Constitutional Emergency

San Francisco And Oakland Crowds Hand Over Guns in Buyback

Folks who just made themselves cannon fodder!



In San Francisco and Oakland on Saturday, citizens brought their guns to sell to the police in return for cash. Every volunteer who returned a gun was $200 richer walking away. The line was so long in San Francisco that there was no cash left after lunchtime and I.O.U.s were substituted instead.

Oakland’s citizens gave even more guns back, including assault weapons and Ak-47s; the line of people returning guns, which was comprised of those standing and those in cars, was almost two miles long. A limit of three per person was imposed.

Oakland’s police chief, Howard Jordan, said, "When we remove guns off our streets that could be used in a crime, we reduce the possibility of our youth and community being a victim.”

There’s only one problem with this scenario: in all likelihood, it’s the law-abiding citizens returning guns. The criminals are not about to surrender theirs. All reports from the scene quote people who were highly unlikely to use their firearms for criminal activity in the first place.

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Oh yes, the land of fruits and nuts. I am sure some folks turned in some real POS for the $200, which gave them about a 100% ROI. Looking at the pile, there are some real keepers in the long guns, wonder if the SFPD ould entertain some bids so as to recover the money paid out. Bet most of those are in private collections by New Year's Day. Also did not see, but figured it was part of the deal, none of the guns would be run through the data base for crime association, and I'm sure reporters did not ask or tell if they knew.

Bet at least the $200 bounty/gun will find the previous owner looking for another before May Day.

The bad guys that live and operate in the Oakland/SanFran area are laughing their butts off. They know that the odds have just been stacked in their favor so they are now free to rob, rape, pillage, etc without having to worry as much about being shot by the civilian population (civilian population = DUMMIES).

San Francisco...I thought they didn't like guns...must be selling heirlooms?

Well, nothing like a disarmed homo.


It looks like the ones who voted for this will be the easiest targets.

Trade a weapon for a fruit cake-Those people are scary!!!!

You are so right! ..these are the idiots that voted for this and put us all in the line of fire.

Have you all considered that this might be phoney. False flags and all. You know how the sheeple are they believe anything. If the media says everyones voting for a certain guy so you might as well vote for our guy as your guy doesnt have a chance . They could just be trying the same thing here in this instance. You know everybody is turning in their guns and you should follow suit. When in reality , no one is turning in their guns. Im sorry folks , i just do not trust anyone in government from top to bottom. I dont believe anything they say.

@ brenda herbert  ~ I have to agree with you Brenda, about not believing anything the government or MSM tries to ram down intelligent people's throats. But this particular issue / event. is probably true. Atleast the "turn-in event" ! San Fran and Oakland giving $200.00 / weapon limit 3 / person. Now these idiots in government are spending tax dollars to further their agenda - typical progressive/socialist game plan. But what are they getting for their $200.00 per weapon ?  It seems rather stupid (definition of Progressive / Liberal / Socialists ) that someone would turn in a weapon that could be sold on Craig's List in  5 minutes for 2 - 3 time that amount if it is good working order.  A lot of times they allow air rifle / pistols and pellet guns to be turned in as "Firearms". And it would not surprise me to see a few "airsoft" TOYS in the mix ( although a lot of the 'airsoft' weapons cost more than $200.00 a pop ! They are expensive 1:1 scale models. )


     Its really tough to carry concealed anyway when you are walking around stark naked !!

     California is truly the land of fruits ,nuts & flakes   !!!


@ Charlie ~  You forget about those 'Fanny Pac's' they can wear. Have to have somewhere to stash your drug of choice,make-up,I.D.,etc. They make those for concealed carry also. Also it depends on how big of a  'belly roll' or how much 'breast sag' the individual has. LMAO - ROTF !



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