty.

    Our sources have told us a vote is expected as soon as next week.

    Please take immediate action.

    We cannot allow Harry Reid, or anyone else to hold our militarymen and women hostage in order to pass an amnesty bill that will lead to the destruction of our nation! After sending your faxes, please alert your friends.

    To find who your Rep is, see here: http://www.conservativeusa.org/mega-cong.htm

    NAME: My Name Here
    FAX NUMBER: my home number with area code (no hyphens XXXXXXXXXX)

    NAME: Sen. Harry Reid
    COMPANY: US Senate Leader
    Fax: 2022247327 (no hyphens)

    Copy and paste into body of fax:
    I am outraged that Congress is considering attaching a pro-amnesty amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill. This is a cynical and cowardly act by desperate politicians who want to pass their agenda through the back door!

    I oppose the DREAM Act, especially as an amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill. This is nothing more than an effort by pro-amnesty politicians to pass the amnesty agenda in a piece-meal manner. Americans are fed up with such legislative deception and we are demanding that this type of behavior stop immediately.

    Vote "No" on any pro-amnesty amendments to the Defense Appropriations bill such as the DREAM Act. And vote NO if the final bill includes this amnesty provision. I will be watching closely.

    He's willing to withhold financial support in favor of illegal aliens who are living in ournation!

    It's an utter abomination and we are URGING everyone to respond - to send Reid and others a stark, no-nonsense message that his actions will not be tolerated!
  • Comprehensive means amnesty in democratic language.Harry Reid also wants to give social security bennefits to ilegals.
    How long are we going to put up with this sh-t.
  • DINGY HARRY: i guess obama put you up to this, as i know your not smart enough to do this on your own? if everyone votes this down...(cause of your tricks)...you will pay a bigger price................AMERICANS are getting a little pissed off...your pushing to many buttons.....WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND? .....SO, no vote, they will come HOME....AND THEY SHOULD, WE WILL NEED THEM HERE, TO FIX AMERICA, AFTER YOU ALL HAVE ''DESTROYED AMERICA......
  • And they wonder why the voters HATE congress
  • I am 70 yrs old, but still getting it. I know that Harry Reid was a boxer, but I was a brown belt in Ishinryue Karate, way back there in 1960. I would love to get in the ring with Harry, and get it on. I can guarantee you that I would be the last man standing.
  • Why the hell is NEV even voting this ABSOLUTE POS in?
    Just like where I live in AZ, these IDIOTS voted McCain again.
    I could just DIE
This reply was deleted.