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FROM:  "Rodger Dowdell Jr" <>

On Saturday,, Marie and Canetha as well as Hagan got to see Terry through the glass and talk on the phone with him. They report his spirits are strong but he is looking physically a bit weaker.

1.Everyones calls and emails to Congressman Ted Yoho's office are helping them understand how broadbased the support is from the People to get Terry out of jail.Call Rep Yoho at 352-505-0838 or 904-276-9626
Please keep the calls and emails coming and we will likely get Ted's full attention and cooperation. As I mentioned before, Ted heard the audio of Terry's voice answering the judges call of his name. We have learned from two sources that the establishment claims the judge told Terry to approach the bench, but that is not what I remember nor what the recording on Jason's site supports.
2. We really need to get Terry's story out into the broad Dixie County community so we are putting an ad in both Dixie County newspapers this week.
3. Through a contact Jason Hoyt has, Jason and I met for a short period with Governor Scott today at a campaign event in Orlando. The purpose of the meeting was to ask him for a dedicated meeting with him about Terry's abuse by the courts. Based on the face to face request from Jason, Gov Scott agreed and gave us the number to call to set it up. We don't yet have a firm date, but we should shortly. Jason's ability to get the meeting this am, and then his request to the governor worked well.
The back story on the meeting today is I called Jason and left him a message that we needed to get a meeting with Governor Scott. I then dialed Hagan and while talking with Hagan  about 5 minutes later, I got a text across my screen that Jason had set up the meeting that took place today . I simply want to know how anyone can beat 5 minutes to get an appointment with Governor Scott ???
4. John Darash has help us with our paperwork , which we had hoped to be fully filed by today, but because of problems, including incompetence of the notary public at the jail, it won't all be filed until tomorrow.
Pls don't forget to send mail and extra paper, envelopes, and stamps to Terry at the jail address :
Dixie County Jail
Attn: Terry Trussell(0001-0914)
386 NE 255th St
Cross City, FL 32628


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Here are the links to Terry's testimony.  The first link is his testimony and the 2nd is his cross exam.

There very long, several  hours, but at the end of tape 1, at about 2 hours and 20 minutes, you can hear Terry say the Peoples Grand Jury of Common Law was a demonstration and an assembly of people who gathered to make a statement and he had nothing to do with organizing it.  That really bothers me.  He goes on to deny the whole common law grand jury concept.  

Then the second tape is of Terry being cross examined.  Meggs keeps tricking Terry trying to get him off balance.  Apparently it worked good enough for the jury.  

From day 2, when my friend was there, members of the Dixie County Peoples Grand Jury under Common Law testify that the common law grand jury had no authority and they just wanted the sheriff to hear their complaints.

They start about 1:55.  Remember these are the defense witnesses - The first guy says they just wanted to express their opinion and get someone in higher authorty to do something.  He called it a petition of their concerns.. He said the grand jury name was symbolic and they had no authority, they were only concerned citizens.  The rest of their witnesses say exactly the same thing.   Watch it when you have time.  It takes about 30 minutes for all the CLGJ witnesses to testify.  It will really make you mad what these so called defense witnesses are saying about our common law legal system.

I got these links from one  Rooster posted back on page 9.  It's hard to figure them out whose going to be testifying without watching.  There's a bunch more to watch if anyone else wants to watch and comment.  

Terry got a jury of his peers, and a full trial according to the rules and procedures of our system of justice. He had the lawyer he chose and paid to handle his case. She spent hundreds of hours preparing his case, and helped pick the jury, in addition to doing her best to defend him. It took that jury many hours of discussion before they reached a verdict. Just ordinary people who live in Dixie County, Florida. If you run around yelling that he was innocent and was railroaded, you are not any kind of patriotic American. Don't like it here, move to North Korea or wherever. Railroaded, my butt.

Sam I'm afraid your missing the whole point..... And the injustice started when Terry made his first appearance and the judge called him and he answered " I am here" and the judge refused his response and ordered his arrest. It's all been down hill from there. Your also making the assumption that the jury is educated on the common law and common law grand jury when in truth they only know what they heard. The defense did hurt themselves by backing off the fact that they did submit 2 True Bills for corruption. Why they did this I do not know but I'll wager it was at the attorneys advice which if it was was wrong, and Don't ever say I'm not a Patriot again, you hear me?? Judges and juries as well as laywers have been wrong in the past and the fact that we have a corrupt De Facto legal system in this country only proves my point not yours. So many people have been convicted of crimes they haven't committed time would fail me if I presented just a handful. Your free to your opinion but don't say that those who don't agree with the courts verdic are unpatriotic. I take offense at that. PERIOD....

Somebody call a waaaahmbulance. Now you know why Rodger Dowdell doesn't file any fake "true bills" himself. He doesn't mind seeing Terry go to prison. But he won't try any such thing himself, because he'd prefer to have a patsy do it instead. Because all this BS about "common law and common law grand jury" is nothing but BS, and now you see what happens if you actually try to file a fake "true bill" in an actual court -- you get convicted of "simulation of legal process" and you go to PRISON. Don't believe me? Try doing what Terry did. It worked out GREAT for him, huh?

I wasn't in court but knew people who where when Terry was arrested the second time.  The problem was he said I am here to address those issues and when asked  if he was Terry Trussell, he repeated I am here to address those issues.  I'm not trying to start a fight but I've attended common law grand jury meetings put on by Roger Dowdell. That's what Dowdell told all of us to say if we ever had to go to court.  We were told, as long as we don't acknowledge our name in court, the court doesn't have jurisdiction over us.  If you don't believe me, go to you tube and type in Roger Dowdell common law grand jury, and watch his presentation.

As a matter of fact Dowdell even told us all about Terry's problems, which I already knew but most people in the meeting didn't.  We were told Terry was going to be a great hero by getting the clgj system going and getting rid of corrupt officials in Dixie county.  Not only that, dowdell told us Terry would be a millionair because the clgj was going to sue Dixie County for kidnapping (arresting) him and restitution would be in the millions.  But I'm told Roger Dowdell didn't even bother to show up in court to support Terry after Terry was his first guinie pig to actually file the documents Dowdell told him to file. 

So I'm not faulting Terry for what he said or didn't say.  Now that Terry could spend the rest of his life in prison, I've got a big problem with what Roger Dowdell told him, and all of us in the meeting, to say so we'd would be free of their corrupt jurisdiction..  Terry believed him and got arrested.  

And I'm not letting the judge off the hook for arresting him when he was clearly in the courtroom, but maybe Terry was given bad advice and since the judge had already labeled him as a sovereign citizen he was looking for an excuse to lock him up.

My point here is what is Roger Dowdell going to do to help Terry win an appeal.  Because I've checked all over Florida and so far not one of Dowdells common law grand juries has been able to do spit.  So either there's a problem with common law grand juries or there's a problem with Roger Dowdell and I want to know which it is.

I have my own theory why Dowdell didn't show up in court.  None of the defense witnesses would admit the clgj had any authority or that they expected their true bills to have any power.  They kept saying they were just a bunch of people meeting up to discuss stuff.  Terry testified the same way.  I'm wondering if Terry was also having questions about what Dowdell told him.

Rattler... I hear what your saying and there is a problem with Rodger I also believe. What I'm trying to understand for one thing is that even if all this is true, where is Terrys immunity from prosecution. Florida State law says that a Grand Jury Foreman is free from prosecution except for tampering with witnesses. So with the court is refusing to acknowledge is him as a grand jury foreman or not acknowleding the common law grand jury he created or both. And to not grant him bail for a non violent offense and NO prior record to me shows that they are bent on making an example of him.

I'm getting most of this info from watching the videos Rooster linked.  I think I have the dates right.

To my understanding the court did not recognize the common law grand jury so Terry doesn't get immunity from it.  As for the statutory grand jury, the judge had removed Terry from that a few days before, after Terry's run in with the crooked attorney on Aug. 1 so Terry didn't get immunity from that either.  I guess there was a problem wit a paper Terry gave the members of the common law grand jury on Aug 14 that outlined the crooked attorney's bad behavior at the statutory grand jury meeting two weeks earlier and they used that to write up the true bill against the attorney.  I guess that was a  violation of the statutory grand juror's oath not to ever talk about what goes on in a grand jury meeting, so no immunity.  

I agree they plan to make an example out of Terry and Roger needs to step up to the plate.  He's rich from what I understand.  He should make sure Terry gets a good lawyer for the appeal.   

Thanks Rattler I know you've done a lot of work on this and now it's starting to make sense.
Just looking at this as an outsider, it seems that the proper thing to do when these two bills were first filed would be for the prosecution to simply look into the accusations and if they held no merit simply dismiss them. But instead the hid the true bills after being submitted and disallowed the process altogether, which makes one think that the state and those involved in accepting money for instituting common core did not like the exposure of their back room dealings. They are sending a message that they will crucify anyone who goes against their agenda.

You're damn right they're going to make an example out of Terry. The point of this prosecution is to tell all the fake common law grand jury weenies that it's fine if they go around lying to each other about what the law is and calling well-respected prosecutors and judges "crooked". There's still a First Amendment and you can say whatever foolish stupid crap you decide to say. It's fine if you have meetings in a Denny's or somewhere and pretend to be a real grand jury with some real power, which you aren't and you don't. But if you actually try to arrest anyone, if you actually try to file fake documents in a real court, if you try to hold a trial without a real judge and a real prosecutor, then you are going to PRISON. I hope y'all have learned that lesson, because the same thing is going to happen to the next fake CLGJ weenie who tries something. 

Whatever happens in the finals of this case, one thing I  know.  Terry Trussell is an honorable, truthful, and dedicated veteran American. 

As GJ foreman, a citizen brought him evidence of a potential criminal activity.  Terry tried to get it acted upon through the grand jury.

His motivation was  honorable but the CLGJ approach appears to have crushed him. 

Appeals to follow I'm sure.

Exactly Col. Riley, Terry Trussell did his best with the info he was given. Have you heard from Rodger yet? He knows so much about this but haven't seen anything since the weekend. 

No one ever said we can't learn and change tactics, I'm just still not sure if what they been saying about CLGJs is right. Still think this must his lawyer's faullt.

Sam, you should crawl back in your hole. Your no patriot and it's offensive to have you with real Americans here. This is our place to support Terry. Won't have nothing more to say to you.



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