From Chris Pangalos if questions. I've been tasked by FreedomWorks to help with security on 9/12 (NOTE: If you'd like to help with security, let me know by responding to this email. We have some really cool flourescent orange t-shirts) Here is the latest news and some rules. Feel free to distribute far and wide. I'll have an update re: the March as soon as DCMetro gives FreedomWorks the permit. Rally Point: Freedom Plaza 14th and Pennsylvania Ave NW Time: 0800 March Route: TBA ROE for signs: NO nazi symbols will be allowed. Anyone carrying a sign with a Nazi symbol will be asked to surrender the sign or leave the area. This includes images of Zero as Hitler. (Yes I know the left did it, but we are better than they are) The socialist images, however, will be encouraged. You know the ones I'm talking about. NO signs promoting violence or the like will be allowed. Same rule as above will apply. NO profanity on signs...same rule. (You can use words like damn and hell, but that's as far as I'm willing to go; and absolutely NO G__Damn) Behavior during the rally: Obey all LEO's without question or hesitation. Obey the directions of the security personnel and volunteers. They will be clearly identified. (Security will be in orange, volunteers will be in lime green.) Behave as if you were a guest in someone's home. We will present a positive image to the media which hopefully will be presented to the folks across America who couldn't make it. (Remember, my mother will be watching on TV unless I can convince her to come with us.) Interaction with potential counter-protesters, moonbats and assorted asshats/anarchists. (if they show-up) Maintain a safe zone. DO NOT TOUCH any counter-protester or moonbat. If you must argue with a moonbat, do so in a calm, reasoned and informed manner. If you see a potential for trouble, find security or LEO and inform them. If there is not time to get security or LEO's, be prepared to get arrested if you react to the disturbance and try to hande it on your own. We do expect you to protect yourself and those around you, however. Lastly, if you are not comfortable talking to media personnel, DON'T DO IT. Get someone who's good at it. Thats it, friends. It's time to take our message to Congress that we will not sit idly by while they destroy this country. Its time to show the world we care about the future. Come to DC on September 12 and be a part of history. Be a part of the largest PRO-AMERICA RALLY ever held. Bob Miller 804-916-0467

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  • Ron, I've seen him in his underwear. I'd stand with him, but not 'look' at him.
    (You know I love you, Bro.)
    • AWWWW, gimme a break Gary!
      I never said I was good-lookin' and how was I to know there would be someone up at 3am, when I stumbled out my room, to go to the bathroom??? Thanx again for letting me stay over, for our last trip to DC. Luv ya Brother! Kerry, MI GOE
  • Are there any other "rules and regulations" regarding signs (example sign holders: metal or wood, height, etc?) Boy, am I getting excited, less than 2 weeks to go.
  • Just a quick common sense notes re:security

    Do not forget your cell phone with fully charged batteries (and a charged backup battery)
    Have your lawyers phone number on speed dial, have your immediate family contacts/doctors on speed dial

    Never travel alone and have at least one video camera for each group on ready - again, fully charged batteries with backup
    at ANY hint of trouble or contact with moonbats - RECORD everything preferably from several angles
    have plenty of extra tapes/memory sticks to reload; send them away to a safe place as soon as they are full if possible

    carry flashlights for the dark time of the day - with a few extra fresh batteries

    a whistle is a good idea as proposed earlier as is a light first aid kit and extra water

    if you're taking any medication, take a couple of days worth of supply with you in case you're arrested

    Good luck and stay safe!
    God bless America
    • Great guidance Canuck.......thanks..........
      • If anyone has anything to add, please feel free to post. We can ( "Yes we can" :) compile a quick checklist for everyone thinking of attending this or any other future rally. Then post this checklist to as many conservative blogs as we can and email to all friends.
        And I have one more thing to add... Please leave your gun at home ;) Although a small pepper spray thing may not be a bad idea to have, especially for ladies.
  • Brothers & Sisters,
    Ron: I would consider it a singular HONOR to stand, shoulder to shoulder, with ANY Patriot willing to travel and stand on "the front lines", in defense of our beloved Nation and Constitution!!! God Bless her and YOU!
    Deb and Joe: Let me add my voice, to the chorus of other Patriots, saying what an EXCELLANT idea having a whistle with you is, should the unexpected occur! Criminals HATE it if you draw attention to their actions! Many times they will cease and desist, when you draw attention to yourself and them! (I personally did the same, when I witnessed a purse-snatching! It DOES work!) I would also like to add my voice in thanking you for your prayers, of safety, for all the Patriots attending the National TEA Party! May God richly bless you for your efforts! "Whatever you have done, even unto the least of my brothers, you have done unto Me." -Jesus Christ-
  • Kathy...........send your question to Chris Pangalos at

    I can see a need for female security.........
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