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A lot has been said and written, but this promises to break the case wide open!

Ambassador Stevens carried through the streets of Benghazi for 5 hours while US media alleged he was being helped to the hospital? More Obama White House lies!

Ambassador Stevens carried through the streets of Benghazi for 5 hours while US media alleged he was being helped to the hospital? More Obama White House lies!

There have been many theories and accusations about the Benghazi fiasco that not only cost Ambassador J. Christian Stevens his life, but the lives of his staff and one Navy Seal body-guard as well. This action which led to a complete conflagration of terrorist attacks against US diplomatic buildings throughout the Middle East and North Africa still remains largely uninvestigated by the government, unprosecuted by AG Eric Holder’s Depart of Justice, and refuses to bring the guilty parties to justice while many know the truth and are not coming forward. Even though President Obama is implicated in this oversees tragedy still the truth has not emerged.

That has all changed. Finally, an authoritative figure with the proper credentials has stepped up to the plate to tell the true story of what did happen without the lies and cover-ups that have so far kept those guilty of murder from standing trial. The admission on the part of this man will likely blow the Benghazi scandal wide open and lead to arrests if we can get our legal system to act as it should. That, however, is a big if.


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The story as it truly unfolded

According to a report from the Washington Times, retired 4 Star Admiral James Lyons reveals the entire plot that led to the deaths of Americans in Libya that could have been prevented, who gave the orders, and why events took place as they tragically did. Admiral James Lyons is probably the highest ranking figure ever to intervene in a federal government criminal case, and testify. Thanks to this man’s dedication to his country and the truth, we will finally know the truth and who was responsible.

In his words Lyons says that the attack on Benghazi was a bungled kidnapping attempt to be perpetrated upon Ambassador Stevens. This was to appear to be a hostage exchange for a terrorist prisoner who was to be released in trade for a supposedly captured US ambassador. The trade would have been for Omar Abdel Rahman an international prisoner, known as the Blind Sheikh.

This apparent abduction by terrorists of our ambassador and then negotiated trade for the Blind Sheikh would have been the “October Surprise” that would have elevated President Obama’s flagging popularity and boosted his approval ratings for a re-election. A dramatic prisoner exchange that saved our ambassador’s life However, something went horribly wrong. A cunning and illegal bit of treachery by the Obama White House turned into something entirely different. Obama’s October surprise turned into a carnage orchestrated by the White House itself as the President, Leon Panetta, and CIA Director, David Petraeus watched via a UAV real-time feed as a 7 hour attack on the Benghazi Embassy raged. Reportedly, stand down orders were given several times to different units within striking distance.

A plot of pure deception

With what should have been only a staged kidnapping of Ambassador J. Christian Stevens, instead, Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty refused a stand down order and began doing their job of protecting the ambassador using force. Immediately the well-trained Seals began inflicting heavy casualties upon the terrorists who thought they were merely in a cake walk to abduct Ambassador Stevens without mishap. As a result of the plan going awry, a massive attack arose from the anger of the terrorists who felt they had been betrayed by President Obama. In the aftermath of the battle which saw Navy Seal Glen Doherty was killed after the embassy had been overrun along with the ambassador’s staff. Ambassador Steven’s whose body showed up 5 hours later at a Benghazi hospital supposedly overcome by smoke as the initial press reports indicated was, in fact, raped, tortured, and dragged around Benghazi in retaliation for the botched Obama White House plan.

Obama hands over Libya to Al Qaeda

Was this just a freak occurrence that belies the true nature of dealings in Libya with American diplomatic efforts, just one glitch in normal standard operating procedure? No, according to former Admiral Lyons and many others such as Glen Beck, who have all uncovered evidence that lead to much more sinister deeds being undertaken. Evidence of a working relationship between the US and its alleged terrorist enemies had already delivered Libya to the Al Qaeda terrorist organization through infiltration of the government, media, and general society prior to the rebellion against Muammar Gaddafi that toppled the dictator last year. That the US has worked with Al Qaeda awarding them security contracts for all US embassies and consulates as well as border protection has instead allowed Libya to become a haven for numerous terrorist operators who have automatic access to Libya’s territory to carry out their training. All this with the support and blessing of the Obama administration. This is not only unthinkable, but beyond excuse or rationalization. There should already be indictments for many in the state department, in the DOJ, all the way up to the oval office, yet, so far nothing has been done.

Treason plain and simple

It goes even farther than that. Evidence indicates that Ambassador Stevens was being used as an arms dealer to supply Jihadists in the region to support yet another uprising in Syria. Just prior to the murder of our ambassador, he was trying to locate guns that had been walked across Libya’s border to other countries just as the ATF had done in operation Fast and Furious on the border of Mexico. These are not the actions of inexperience or bad intelligence. They are the actions of traitorous intention. President Obama will, no doubt, be linked to these deaths and operations if Congress will only act, and do its duty in prosecuting a treasonous president who is endangering national security.

There is no where else for a Congressional investigation to turn other than naming the conspirators, determining when officials knew, and assembling the evidence that murder was committed on behalf of the White House to silence those who knew and could testify. Through out the Obama presidency over the last four years the administration has master minded operations that have caused numerous controversies and crises.

When will the GOP take action?

The Republicans have missed opportunities to discredit the President, to impeach Obama in the wake of waging war against Libya without Congressional approval, and allowed executive privilege to  quash subpoenaed demands for evidence on Fast and Furious never released by AG Eric Holder. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, has refused to exercise initiative whenever the GOP could have used much-needed momentum to stem the tide against the incessant assaults against state’s rights, constitutional rights, and the traditional institutions of America. Will the recent damning evidence now uncovered over the Benghazi fiasco thanks to Admiral James Lyons be implemented to convict the President of potential high treason, or will we see yet another case of criminal acts ignored and hidden at the expense of the American people? If you bother to take interest and act as a responsible citizens contact your congressman and demand action!

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what is shared by an American Terrorist, an Islamic Terrorist and a Racist?

answer - The White House.

I have listened personally, face to face, with Egyptians who watched and listened to Ambassador Stephens being raped and tortured on Egyptian TV, the day of the attack.  Footage of this TV publication to all of Egypt should be shown to our illustrious Senate.....after it is shown on our TV's.....but alas, which station????????

Skip congress and just send a copy to all of the net works and others. See who shows what Egypt viewed.  A disclaimer will be needed because of excessive violence. 

I have been contacting and pushing since this happened. Senator Ayotte has been working on it, my Congresswomen is an uninterested Dem, and Shaheen is complicit in all atrocities.

Obama has to answer for this.

The only answer we need is the sounds of chains rattling and the snap of a rope at Leavenworth, Kansas along with 525 House of Represenatives and 100 senators from the Congress, might as well put the entire Supreme Court in this listing and the rest of the Liberals and Communist party of Washington into the Federal Prison at Leavenworth....... then we can start over in this country as a "True Republic" and if you don't espouse Conservative Values, then YOU CAN'T HOLD OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES....Period.

Ive been saying for a long time Stevens was running, even geraldo (whom i cant stand) has said same thing. I barley remember hearing SOMETHING about obama talking about releasing the shiek. I wonder how long its going to take for THIS info to come out...IF it ever does. I was listening to sean hannitys show on Patriot radio on May 6th and a man called in saying HE was operating the camera on the drone flying over the attack that night. He said nobody has talked to him at all OR even asked to see the recording from that night! He also told hannity he could view the recording himself thru the freedom of info act and sean said he would. Keep expecting him to talk about it on his Fox show, but for some reason, he hasnt yet.

The GOP is always stalling and in this case, waiting for the mulsim liar in chief to assassinate all the witnesses, just like they assassinated ST6.

Please get someone  in DC to hand deliver this infor to each office.of the 525 Reps and 100 Senators--

When will Adm. James Lyons speak publicly about his first hand knowledge of the Benghazi attacks!!  I want the films of J Christopher Stevens being tortured and raped played on all the net works!!!  The treasonous Muslim, Marxist bastard and all of his ilk need to be tried for treason and then a public Hanging is in order as a warning to all tyrrants!!!


Upon waking up on the morning of 9-12-12 and learning of Our Ambassador and fellow Americans were murdered, I knew right then  something wasn't right and made contact with both my sen's and congressman and maintain contact with them. No movement at all for as far as I am concerned from all three offices. I was outraged then and still outraged now for these murders to have been allowed to happen. As an Abn Infantryman I performed a number of DRF's(Division Ready Force prepared top deploy any where in the world at a moments notice) with the 82nd Abn Div 1973-77. I reenlisted for Korea upon arriving to my company in DEC 1977 I deployed with the company for a QRF (Quick Reaction Force 30 day mission) Thunderbolt Force prepared to deploy anywhere in Korea at a moments notice. How in the world did Our Ambassador and fellow American's become murdered  on 9-11-12 When as far as I am concerned it shouldn't have happen before 9-11-01 let alone after 9-11-01 when every American base and office should have been on heighten security since 30Aug thru 30 Sept. THE RED PHONE WAS RINGING OFF THE WALL FROM THE CIC ON DOWN THEY REFUSED TO ANSWER IT. ALL MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THERE ACTIONS OR LACK OF ACTION THAT ALLOWED THESE MURDERS TO HAVE HAPPEN. FROM THE TOP DOWN. IN MY HEART AND SOUL THIS IS TREASON AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS. This is no party issue, race issue this is The Knowingly abandonment of Our Ambassador and fellow Americans to have been murdered.



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