The blackout has been on for 2 days and you're out getting more wood.
You shut your chain saw off to take a breather.
Just then you hear them and when you look up you see this.
They're setting down all over the place.
You can see at least 20 of them, could be more.
While you're looking at them, you hear diesel engines down by the road.
You count 20 at least.
They're stopping in pairs.
Just then 2 pair of A10 Warthogs passes over you.

What do you do?

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I always think, where I live, that the Chinese are attempting to to a D-day style attack on Monterey, California. Fort Ord and the Presidio of Monterey where placed here for a reason. Especially since Odumbo can't lead a cub scout troop and the whole world knows it.

I still don't think Odumbo could get the Infantry, Rangers, Special Forces and Marine Infantry to do his biding, he might have the perfumed princes in the Pentagon whispering sweet nothing at cocktail parties to his massive ego but they have forgotten how to lead long ago.

I'd get don't on my knees and start talking to JESUS! Help me JESUS!

OMG  Just shoot yourself !

Don't move, movement attracts attention.  Count number of aircraft and types.  Look for unit identification.  Watch to see in what direction they are headed.  Get to a radio to listen to local news.  If you have anyway to communicate with like minded people, let them know and ask them to see what they can find out. 

I am already at my safe place, preparations are already complete. now I watch/wait/report/plan/react accordingly.

I would try to remain quiet and watch.

Fire the chainsaw back up and go say hello.


Stop, take a breather.  Relax and be still.  Observe and take notes, and wait for them to leave or it gets dark and then leave.  Then formulate a new plan while including others that can be trusted.

I thought people would take this much more serious than the post I have seen ? This scenario as describe by Twana is a LOT , MUCH , MORE , GREATER , threat than some of the past scenarios that have been presented to us ! The sound of desile vehicle indicate a military force is moving into or through your area  . .. . The fact that aircraft have landed and a warhog is flying over head makes me speechless that rural people take no more notice of this than any post ! HELLO ! ANYONE HOME ABOVE YOUR SHOULDERS ?

This is a contengency force of unknown size setting up communicating and a base in your back yard ! They are organizing to disarm and control , log , and locate all dwellings and possible Patriot cells . I made a comment earlier to a lady that said she would fall on her knees and cry for Jeasus to help and for her to just shoot herself ? This was a bit harsh so explination needed . Anyone who does nothing such as let his chain saw rest and wave to them had just as well do the same thing !


This type of action is the real deal divide and conqoure ( I know I spell awful ) But my blood is boiling ! wITH THE REACTIONS TO THIS THREAD  this action by the who ever in aircract and desile equptment most likely armored vehicles has just moved into main stree USA and taken control with out firing a shot with the comment made by the posters so far ! Bend over and kiss your ars good by .

You better do some recon evaluation and decide your course of action and fast ! Even the national Guard can have a functioning fortified base set up in 24 hours and then they start the mission . So Pray, cut your wood wave hello and be prepaired to be in a camp much like the one in the old movie Red Dawn ! Because they will have records and they will round up all leaders including preachers 1st and if not prepaored local defiant lawenforcement ! You are witnessing the beginning of the end whth the attitudes posted in this thread so far !


I am sick to my belly and this is just what I harp on that a civilian force of non train armed idiots will do more harm than good ! It is way past time to set up Militias and train and orginize a chain of command and disipline in the ranks for not following the orders of higher ranking leaders ! All posters in this thread are dead meat or on the cattle farn for the New America and not the better Amercia !


Now I said it I stand by it and hit me with your best shot if you do not agree ! You people are cattle not even awake with all the effort that Twana has tried to inform you of ! so go back to praying and cutting wood and why not hav a bake sale for the invaders of your homes !

Dwight, when I saw you had posted I was ready to learn more from your wisdom in these matters. I was not disappointed.  Sorry to say I am not a trained Vet and therefore can only learn from Patriots like yourself. Your second to the last paragraph is true, sadly.  I was going to say I would grap bug out bag and head for designated meeting place, with other Patriots, and start planing how to defend ourselves. Please point out the flaws and errors in my plan.  I am anxious to hear what you have to say.  Please share what you would do.



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