For anyone with my past as a submariner this is a very scary scenario that should have never happened. I don't know why it has happened but there is something very wrong with this.

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This was sent in an email from the Patriots Union. I can't go to deeply into any details because I am no longer aware of what may or may not be classified but suffice it to say that into the early 90's this could never have been a possibility. If there ever was a Russian sub in our waters we knew when it entered and when it left and tracked it the entire time it was here. That is why I say that there is something very wrong here.

We have become a pussy country! They know we ( The Gov.) will not do anything! Look at all the nato troops that are here now. " I live my life, that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil and muslims say, " OH CRAP!!! HE IS AWAKE!!! "

I just saw this same story posted on the blaze, Glenn Becks site. It originated with the Washington free beacon.

Anyone think that maybe we allowed the Russian sub to go into the gulf and the fact that it was there was accidentally found out by someone who wasn't supposed to know? What kind of stuff are they trying to pull here. I can tell you that the Acula sub is not quiet enough to elude detection of our fast attacks that roam throughout the atlantic. Besides the sonar net it would have to cross that has been in place for years and been used for that very purpose. We track their movements ALWAYS. At least we used to....What has changed, we know when they leave their home port and which particular sub it is by the sound signature. Does anyone think that it could get into the gulf undetected???



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