Constitutional Emergency

Russia does what it needs to do........Blow pirates boats up, take out jihadi leaders! Other countries should take the responsibility of dealing with jihadis plotting in their countries too.




A Muslim spiritual leader has been shot dead in the Russian Caucasus republic of North Ossetia.

Deputy mufti Ibragim Dudarov was hit by several bullets fired at his car as he was driving home late on Wednesday, near the regional capital Vladikavkaz.

There have been similar attacks on Muslim leaders this year in the Russian republics of Dagestan and Tatarstan.

The motive in Dudarov's case is not clear. The mufti said his deputy "was not in conflict with anyone".

He called the attack "a stab in the back", linking it to Dudarov's work in a local Muslim spiritual organisation. But he said Islamist militants - blamed for many attacks in nearby Dagestan and Chechnya - were not active in North Ossetia.

North Ossetia is a mainly Christian republic which was ravaged by fighting between Christian Ossetians and Muslim Ingush in the early 1990s.

Dudarov, 38, lived in the village of Chmi near Vladikavkaz with his wife and four children, the youngest being a girl born just a month ago, Russia's website reports.

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Good for the Russians.

that's how you do it, no BS


I'd be willing to bet they don't have any versions of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton in Russia either that would make a big media blitz in the aftermath telling everyone what a nice terrorist he was.

"America is not, and never will be, at war with Islam." -- Barry Soetoro, 2010 (after WTC disaster)

Can anyone imagine FDR, socialist though he was, making such a statement about Japan after Pearl Harbor?  It's very hard to win a war if the enemy can't -- or won't -- be identified.

They most certainly are at war with us.  Libs haven't noticed yet... probably never will until their heads are on the chopping block.

Haven't you noticed that they're aiding and abetting?

Yeah; I am convinced that they believe that the muzzies are sufficiently powerful to bring America down, and that's why they are on that side -- the libs have been trying to do so for a century without success.  They're hoping that their treachery will be rewarded by the muzzies after the fall, completely ignorant of the monster they are creating, not to mention that there are many more patriots than quislings in our country.


Putin is a mafia thug who regularly eliminates Russian journalists who exercise free speech; he has had a lot of practice.

i am starting to like the russians

Aldo - The Russian government is as corrupt, if not more so,than our own because of the lesser restraints they opperate under. BUT, most of the common people of Russia only want the same things that we in America want. They are good people.



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