Short Update on Terry Trussell...........Share far and wide..........

FROM:  "Rodger Dowdell Jr" <>

On Saturday,, Marie and Canetha as well as Hagan got to see Terry through the glass and talk on the phone with him. They report his spirits are strong but he is looking physically a bit weaker.

1.Everyones calls and emails to Congressman Ted Yoho's office are helping them understand how broadbased the support is from the People to get Terry out of jail.Call Rep Yoho at 352-505-0838 or 904-276-9626
Please keep the calls and emails coming and we will likely get Ted's full attention and cooperation. As I mentioned before, Ted heard the audio of Terry's voice answering the judges call of his name. We have learned from two sources that the establishment claims the judge told Terry to approach the bench, but that is not what I remember nor what the recording on Jason's site supports.
2. We really need to get Terry's story out into the broad Dixie County community so we are putting an ad in both Dixie County newspapers this week.
3. Through a contact Jason Hoyt has, Jason and I met for a short period with Governor Scott today at a campaign event in Orlando. The purpose of the meeting was to ask him for a dedicated meeting with him about Terry's abuse by the courts. Based on the face to face request from Jason, Gov Scott agreed and gave us the number to call to set it up. We don't yet have a firm date, but we should shortly. Jason's ability to get the meeting this am, and then his request to the governor worked well.
The back story on the meeting today is I called Jason and left him a message that we needed to get a meeting with Governor Scott. I then dialed Hagan and while talking with Hagan  about 5 minutes later, I got a text across my screen that Jason had set up the meeting that took place today . I simply want to know how anyone can beat 5 minutes to get an appointment with Governor Scott ???
4. John Darash has help us with our paperwork , which we had hoped to be fully filed by today, but because of problems, including incompetence of the notary public at the jail, it won't all be filed until tomorrow.
Pls don't forget to send mail and extra paper, envelopes, and stamps to Terry at the jail address :
Dixie County Jail
Attn: Terry Trussell(0001-0914)
386 NE 255th St
Cross City, FL 32628


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Thanks Col Riley for the update.  I will be able to send some things to Terry tomorrow.  Are you sure that he will be able to receive the office supplies?  Some jails have restrictions on what can be received via the mail, like stamps.  Some jails do allow a special monetary account and then prisoners can purchase items from 'their' store.  

Thanks again!  

Morning Star..........Rodger Dowdrell is in personal contact with Terry and the jail so I take his guidance as accurate.


I ask because I used to work with a Prison Ministry and the prisons did not allow stamps from the outside to be sent.  Often times prisoners would get their mail and the stamps on the envelopes were cut out and no telling what happened to the extra stamps that were sent.  

Col. Riley I thank you for your help in letting us know as best you are

able the current events as it relates to Terry Trussell.  We also appreciate

Rodger for what he is doing in helping Terry.  Walter Fitzpatrick III is also

enduring the wickedness inflicted upon him by the corrupt judiciary in TN

and the rigged grand juries there: .  Terry Lakin was court martialed in Dec

2010:  . These men

and others have stood at the front line.

I have sent  letters to the Dixie County Commissioner Board, Sheriff Hatcher, Gainesville Sun, WJCB TV20, Congressman Yoho as well, and phoned his office last week. All letters should have been delivered by today save the one addressed to the Congressional District office in Gainesville.  By the Lord's grace I happened to come across another concerned patriot's letter to Mr. Yoho sent on 10-15-2014

I will be sending out a care package to Terry as suggested. In fervent and steadfast prayer.  Lord bless.


Thank you Michael for your solid efforts......I pray God will multiply the efforts by many through His miraculous attention to injustice...we keep on keeping on.............

Thank Col Riley and others for being there supporting Terry through this difficult times. It appear that judges don't support the our Constitution our basic common since laws. They think no one can challenge there wicket authority, Heb. 9:27        

Terry, Marie, Rodger, Col. Riley, if We can hold together until after the election, I know that Terry wants to get out sooner, our Patriots will have shown such solidarity and credibility.... I'm going to do something, I don't know what (non violent) and get the news media to pick up on this real bravery and injustice. We need to support Terry now more than ever. My Gideons group will be praying for you. Until then, 2 Chronicles 7:14. What about Dr. Ben Carson showing up ? Backed up with Sen. Jeff Sessions ? Common law juries are the tools, we are the machinists. We gotta show up and turn some metal. Godspeed Terry !


I hear you many injustices, many are hidden as the "system" overpowers struggling patriots in many places.........we do what we can do and trust God to add strength to even what may seem like the smallest can be the initiative that breaks the back of the evil........

Check out this website: 

[Vietnam Veterans Walk To Washington To Free Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi]:  

The Veterans are just outside of D.C. as of 9am today.  


Andrew Freedom Fund:    

Thanks for this Morning Star............I think I saw this a while back but totally lost would be great if Patriots in Virginia would fall out and join these two Marines............

For Wendell...........How long would it take for you and I to walk from the Florida Panhandle to Cross City and attend the next Commissioners meeting in support of Terry Trussell???

Wow Col. That's an awesome idea!! Geeze, I wish I lived close by and could join you. Would be good if those who lived in the area could join together and join you and draw the attention of the press. Living in Nevada I can't be there physically, but I'm with you in spirit. Hope your idea grows wings and takes off.



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